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  1. cemill

    Truck/5th wheel combo $95000

    2018 Chevy 3500 HD dually LTZ all the bells and whistles with 50 gal/ tool box aux fuel tank. 2015 Big Country 5th wheel Truck has 17500 miles. 5th wheel has approximately 25000 miles. Will sell the fifth wheel separately.
  2. cemill

    Slides stopping

    I sometimes have the same problem retracting or opening the slides. What I do is stop about half way in and let the auto reset breaker cool for about 15 to 30 seconds and then continue to operate the slides. Works for me. I have replaced the breakers is the past.
  3. cemill

    Demco Adapter Plate $200

    Demco adapter plate that allows you to use a rail type hitch with the puck system. This plate fits GMC/CHEVY $200. Attached Thumbnails
  4. cemill

    Sailun tire pressure

    I have been running 100/105 in my Salium for going on 5 years with no problems.
  5. cemill

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MO, Danville - 5/14/2020 to 5/17/2020

    Larry and Gayle; We will be arriving on the 13th and departing on the 18th. The lady that took the reservation would not give me a site number. Don't understand that, but did not want to argue with her. We should be close to your site. CE & Jackie
  6. cemill

    2017 Mallard IDM 245 - black tank flush hasn't worked since day 1

    I had the same problem on our 2015 Big Country. The anti syphon valve is located behind the shower wall . There is a round access panel that can be removed. Turned out the valve was installed backwards from the factory. Must have been late Friday afternoon for the guy that installed it. I cut...
  7. cemill

    Residential Fridge "No Lock"

    We use velcro on ours, or a bungi cord. Some of these roads, it's a wonder the fifth wheel stays in one piece.
  8. cemill

    Which truck?

    Chevy 3500, love mine, pulling our 40 ft. fifth wheel.
  9. cemill

    Sometimes my A/C short cycles.

    Ours does that so I called Dometic. Seems that is normal for these units.
  10. cemill

    Anderson Ultimate Hitch Help

    I also use the Anderson Ultimate hitch in my 2018 3500 long bed Chevy. Pulling a 2015 39.5 ft Bighorn. Love it, no problems.
  11. cemill

    Best way to increase fuel capacity

    I installed a 50 gallon tank in the bed of the truck with gravity feed. This gives me a total of 86 gal. Love it.
  12. cemill

    Lippert 281281 shock kits

    What does the Lippert kit cost?
  13. cemill

    Inverter Question

    I had a similar problem after traveling 3 & 4 days. I installed a third battery and that solved the problem .
  14. cemill

    2019 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    Jackie and I are planning to attend.
  15. cemill

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MO, Branson - 5/9/2019 to 5/12/2019

    Larry & Gayle; We will be there, arriving on the 8th, departing on the 12th.
  16. cemill

    Looking for some kind of hoist or jack to remove 5th wheel hitch from truck

    Ditto on LBR's response. Two ton engine hoist and remove the tailgate. Which is very easy to do.
  17. cemill

    Thinking of Upgrading

    We have had our Big Country since 2015. The only real issue with it was the living room air conditioner had to be replaced, but that was a dometic issue .
  18. cemill

    Port Aransas, Texas January?

    This will be our first time at Port A Resort. We usually stay at Pioneer . They were booked up when we decided to make a reservation. I don't know anything about the sites at Port A. We will be in site 131 I think . From 1/13 to 3/1
  19. cemill

    Port Aransas, Texas January?

    We will be at Port A Resort also in Jan. We have been at Pioneer just down the road for a number of years and have not needed a dehumidifer yet.
  20. cemill

    Routes overpasses

    I use the Garmin 760 It allows you to enter the dimensions of your camper. So far it has routed me around at least two underpasses with low clearance in the last couple of years, one in Texas, the other in Missouri.
  21. cemill

    Andersen 5th wheel adapter - thoughts?

    I have the Anderson altimate hitch and have pulled approx 4000 miles with it so far. Like what was said in a previous post, there is no doubt about the connection when dropping the king pin down on the ball. No noise, no clunking, easy hook up and easy unhook. I can take it out of the bed of...
  22. cemill

    Replacement batteries

    I do the same.
  23. cemill

    New F350 / Andersen ultimate hitch / 1621hd pinbox

    I can't say anything about your Ford, but I do have the Anderson ultimate hitch on my Chevy 3500 and love it. I did have to turn the Anderson ball receiver to the rear which moved the trailer back about 6 to 9 inches. I used the highest setting on the ball in the bed of the truck.
  24. cemill

    Introduction - Illinois Chapter Leaders

    Congratulations, see you at Cheddars.
  25. cemill

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/7/2018 to 9/9/2018

    Made it home from the 2018 Illinois Rally. Thanks to Gerry and Deb Atkinson we had a great although wet Rally. Thank you Mike and Nancy Nilson for stepping up to be our new chapter leaders. Hope to see you all again next year. CE and Jackie Miller
  26. cemill

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/7/2018 to 9/9/2018

    At least it has stopped for now.
  27. cemill

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/7/2018 to 9/9/2018

    Ken; Sorry to her about Kathy. Hope everything goes well. We were really looking forward to seeing you again. Take Care CE & Jackie
  28. cemill

    Foul odor when running sink faucet

    As said in other post, if you are running the hot water and get the rotten egg smell, it is the water heater. I always put the same tank treatment that I use in the black tank in the grey tank. That seems to take care of the problem for us.
  29. cemill

    Couple Questions on a few Issues

    I had the same issue. Replaced the Anderson Valve and problem solved.
  30. cemill

    Demco gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter plate

    I have a new , used one time. This adapter plate allows you to use a rail version fifth wheel hitch with your GM Puck system. I decided to use the Anderson Altimate hitch and no longer need the adapter plate. New ii sells for $554.00 Sell for $225.00 PM me if interested. Also have a Curt Q20...
  31. cemill

    Safety Chains

    I decided to do the same with the D-rings on the left side of the bed. Works for me.
  32. cemill

    Hensley TrailerSaver TS-3 squeaks

    I had the squeaks and noise problems with my Curt 20K hitch and noise when starting and stopping. Went to the Andersen Ultimate hitch and now there is NO noise or squeaks what so ever. Best set up I have ever had and over the years I have used a number of different fifth wheel hitches. My...
  33. cemill

    Safety Chains

    I just installed the Anderson Hitch. How are you attaching your break away brake cable?
  34. cemill

    Exhaust Brake

    I have a new Chevy 3500 and use the exhaust brake when towing with no problems. Did the same on my old 2500. Love it.
  35. cemill

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/7/2018 to 9/9/2018

    We have registered coming in on the 5th.
  36. cemill

    Can not find low point drain!

    My 2015 Big Country does not have a low point drain. The only drain valve is behind the rear wheels on the off door side and that is for the fresh water tank.
  37. cemill

    Toying w/ a F350 dually

    Dave; The solenoid valve. Is it controled by a switch in the cab? Do you have it just for peice of mind with the gravity feed system? CE
  38. cemill

    Toying w/ a F350 dually

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate your response.
  39. cemill

    Toying w/ a F350 dually

    Is anyone using an Aux fuel tank in the bed of their truck with the gravity feed system? Any pro's and con's? I just purchased a new Chevy 3500 dually and thinking about a 50 gal aux tank.