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    How to make the exterior shine like new?

    Have a 2011 3250 setting in the az sun. I'm having lots of oxidation, hand waxed last year what a job. Looking for a easier way this year. Has anybody used any zep floor wax? Shineon productS? Any other products that work.
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    Big Country - Front landing blowing fuses

    I'm blowing the in line fuse when trying raise my unit. It sounds like it's really straining to lift the unit. I've checked the batteries they have a full charge on them. I have not added anything new to the basement causing extra weight. 2011 big country 3250ts
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    ATF: Big Country - 2nd air

    Is my unit wired for a 2nd air and also what stain is used for the trim.
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    Repair rubber floor

    Has any body repaired the rubber floor in a 2011 big country. Floor got gouged with a piece of broken glass when slide was extended.