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  1. Flick

    Ford dually aluminum rim leaking

    I am curious how many Ford dually owners (model year 2017 or newer) are experiencing air leaks in their aluminum wheels. Ford seems to have a problem with these wheels due to the steel TPMS sensor touching the aluminum wheel creating a corrosion problem. I’ve had several stems replaced, at my...
  2. Flick

    Veterans Day

    A big thank you to all veterans on Veterans Day. It’s because of folk like you that we’re able to have the freedom to do things like this and to express our views.
  3. Flick

    Cyclone spring hangers

    Finally got around to building rear axle spring hanger support.
  4. Flick

    Security for pets

    I’m curious if anyone has any ideas or knowledge about an app or security system that could either monitor or allow you to monitor your pets safety if left for a while in our rv’s. I am concerned about an ac or electrical problem, etc. and the harm it could cause.
  5. Flick

    Sliding access panel in undercarriage

    I don’t remember who posted a week or so ago, but it was a casual mention of a sliding access door panel in the undercarriage. Maybe you’ll respond and I can thank you. Of all the really neat things that I have done to modify my coach which I haven’t talked about yet, this one is probably the...
  6. Flick

    Beware-RV salvage operations

    When the word salvage is used referring to rv’s, it normally refers to an older unit found in a rv graveyard or one that was abandoned. Salvage for this thread will refer to the removal of a unit from an area not easily accessible. If I may, please allow me to refer to my boating days where...
  7. Flick

    Custom Living Room Area

    When the furniture in our Cyclone started to deteriorate, it allowed us an opportunity to customize our living space to make it more user friendly for us. For the most part, from the very beginning of getting this coach, we liked everything about it except the couch setup because it was so...
  8. Flick

    Ford electronic tailgates

    If you have one of the new Ford electronics tailgates, you may eventually have the situation where, for some reason, it won’t open. You’re in a fix if hooked up to your rig or the opposite. To remedy this, there are 8 @ T-25 Torx head screws on the inside of the tailgate, that when removed...
  9. Flick

    Hello from central Texas

    Hello to all. Been following this forum for a couple years and thought it may be time to just introduce myself. My wife, Jomaye, and I were avid boaters for years doing offshore fishing. We traded our boating interest for an interest in something a little more calm and here we are. We have a...