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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Montgomery - 11/1/2018 to 11/4/2018

    19785 Highway 105 West, Montgomery, TX 77356 Venue: ------------------------------ Lake Conroe KOA 19785 Highway 105 West Montgomery, TX 77356 Call 936-582-1200 ext 1, Mention ‘Heartland Owners’ rally and leave a voicemail if you cannot get through, they will call back asap...
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    SoTX Club Members: National Rally....Yay or Nay?

    Wondering how many of our South Texas Chapter members are going to the National rally in Goshen, IN? Michael and I will be there starting June 4th...departing June 18th and are looking forward to seeing everyone. We'll be in the south about you?
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    Looking Forward to Meeting Everyone!

    Hi everyone! We’re really looking forward to serving as your new South Texas Chapter leaders. We have BIG shoes to fill as Tom & Marti were excellent leaders. But…we’re up for the challenge! For those of you that have never met's a little background: We ordered our 2011...
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    2015 Goshen Rally - Leisure Time Activities (LTA)

    I'm looking for people interested in sharing their talents (although you may not think it's a talent) at the Goshen Rally in June. I am seeking attendees for demonstrations, presentations, hands-on how-tos of activities you enjoy doing in your leisure time that you feel others may have an...
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    2013 Goshen Rally - Bring your Aluminum Beverage Tabs to benefit Ronald McDonald House

    If you're attending the North American Rally in Goshen this June consider saving your 'Pop Tops' and bringing them to the rally so that they can be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. It's as easy as 'popping' the top off of your soda cans, beer cans etc and saving them in a baggie. Saving &...
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    2013 Goshen Rally Leisure Time Activities

    The Leisure Time Activities (crafts, hobbies etc.) committee (Nancy Beletti and Kelly Barnett) is seeking rally attendees who are interested in sharing their Leisure Time Activity with others. We're looking for demonstrations, presentations, hands-on how-tos of activities you do in your leisure...
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    Any Baseball Fans Out There??

    We will be in the Phoenix area from Feb 28 - Mar 28 and plan to attend several Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training games. Just bought tickets to 3 games today...have to wait for the others til they go on sale! Anybody else enjoy spring training in Arizona?
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    Ft. Sam Houston Travel Camp - San Antonio, TX

    We arrived yesterday (October 1) and are here for the month. We were immediately greeted by fellow Heartland owners (Bighorn), PaulandNan! What a wonderful way to start our stay (and retirement!) If you're in the San Antonio area give us a holler!
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    Mega Shower Door Handles Have Came Off...

    In our 2011 Key Largo we have the mega shower with a 3-paneled glass sliding door. The two 'end' panels of the door have metal handles that attach to the glass. We replaced the original door almost a year ago. The handles fell off that door shortly after we moved in and DH tried using double...
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    Help! Hot Water is TOO Hot!

    We just had a new thermostat put into our Suburban SW12DE water heater and the water is scorching hot! Does anyone happen to know if there is some way to control the temperature?
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    Big Horn & Big Country on I65

    On our way back to home-base Montgomery from Huntsville we passed a Big Horn & a Big Country (traveling together I believe) that were headed north on I65 while we were traveling south. We were just north of Calera, Alabama. I get so excited when I see another Heartland'd think...
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    Redstone Arsenal MWR RV Park - Huntsville, AL

    We arrived last night about 9 and are here for 4 nights. Nice park (military) with HUGE concrete pads and nice shower/laundry buildings. We plan to visit the Space & Rocket Center tomorrow. Had hoped to do some touristy stuff today but looks like we're gonna be rained out. :(
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    Texas Residency

    As we near Michael's retirement from the Army and really have no 'home' to go to (our sons live in WA & NY & our only living parent in AR) - we have pretty much decided to make Texas our 'home state'. Michael was born and raised much of his childhood there and still has family there. Since...
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    Mini Rally - Montgomery, AL

    Since we couldn't make the National Rally in Gillette this year - we're having a mini rally here in Montgomery, AL!! The Big Horn in the front just arrived minutes ago (from CA), the one further back has been here about 3 weeks (from WA) and our Landmark (on the right has been here a year...
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    A Family Affair!

    Welcome and congratulations to our son & his wife - (HOC #2159 - ZNK & ZNK1) on the purchase of their North Trail 29BUDS (our Landmark's grandchild!)
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    2012 Travel Plan for 2psnapod started here it goes! We'd be happy to hear from anyone that is in or will be in the areas that we travel to/through! April 22 - 26 Engineer Lake RV Park (Ft Rucker, AL) April 26 - 29 Alamissibamassippi Rally - Gulf State Park - Gulf Shores, AL May 24 - 28 - US Space...
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    A New Heartland Owner in OUR Family???

    Our son and his wife went to the Portland RV Show today to 'look' at campers. They found the North Trails and fell in love with the 28BRS...did the paperwork and put some money down but are still 'thinking' it over - I'm pretty sure that we have a new Heartland owner in the family! We're...
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    Mission/Donna, Texas RV Park Recommendations

    Hoping to get some suggestions for RV Parks in the Mission/Donna, Texas area. Planning to be in the area for about a month (January to February 2013). I have done some research and have chosen a few that 'look' acceptable via the internet. But I'm hoping that those of you that have first hand...
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    RV Park/Campground in the Houston/Galveston area

    As Michael approaches his retirement I am beginning to form our travel plan and plan to be in/around Galveston, TX for 3 weeks in November and hope that some of you might have some suggestions for a place to stay. We'd need full hook up with 50 amp service and enough room to park of 40.6 ft...
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    Christmas Without The Coach :-(

    Left the coach (our home) at Camping World in Calera, AL this morning to have some warranty work completed (hopefully). We are leaving in the morning with a small (10ft) moving truck with the remainder of our belongings from a storage unit and items that belong to our son and driving to West...
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    Cross Roads Campground - Elizabethtown, KY

    We arrived at the Cross Roads Campground in Elizabethtown, KY on Wednesday 9/21 to find a Big Country here as well. They left this morning before we had a chance to introduce ourselves. As we took a walk this afternoon we found that there is also an Edge here and will try to meet them or at...
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    Bighorn in Birmingham

    We are traveling north on 65, passing through Birmingham, Alabama and just passed a Bighorn that was traveling south on 65. We're just beginning our trip to Elizabethtown, KY and hope to see a lot more Heartland products as we travel!
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    Elizabethtown & Ft Knox, KY

    We will staying at the Crossroads Campground in Elizabethtown, Kentucky from September 21 - October 1st. The first part of the trip will be for Michael to go to Ft Knox and make sure that all his paperwork is in order to retire next year. The rest of the time we will be 'camping' with friends...
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    Tip For Saving Your Marriage

    I think that many of us are the same in that when we arrive at or depart an RV park the husband drives the truck and backs it into place while the wife :angel: navigates from outside the vehicle...usually back by the rig. Unfortunately, it's not always a pretty scene. Probably lots of yelling...
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    Staying in Non-Campgrounds??

    Just wondering how many, if any, of you have stayed in a Walmart, Cracker Barrel etc parking lot for an overnight? When traveling, we, sometimes don't park til late but are gone quite early and if there is no RV park in the area we stayed the night in a parking lot. Have you ever had an...
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    Stove & Oven

    Just wondering if anyone else has done what we have done. Since the RV park we are at includes electric in our lot fee I decided that I wanted to use as little propane as possible. I went online and found a 2 burner electric 'hot plate' and use that instead of my propane stove. I also have an...
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    For me one of my top needs was lots & lots of storage. When going from a home of 1650 sq ft to a 5th wheel we needed lots of room for clothing, utensils, videos etc. I also wanted a very functional kitchen, one where I wasn't boxed in. I (we) wanted a refrigerator that we could get to when...
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    Convection Oven!

    It's taking some getting used to...but I'm getting there. I kept forgetting to put the round metal rack in the microwave/convection oven so things weren't cooked quite right. I never had any true disasters...just things that needed a little extra help. I haven't done too much cooking in it...