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  1. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Electrical issue on 2020 Cyclone

    All 12V issues. Sounds like a bad Ground to me. You might have fixed it while you were in there messing with things, but I would go back in and check all 12v ground wire connections. Remove the battery ground wire where it is connected to the frame clean it and make it better. Meaning drill it...
  2. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Replace Frigidaire Residential Refridgerator source

    I don't know this for sure but I've been told that you have to remove the big rear window to remove the fridge out the back. I can't imagine what a PITA that would be.. Hopefully I am wrong.
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    Converter in BH

    If you see your voltage dropping its possibly the reset button on the convertor circuit breaker. In your front compartment.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Jackson - 06/08/2022 to 06/12/2022

    Good afternoon. Please put Rhonda and I into that Available space #51 from the 8th to the 12th
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    Auto Retract on 6 point leveling system

    Ya Mine does it every once in a while also. Then it will work fine the next 20 times.
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    Is it ok to leave the inverter on all of the time

    Yes it works great. Also when you get a power loss fridge keeps on working. This has worked great for us for many years.
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    Is it ok to leave the inverter on all of the time

    We leave ours on all the time. And have been for the last 7 years. However I did just have to change out my little transfer switch last week. Not sure if leaving it on had anything to do with it or not. My reasons for leaving it on is we have the fridge and freezer full and running 365 days a...
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    Project LM 365

    Thank you all. We have been taking it day by day. not getting any easier as of yet.
  9. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Project LM 365

    Thank you all for the kind words. Hope to see you all some day soon. We need to get back out there soon. I just finally got the fender repaired from the blow out back in June going through AZ.
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    Project LM 365

    Sorry Jay we are still here. LOL. I'm getting a Ford Raptor. We still love our Landmark to much to part with it. :)
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    Project LM 365

    Sad news Just wanted to post this for our friends on here that know Rhonda, myself and know ZOEY. Zoey had some heath issues recently and deteriorated rapidly over the last few week. So after some more disappointing test results we had to make the very difficult diction to send her to heaven. I...
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    Project LM 365

    Well Sold the Jeep and bought a F150 for a better daily driver. Did the pullout tray loaded with tools and parts for the minor repairs on our trailers. We bought a Pontoon boat in 2019. And I did a few Mod's on it in the last year. The 2020 F450 set up with the Keldermen air ride system...
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    Project LM 365

    Thanks It was a sweet ride and A fun project build. I have moved on now.
  14. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    awful bed

    We did the RV King from Brooklyn Bedding and absolutely love it. They are in Arizona - USA !!!
  15. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Landing Gear follow leg position

    Dave If he rotated it a 1/4 turn wouldn't the through shaft be front to rear instead of side to side ? I would just put it at the same spot as the old one. You should be able to see the marks on the old legs. Safe travels
  16. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    2014 CY3100 Power Issue

    Ya mine was not easy to push down. Need to carefully text those bottom wires i circled in the picture. If you have power there its the switch. If no power then start tracking it backwards.
  17. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    2014 CY3100 Power Issue

    Hello Did you use a meter to check voltage coming into the transfer switch from shore power ?? If you have a plug issue or a power cord reel issue the transfer switch will not switch over. you should have approximately 114 to 119 volts coming in on L-1 & L-2 (The Red and the White wire)
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    Flex Armor (sprayed on) Roof

    Erika, that looks great. I plan on doing ours next year in Washington or Idaho. We definitely need it done soon.
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    What do you like about having an RV Lock on your entry door?

    Love love love our RV locks. I have them on all of my doors and they work great most of the time. Basement doors seem to go through batteries a bit fast. 1 door more then the others. I only use them when we are at a campground were not familiar with. Will never be without them. Just...
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    Tapatalk update

    I felt the same way until I loaded the new format on my phone and played with it for a bit. It is working great. I have now uninstall the Tapatalk App from my phone.
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    Winch installation

    Nice job. I use mine for all kinds of projects. One of these days I want to put it on a piveting/swinging pole and I-beam so I can move it around as needed. I lift Quads, dirt bikes, RZRs, tool boxes, Ebikes. I find myself using it all the time. Mine is the Harbor freight special. I've...
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    Switching to life battery

    Are you talking about Lifeblue Lithium Batteries ? If so Lifeblue will set you up with the convertor also.
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    Unknown Black Tubular Bar

    Reply on here a few more times then you will be able to attach the pictures. I excited to see this and figure out what it is for.
  24. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Water pump very noisy

    You could have pump issues however this is one of the things I did the quiet pay pump up. I also mounted it on rubber pads. Hope this helps Jerrod Shurflo 94-591-01 Fresh Water Pump Silencing Kit
  25. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    replacement roof with RV Flex amour

    Looks great. This is on my list here in the near future. I see they have a installer in Pasco WA. There is also a similar company in Spokane WA we were talking to last year. He was going to be about 10K for our 41' Rig. Very impressed with the final product.
  26. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Cover for cooktop

    Nice work, great idea.
  27. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Slam Latch Locks

    I replace all of ours with RV-Lock latches you will love them. I never carry any RV keys around. This link was from their very first version of the cargo door latches several years ago so I'm sure they mount right in now...
  28. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Project LM 365

    Ken Hope you guys are both doing well. They gave me a full refund and said that they wanted to send me the new version that they are working on when it comes out. For Free to try it on my truck. He also said they have hundreds of them out there on 2020 trucks with no issues. The gains were...
  29. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Replacement 15 amp AC breaker

    They are a very common breaker. any Home Depot or Lowe's will have it. I would pop it out and take it with you. That way your not guessing. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Project LM 365

    Sorry Sandy I never saw this post. Yes as Rod said the GE was a big winner for us. We love it !!! It does everything we want it to and more :) Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Ford & Long 5thwheel camera run

    Yes I did this on our 42' Landmark Ashland It was A bit of a challenge running the harness all the way back underneath then up the back wall up to the camera. but worth the effort when it was all done. If I would get around to buying and installing the NavTv product I think it would be even...
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    They use plastic bushings.. You can get the Dexter wet bolt kit and replace them all with the brass bushing in the kit.
  33. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: OK, Eufaula - 5/20/2021 to 5/23/2021

    We will be there and are very much looking forward to it! See you then!
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    Yes Well lets ask the question )what is the weight on your RV axles ? Our Landmark was about 14600 on 2 8K trailer axles with 8K springs. I had all 4 springs break at 4 different times over the first 4 years.
  35. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NV, Verdi - 6/3/2021 to 6/6/2021

    So sorry that Rhonda and I will miss your first Rally. If all goes as planed we will be in Goshen for the national rally. I'm sure you will all have a great rally, we will miss seeing all of you.
  36. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn


    I was getting the 8K springs for about $125.00 each I think a few years ago
  37. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn


    2021 - Goshen Rally - Bring Your Own and Golf Cart Rentals Here are the old 7k and the new 8k from another rig. You can see the 2nd spring from the top is added.
  38. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Pala - 10/20/2021 to 10/24/2021

    Thanks Gary! ;) Tee hee!! Can't wait to see you and Irene! You guys are In!:cool: Can't wait!