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  1. nscaler2

    AGM Battery

    I am considering an AGM battery because I would like to be able to store my unit for 6 months at a time without removing it. They self discharge much more slowly than a flooded battery. The question is is the chargers they install in our 5th wheels capable of charging them correctly? Has...
  2. nscaler2

    Battery Storage

    We store our Bighorn 3055RL 1300 miles from where we live. We retired to Florida, but have family in Missouri and a great underground place (Inner Space Storage) to store the BH in Missouri. We will not have access to the BH for 6 months at a time. We go to Missouri in the spring and take it...
  3. nscaler2

    Which brake controler???

    I will be taking delivery on a 2011 GMC Sierra 3500 HD CC LB this week. As you can see in our signature, we have a 3055RL. We had Mor/Ryde install hydraulic disc brakes and their IS suspension a couple of years ago. Anyway, the factory controller in the GMC will not see the hydraulic brakes...
  4. nscaler2

    Hookups for a gas grill

    Just purchased a small stainless steel gas grill that uses 1lb bottles. I would like to rig it up so that I can use the lp system in the BH with a detachable hose, instead of the 1lb bottles. I have been looking on the net and am completely confused by the numerous hardware choices. I don't...
  5. nscaler2

    Stubborn leak

    We have an 06 BH 3055RL. There is a stubborn leak in the corner of the entertainment slide in the outside corner nearest the front of the trailer, on the floor. It is behind the little false wall that hides the subwoofer. I wouldn't have found it except for replacing the the woofer with a new...
  6. nscaler2

    Outside range hood vent

    We have a 2006 3055RL. The flapper door in the outside range vent has two little pins that it pivots on. One of them is broken off. I can still get it to stay in there with the two little latches at the bottom of the vent, but it is a pain. I have goggeled all over the net to see about...
  7. nscaler2

    Get out of Dodge

    We are currently at the Gunsmoke Campground in Dodge City Ks. There is a new 2010 Bighorn just across the road from our campsite, owned by a fellow by the name of Woodall. We are on our way to Chama New Mexico, home of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Steam railroad. We will be there for a 3 month...
  8. nscaler2

    WOW!!! What a difference!!!

    Just got back from a trip to Elkhart. We had the Mor/Ryde IS independent suspension system installed which gets rid of the leaf springs, shackles and original axels. We also added the hydraulic disk brakes. It is hard to believe the difference in stopping distance and stopping smoothness...
  9. nscaler2

    Do you keep it or not???

    We have a 2006 Ford F350 with 6.0 engine and 3.73 rear end. The truck only has 28000 miles on it. I had been noticing that it was shifting hard when going into 1st when slowing down to a stop. It would also shift hard when starting back up out of 1st. Took it to the dealership to be...
  10. nscaler2

    What type of caulk

    My 3055RL has a joint or two that need to be re-caulked. One is where the fiberglass end cap joins with the side of the trailer on the door side. What type of caulk do you recommend?? Thanks;)
  11. nscaler2

    King Pin dimensions

    I have a Bighorn 3055RL 5vr by Heartland. It is built on a 1621 Lippert frame. My hitch in the truck it a B&W companion. I ordered a Mor/ryde pin box to replace the one that came on the trailer. It installed on the trailer just fine. However when I try to hitch it to my truck, I find that...
  12. nscaler2

    Axels and rust

    Was just under my 3055RL putting caps on the overflow lines and discovered this on the front axel of the trailer. It appears to be a patina of rust water that has come out of the axel where the brake wires exit. It then ran on or was sprayed on the back of the wheel. There also appears to be...
  13. nscaler2

    Microwave question

    We have a 3055RL purchased on Apr 4 2006. I realize the bumper to bumper warranty is over, however the warranty on our Sylvania microwave is 2 years. The microwave steams badly and sometimes shuts itself down. If I take it to a Heartland dealer, does Heartland stand behing the microwave warranty...
  14. nscaler2

    Converter and AGM type batteries

    We are considering replacing the wet cell "marine" battery that came with our 2006 3055RL #4066 with a AGM type of battery. From what I have been able to read on line here and at, the AGM batteries are more fical about how they are charged. Is the converter in the Bighorns compatible...
  15. nscaler2

    A GREAT dealer

    Just got our 3055 back from being serviced for a whole laundry list of things that needed to be fixed. It was serviced at Chetopa RV Center in Chetopa Kansas. This was not our selling dealer, because they went out of business. Considering they didn't sell us the rig, Chetopa RV was GREAT!!!:)...
  16. nscaler2

    Be SURE to check out your dealer

    I would like to know what the qualifications for a dealer are. We purchased our 3055 from your dealer J&J RV in Iola Kansas in April of this year. I need some sevice now and called them today to set up an appointment. I was told by J&J (by the person who sold us our trailer) that they are no...
  17. nscaler2

    Is it covered?

    Took our BH 3055 out last weekend for our real fist maiden voyage of the summer. Pulled it a total of about 460 miles. Just noticed this morning that the translucent lens that covers the oval shaped light that iluminates the outside steps decided to pop off somewhere on the highway between here...
  18. nscaler2

    Wheel spacing

    Can anyone there tell me what the wheel spacing from axel to axel is on a BH 3055. We are considering purchasing a new set of tires. We really don't trust the Missions that came with the unit. Anyway we need to know how far apart they are so as to not get tires that are too big. Michelin...
  19. nscaler2

    Does size matter

    Have a BH 3055 that has Mission 235/80/16 tires on it. Would like to change to Michelin XPS ribs. However the nearest size they have that matches is 235/85/16. This would make the diameter of the tire approximately 1 in largerer than the Missions. Does anyone know if this will work? Have...
  20. nscaler2

    One more time for the old folks back home

    I asked this question of the factor a little while back. I will try again. This time with a little more information. Our 3055 has only two drain tubes exiting the the belly near the door side rear tires. Another exits near the docking station and is the dump for pumping out the fresh water...
  21. nscaler2

    Overflow vents

    I don't mean to beat a dead horse here, however, I am confused. Our BH 3055 has 4 tubes protruding from the bottom. 2 are near the door side wheels and are white in color. One is near the docking station and is white in color and is the one that drains when the 2 valves in the docking station...
  22. nscaler2

    Leaky Slide

    We own a Bighorn 3055. It spent its first day out in a good rain storm here with the slides in the out position. We had a leak in the off door slide(couch and dinning table) that made the carpet wet between the edge of the slide and the reefer. Got a ladder out and looked at the top of the...
  23. nscaler2

    Which dealer can I use for service

    Scott or Coley, First of all do I have to take my Bighorn to the dealer I purchased it from to have warranty work done. I am going to need attention to my A/C since it takes forever to get cool even in only 87 degree weather. It has the common problem, very little airflow from the vents. The...
  24. nscaler2

    New Logo ???

    Jim, Why the new logo at the top of the forum???:D
  25. nscaler2

    Logo Change

    Jim, Why the logo change at the top of the forum?:rolleyes:
  26. nscaler2

    Missing Stuff

    Heartland's web site states that as standard equipment, the unit comes with a one piece shower with built in seat and a safe. Our Bighorn 3055 has nos safe and the shower has no seat. When we did our PDI with the dealer I brought it to his attention that there was no safe and he said that...
  27. nscaler2

    Hardwood end table

    Picked up our Bighorn 3055RL from the dealer on April 14th. During the PDI I asked the dealer where the hardwood end table was, because there was none in the coach. He said that "they don't do that" any more. On looking at Heartland's web sight just a few minutes ago, among the standard...
  28. nscaler2

    Axel Lubrication

    We took delivery of our new 3055RL last Friday the 14th. We ordered it with the regular steel wheels. Anyway, after reading all the manuals I can't find anything about how often to lubricate the axels or how to remove the chrome caps that cover the end of the axels. Any help here would be...
  29. nscaler2

    Hex drive size

    Can anyone tell me what the size of the hex drive that can be used with an electric drill on the hydraulic pump for the slides is?Thanks
  30. nscaler2

    When is it coming?

    Hi, My wife and I ordered a Bighorn 3055RL with Woodland Fawn interior through J&J RV, your dealer in Iola Kansas. They said that the order was placed on February 20. I just spoke to them today and they said they had no idea of when the unit would deliver as of now. I am not in a real hurry...
  31. nscaler2

    Pin box brand and model

    Scott, We placed and order for a Bighorn 3055rl. I am thinking of upgrading the pin box to a Mor/ryde or posssibly a trailaire. What I need to know is they brand and model of the pin box Heartland is installing on these units at the present time. Ordering one of the others requires this data to...
  32. nscaler2

    How much room?

    We currently have a Ford F350 Super Cab with long bed. We are truely newbees and are considering purchasing a Bighorn 3055rl. The specs on Heartland's site says that it is 33'7" long. We live on a cauldesac that is 75 feet in diameter. We have plenty of room in our double driveway for it...