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  1. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Furrion Replacement Antenna

    Furrion Replacement Antenna. My RV wash guys seem to keep breaking my rear Camera Antenna. The first time it happened I called Furrion and ordered a new one for $9.99 or something close to that.. This time I called and they said they were on back order and didn't know when they would get them...
  2. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    2017 Ford Platinum F-350 DRW

    The New 2020 Fords will be here soon. orders can start in mid August and manufacturing should start in November 4th is what I'm told. So with that info, I will have my 2017 F350 Platinum DRW, for sale sometime in November / December I think. I will leave all the bells and whistles on it for a...
  3. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Power Control System - Precision Circuits, Inc.

    My PCS seems to have stopped reading out the individual component readings. It is however giving me the bulk readings. So that seems like it’s probably the unit itself. Anyone have any ideas? I’ll call them next week and see what they say.
  4. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    RV alignment

    Do any of you know the the name of the RV alignment​ shop in Visalia CA.?? Or have another good shop in CA ? I have an appointment with Henderson's line-up in July but I don't want to cut into our trip north, when I could just run south one day and get it done. Thanks Jerrod Sent from my...
  5. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Anderson valve rebuild kit.

    I installed my first Anderson valve rebuild kit on a Big Horn today for a fellow Heartlander. It really was really easy. His has been filling his fresh water tank. Sure enough when we pulled it out it had a missing O-ring I'm going to see if I can get a few kit from Anderson to carry around...
  6. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Spotted a new Landmark 365 south 101

    I spotted a Landmark 365 yesterday on my way back home. It was heading south on CA 101 in San Juan Bautista I think it was a maroon SRW truck pulling it. I was looking more at the LM then the truck so I could be wrong. Just wondering if it was any one on here ? Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  7. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Nice Place for a Rally

    Yanks RV resort in Greenfield CA. Just checked it out and found out they have a gorgeous banquet room with kitchen all set up holds about 80 people. They're building a BBQ Pit. They have Horseshoes pits, dog play ground, swimming pool, fire pit, gym and showers. The museum construction will be...
  8. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Help gray tank level lights

    My gray #2 say full all the time. If I disconnect the red wire at the tank it goes to empty (1 light) I ran a jumper wire straight from the tank to the meter inside and still gets a full readiong (4 lights) the tank is empty and has been sitting there for a few weeks so the inner sensors have...
  9. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    New Landmark Oshkosh floorplan

    I just noticed a new floor plan on the Landmark website. The new Oshkosh I really like that floor plan it's a lot like the Trilogy we were looking at a few years ago. It also has the double slide in the bedroom.
  10. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Small water leak in a odd spot

    Every one is going to say it's the water line to the fridge. However this is under the fridge however under the main floor of the kitchen slide (not the slid floor) The fridge water line is below that point of the leak So from where the fridge water line connects under the island then goes...
  11. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Bedroom AC controller is dead

    My bedroom AC controller is completely dead !!! I swapped it out with the 3rd AC controller and still the same thing. Where does the phone cord that's plugged into it, come from ? I assume it comes from the AC unit so I pulled the cover off and don't see any phone cord up there. I've checked...
  12. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Cheap water meter

    I found this "Rain Wave" water meter from Amazon. I only used it a few times. Today I was doing some testing and found that on my meter .6 will fill a gallon jug and I can fill a 5 gallon bucket with 3.2 gallons. So I guess this one is a bust. First try .7 2nd try Not really happy with...
  13. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Landmark 365

    I just walked through 5 different new Landmark 365 here at Manteca trailer / RV. The Newport, the Orlando, the Charleston, the Key West, and the Madison. And not one of them were even close to the layout of my discontinued Ashland. That doesn't make sense to me. I'm glad I bought the Ashland...
  14. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Big Horn LP gas line on slide out.

    I have seen 1 and herd of another 2016 Big Horn with a kinked gas line under the kitchen slide when the slide is in. This was preventing the refrigerator from lighting. There was enough to light the stove but not the fridge. On the unit that I seen. We just kind of rerouted it a bit so it would...
  15. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Do you ever use Level-up jacks to tilt your rig when dumping.

    I've found many times the dump stations have been leaning the rig the wrong way to empty the tanks alltheway out. Level-up to the rescue. I just lower the curb side jacks down and tilt the rig towards the drain and all is well again. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  16. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    New LM 365 access door for behind the fridge & New Microwave

    I just seen a YouTube video of a new 2017 Arlington LM365. The walk around shows a little access door from the outside of the slide to get to the water line behind the fridge. I also noticed that the microwave was a nicer unit NOT THE HIGH POINT... Looked like the Kitchen aid or the Frigidaire...
  17. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    What after market Shock kit should I go with on my LM 365 ?

    What after market Shock kit should I go with on my LM 365 Ashland ? After seeing the stock shock position and mounting angel I don't think they are really doing what shocks are meant to do !!! I know there are a few different kits out there so what one is the best ?
  18. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Idea for Andy. Dinette drawers

    Andy I think It would be very useful to have 2 small drawers on top of the cupboards in dinette cabinet, one on each side. I would use them for pins, pencils, scissors, stapler, things like that for when I'm working at the table. It would be a lot easier if you do it at the factory so I don't...
  19. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Fresh water tank slowly filling up while on city water.

    OK gang what do you all think it is. I spent 9 days in Jackson hooked up to city water with the Anderson valve on "city" then about the 7th or 8th day my fresh water tank over flow vents started dripping. My gauge said 2/3s but it had to be full. So is it the Anderson valve leaking back or...
  20. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Landmark 365 Without dishwasher. Gray tank will over flow under island.

    If you have a Landmark 365 without the dishwasher. I had listed this on my Project LM365 tread but wanted to list it on here so more of you will find it. There is a Y fitting under the island next to the sink that is not caped, so when your galley gray tank fills up it will drain gray water out...
  21. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Humming / Buzzing Transfer switch

    I've had 1 of my 2 50amp Transfer switches humming for the last few months. Don't notice it as much at home but it's pretty loud when at the RV parks. Yesterday I had some time to burn so I took down the basement wall and started investigating. Found out it is the main Transfer switch. I tried...
  22. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    YES!..Can you turn off the rain sensor on the fantastic fan.

    I see on my Fantastic fan control there is a green light in the middle that says (Rain sensor off) how do I turn the rain sensor off ?
  23. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Has anybody used the Flojet high volume system ?

    Wondering if any of you have used the Flojet High volume water system ? Wondering if it's make a big difference and is it worth the cost ? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  24. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Filling the fresh water tank with 2 vent tubes ?

    I just filled up my fresh water tank for the first time on my Landmark 365 Ashland. As I was filling it after a while, water started coming out of the vent tube on the left side of the coach by the rear wheels. The same vent that leaks water all the time while I'm driving. I shut off the water...
  25. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Spotted on the road

    9/10/15 4:45 pm Just spotted a beautiful new landmark 365 going east in Sacramento CA headed towards Reno. With a white Ford DRW I saw 1 yesterday too same place Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  26. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Has anyone used the Electric Waste Valve System

    Has anyone used the Electric Waste Valve System on the end of there sewer dump line? I was always going to put one on my Toy Hauler, as it only had 45gl gray tank and always seemed to be full at 11pm when I was in the shower. Never fails. I like to keep the valves closed to see how many...
  27. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Level-up. Return to pickup height

    Does anyone else have a problem with the level-up returning it back to hitch height ? I have yet to be successful in making it happen. I have watched YouTube videos and also called Lippert and its still not working for me. Not a big deal but it would be nice. Lippert said if the Trailer is...
  28. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    LM 365 Roof end caps separating

    Found this on our first trip out with our brand new Landmark 365 Ashland,back in may. both of my seems on the left side of the coach front and rear, where the fiberglass cap meets the rubber roof have separated. All of the screws had pulled out. My dealer took care of it right away. Some of...
  29. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Whats the best tire pressure monitor system.

    I want to get a tire pressure monitor system for my coach. #1) what is the best one out there. #2) Is there one that will do the pickup and Trailer ? #3) What ether features should I look for ? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  30. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Does anyone have a new Duramax with factory installed Curt Q20K or Q24K ?

    Does anyone have a new Duramax with factory installed Curt Q20K or Q24K Fithwheel hitch ? I see it is offered now and I want to see how they are mounting them. Is it 2 tracks in the bed or pucks underneath ?
  31. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Ashland bathroom Pocket door

    We have the pocket door to our bathroom on our 2015 LM365 Ashland and WE LOVE IT. Now I see the new 2016 Ashland has a swinging panel door that swings into the hallway pinning you into the shower. It is a HORRIBLE DESIGN CHANGE. They claim to gain a few inches in the hallway but in reality they...
  32. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Project LM 365

    Here is a sneak peak at the new slid-out paint job. Lots more when its done Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  33. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Fresh water vent tube on Landmark 365 Ashland leaking when tank is only 2/3's full

    I have a vent drain over the rear axle on drivers side of My 2015 Landmark 365 Ashland the always pours' water out when I'm driving forward or backwards. The fresh water tank is not even full, gauge reads 2/3's. Does anyone else have this issue ?