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  1. travelin2

    How do you attach sunshade to awning without and accessory track?

    Possibly the awning is installed incorrectly?? I had our awning replaced and the dealer used the wrong slot which created the same scenario you describe
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    Odd Tire Wear

    Over 25K on our current set of G rated Hartland tires from Discount Tire. Still have over half their tread depth. Wearing evenly. 3 yrs old next month. Easily expect to get my 5 years worth
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    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    For that % of the population, I say, chow down!!!
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    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    Why would you not put the pods in the drum with the clothes??? Why would you need directions saying pods go in the drum? I know before I get jumped on…SARCASM inserted here. LOL!!!
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    No dc power after turning off shore power

    Mini breaker with manual reset
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    No dc power after turning off shore power

    Good deal. I figured you had a faulty ground I installed one of these one the water pump to prevent filling our FW tank...
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    No dc power after turning off shore power

    I think you have a grounding issue. Check the ground wire from the negative battery terminal to the frame
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    No dc power after turning off shore power

    So let me ask you this…do the 12v appliances ie:lights, furnace fan, roof fan in bathroom, power awning, etc all work when on shore power but do not work when disconnected from shore power? Do the leveling jacks work if not on connected to shore power? Something doesn’t make sense. If the 12v...
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    waxing shower walls

    We are. We wouldn’t be without it, especially when we travel out west. Nancy, the DW, still wipes down the shower walls and doors but not as often as the spotting isn’t as prominent
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    2020 Cyclone brakes making noise.

    Contact Performance Trailer Braking. They do aftermarket springs & axles
  11. travelin2

    Damage to kitchen slide

    Curiosity had the best of me. Had to look. Here’s a picture of the backside from in the fridge compartment in our bighorn. Same 2118 norcold. Kreg screws and staples IMO it’s a remove the fridge fix. Barely enough room to snap this picture
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    Tire balance beads

    I tried beads in the previous set of sailuns. Very uneven wear pattern. Current set of tires from Discount Tire are balanced with weights. Over 20K miles still looking good
  13. travelin2

    Frame problems

    All 6 of my jacks are canted a few degrees outward
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    Gray tank valve won’t close

    After tearing into both of my grey tank valves, I’d say one of the two rubber gaskets has been dislodged. IMO it’ll require you to get underneath and either cut a door or drop the coroplast for replacement of the internal gaskets. While you’re at it rotate the valve housing 180 degrees and...
  15. travelin2

    New tires

    Sailuns Load Range G, if you can get them. I have Discount Tires private label G rated “Hartland” tires. No pun intended. Over 20K miles under them and performed well
  16. travelin2

    2019 bighorn 3270 rs

    A photo would help
  17. travelin2

    Hartland RV tires for our Cyclone

    Have had a set of Hartland’s on the BH since May 2019. At about 23K miles I’m pleased. Even wear, hold pressure well, ran cool last year in 90-95* air temps with, I think, minimal pressure increases. Would recommend
  18. travelin2

    Leak in slide-out Hydac valve causing landing gear to sink?

    Thanks. Thought so but wanted confirmation. I’ve experienced front jack drift on both travel days and when extended on a site pad I have the lippert instructions too. They say it’s a bad seal in one of the front jacks. I replaced leaky hose hoping that was the cause but it wasn’t
  19. travelin2

    Leak in slide-out Hydac valve causing landing gear to sink?

    Could you post the link for the replacement valve you speak of? Thanks
  20. travelin2

    Rallys in 2022 ? LOCATE STATE CHAPTER?

    Unless someone steps up there are no chapter leaders in the northeast region The closest rally planned for 2022 is the Ohio chapter I believe
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    Slide Out Won't Extend

    If you have level up, scroll through the functions to see the battery level (voltage), keeping in mind a full charge is 12.4 volts or higher. I too upgraded breaker & cables to eliminate the proverbial start, stop, reset
  22. travelin2

    Suburban furnace problem - Problem Solved

    Good suggestion about changing the fuse! I forgot that the first cool weather we experienced in our ‘17 BH we had some furnace issues. During trouble shooting the fuse looked ok but while brainstorming with others we were rallying with someone suggested changing the fuse just for giggles...
  23. travelin2


    we replaced the RV sleeper sofa with a residential a year ago. We have a Lazyboy double power loveseat on order Forget the RV stuff
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    any ideas for a better shower head?

    Like Bogie said, Oxygenics. Get one at Lowe’s
  25. travelin2

    Holes in battery compartment

    There’s no road spray entry Holes are for the onboard generator option
  26. travelin2

    What do you like about having an RV Lock on your entry door?

    40% off sale today at Really like ours. Also have a couple of their slam latch locks. As stated, the membranes are inferior but it beats digging out a key
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    Suburban furnace problem - Problem Solved

    BTDT! Circuit board likely. Replace it with a Dinosaur brand. Made in the USA!
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    Our First Workamping Assignment

    One of our sons lives in Columbia Falls. We were there this past September mooch camping in his driveway We too like the Flathead valley but prefer to visit in May or September. Like any other NP destination, it’s freaking crowded in the summertime Feel free to reach out for any of our...
  29. travelin2

    Disk brakes Titian vs MorRyde

    MKD 215 are the pads I used for my 7000 lb axle “Titan” brake kit on my bighorn
  30. travelin2

    Hartland Tires???

    Another BH owner here in PA just had a set of Sailuns replaced under warranty. Upon inspection before a trip, he discovered tread separation starting to occur on 2 of the 4 tires. Others I know have walked away from Goodyears None are “perfect”!
  31. travelin2

    Hartland Tires???

    Add Gladiator tires to your comparison too. Similar to Sailuns and Hartland tires, all steel belts. I bought a set of those in 2015 for our previous BH from Les schwab. Good reviews then. Only had that rig for a year afterwards before the current rig so don’t have a lot of history personally...
  32. travelin2

    Hartland Tires???

    Any tire can/will fail and I agree with the 5 year maximum replacement. We’ve had these 29 months (date codes March 2019) and over 20K miles and they are “looking” better than the OEM Sailuns which I replaced at 32 months and just under 30K miles. IMO items, machinery, etc that’s used...
  33. travelin2

    Hartland Tires???

    Have 4 of them from discount tire purchased early 2019 when we were out west. Just about to finish a 9000 mile trip. My records show we’ll have just over 20K on them upon arriving home. Still lots of tread. Wearing evenly. Hold pressure well. TPMS indicates they run cool even in 90+* degree...
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    New custom made Lippert Level-Up Hoses returned

    I’ve had replacement hoses locally made at an equipment dealer
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    Slide Room Toppers

    Toppers, YES, especially if you’re from the east. For the couple months we spend in TX, I complain of their existence most days because of the wind. We’re currently in a piney woods and without them I’d be cleaning slide roofs
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    Views From Your Campsite

    Not from our campsite but during today’s travel
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    Views From Your Campsite

    Buffalo National grasslands Wall SD
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NV, Las Vegas - 10/14/2021 to 10/17/2021

    We’re 3 weeks early for your rally!! Visiting family. First stay here. Other visits found us over at Sams Town Really nice park. Some trees and grass in the desert. Awesome Have a great rally