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  1. Micro-Air

    Micro-Air EasyStart

    And at Micro-Air we like to say that we believe we've made TOO big of a deal about the learning starts. They don't need to be forced or rushed unless you are pressed for time. Just plug her in and let 'er run through 5 cycles of reaching temperature set point, shutting off, and turning back...
  2. Micro-Air

    Micro-Air EasyStart

    For Cyber Monday, EasyStart is on sale this week and next (until Dec 7, 2020) at $35 off, our best price of the year. And you can also find our WiFi Bluetooth smart thermostat replacements for Dometic and Coleman AC units at $50 off. :angel:
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    Links to Micro-Air Documentation, FAQs and Videos

    Micro-Air EasyStart and EasyTouch Information Links EasyStart Air Conditioner Soft Starter Information Micro-Air EasyStart FAQs and Amperage Video EasyStart Knowledge Bank EasyStart PreSales Information EasyStart Installation Information EasyStart Troubleshooting EasyStart Video...