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  1. akfoote

    cyclone 4006 issues

    @FL-JOE Thanks for the tip on making a trip to Elkhart. We were remotely thinking that would be the best option. You kind of put that thought into perspective for us. As for the Issues thus far... @bigtphx good tip on the 2 AC units New 2021 4006 as of late December, been traveling ever sense...
  2. akfoote

    4 tank confusion on our 4006

    @FL-JOE Yep 100% correct! New 4006 here confirming what @Dahillbilly reported. It's goofy a bit goofy but yep thats it. It took me and my boys two dumps to figure it all out :rolleyes:
  3. akfoote

    4115 Washer/Dryer Location

    @FL-JOE Yes .. when you get a chance post a pic or two. I'm interested in what you come up with for the curved rod and stackable solution. HA.. Where did you buy from down here? We are stuck in TX right now. First Heartland place I could get a tech to look at our hydraulics on this new unit...
  4. akfoote

    Kitchen faucet leak

    Exactly! Same faucet nearly the same leak. Lippert makes the units and no internal parts for repair available. Buy the entire faucet, thats the only option they gave me. Ugh. Calling Heartland warranty :/ - Kevin
  5. akfoote

    replace garage benches with bed

    @chickabee68 We have a 2021 4006 unit second thing we did was yank the fold up bench configuration and put in a second queen bunk. The HapiJac system can be configured very easily for a second bunk. Trying to get Heartland to do this conversion was impossible so I had to take matters into my...
  6. akfoote

    4115 Washer/Dryer Location

    Yep! We can attest to that for sure, 2021 4006 is the same tight squeeze. Our first tour with this thing and we have not run the washer yet.. too leery of the amount of h2o vs what we have on board. I think we will change it out on our next tour for a portable unit and some clothesline :-)...
  7. akfoote

    Fuel Tank Venting

    Well I just crawled under there here in freezing TX ;) Nope .. no "tied" vent tube. You must be correct though there is something going on. I need to figure it out somehow.
  8. akfoote

    Fuel Tank Venting

    New Cyclone owner here, 2021 unit. Wondering if this issue would be causing my 30 gal to not fill? Just thinking here. This wasn't my original issue / why I hopped on the forums .. but the thread title got me :D
  9. akfoote

    Cyclone 4006 Model questions

    Very awesome we are super jazzed about the floor plan as well, once we saw it we knew it would work. What is the year on your 4006? We are in line for a call from our dealer early this month, pretty anxious. Apologies no answers for ya. However, I can say we are not expecting there to be a...
  10. akfoote

    specs / measurements

    Great information! Thanks ... I'm going to grab some measurements from this thing and see where I get. It does look like there are some "low profile" 5th wheel hitch options out there ...
  11. akfoote

    flatbed, is it a possibility

    Hi all we are about a month out for picking up our Cyclone 4006. (newbie 5th wheel family) I'm looking at tow vehicles and one of them is a flatbed (not a hauler). I'm interested if anyone is towing a Cyclone or similar with a flatbed configuration. Will the height of the deck be too tall for...
  12. akfoote

    specs / measurements

    Agh .. sorry you are correct, that was pretty vague. Looking for some general numbers on: - kingpin to trailer body (so some horizontal clearance there) - top to bottom 5th wheel hitch (something like king pin to bottom of bedroom portion of trailer) One of the tow vehicles I'm interested in...
  13. akfoote

    specs / measurements

    Hi All Newbie question here.. We are about a month away from picking up our new Cyclone 4006 (yep first 5th wheel unit). I'm in the process of buying my tow rig and have some options I'm looking at. Is there anyway or does anyone know the clearance measurements around the hitch area on this...
  14. akfoote

    Heartland is recalling 2019-2021 Cyclone & 2020-2021 Bighorn Traveler trailers

    Re: Heartland is recalling 2019-2021 Cyclone & 2020-2012 Bighorn trailers Wow.. thanks for the heads up. We just ordered our Cyclone 4006. Hopefully those coming off the line now will have the recall addressed and a proper fix in place. - Kevin
  15. akfoote

    Upgraded lower bunk!

    @Ronbrinkerhoff Nice mod! Does your additional Q roll right up to the top just like the original Q bunk? Did you consult HL at all to see if they would just add a second ? I just ordered a Cyclone and we really wanted to order 2 queens that went to the top. Now we are looking at how we can...