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  1. codycarver

    Weather advisory Big Horn Mountains Wyoming

    For anyone heading west over the Big Horn Mountains. National weather service has winter advisory for the Big Horns until 6:00 PM Saturday. Snowfall 6-10". You may want to plan on going around instead of over. I may want to break out the sleds:cool:
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    Lunch in Yellowstone

    Stopped at our favorite spot for lunch today...Yellowstone lake.
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    Fire on the South Fork

    A little excitement on the home front today! This fire started about halfway between the east entrance of Yellowstone and Cody WY. These photos taken from the our home.
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    Good Bless America

  5. codycarver

    Today was the day..... get her out of the winter cocoon and go camping!!
  6. codycarver

    Top of the world

    I know some of you have been to the top of the world in summer. Here's what it looks like in January.
  7. codycarver

    A note from your President (the first one)

    Issued by President George Washington, at the request of Congress, on October 3, 1789 By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation. Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and...
  8. codycarver

    Fiat Chrysler to Buy Back 500,000 Pickups in Recall Deal
  9. codycarver

    looking for feedback on a Sept. 2016 rally in SD.

    Amy and I are considering hosting a rally Sept 21 thru 25 2016 at Rafter J Bar ahead of Trace and Terry's rally in Glendale UT. Couple of things to consider: It's about a 14 hour drive from Custer, SD to Glendale, UT. Would this be to long a drive in two days? The camp ground will not "hold"...
  10. codycarver

    FYI 1.8M GM Trucks & SUVs With Brake Failure

    NHTSA Closes Five-Year Probe Into 1.8M GM Trucks & SUVs With Brake Failure; Doesn’t Order Recall
  11. codycarver

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MT, West Yellowstone - 9/10/2015 to 9/13/2015

    210 S. Electric St, West Yellowstone, MT 59758 Venue: ------------------------------ Grizzly RV Park 210 S. Electric St West Yellowstone, MT 59758 Henny White 406-646-4466 or follow the link and enter heartland owners club confirmation #1303 in the comments box...
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    Your invited to join our new facebook page for Heartlanders

    Today I started a Facebook page for Heartland owners in the Rocky Mountain area. I encourage everybody to use this page. If you live in the area great, some photos and share your experiences. Recommend campgrounds and places to see. On your list?? Ask questions. Hope to see you...
  13. codycarver

    Help!! Need info on the refer for a 3010 bighorn

    At some friends house that bought a bighorn and are wondering about the fridge. Their purchase order is showing a 12.7 cubic ft fridge with expanded freezer IPO ice maker. Is this a 12 volt/LP or a 110 residential?
  14. codycarver

    Weather advisory for Yellowstone

    Forecast for Yellowstone
  15. codycarver

    Noticed something interesting while traveling to Heartland's web site

    So, tonight I clicked on the link to the floor plans for Landmark on the Heartland web site and noticed something interesting. Amy and I have been pushing a revamped Augusta/BH3670 floor plan and low and behold there it is pictured in the link to the web site. Is this a tease or just an over...
  16. codycarver

    Happy Easter

    "He paid a debt he didn't owe because we owe a debt we couldn't pay" Happy Easter
  17. codycarver

    I Love Snow

    We go 15" of snow:cool::cool: a real treat for me in Cody. I usually have to drive a couple hours to go snowmobiling. So I busted out a couple of my vintage sleds and had a blast. One of these days winters gonna end but until then.....
  18. codycarver

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MT, West Yellowstone - 5/22/2014 to 5/25/2014

    210 S. Electric Street, West Yellowstone, MT 59758 Venue: ------------------------------ Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park 210 S. Electric Street West Yellowstone, MT 59758 David Tardiff WY. Chapter leader 307-272-6881 Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: WiFi available: Yes...
  19. codycarver

    Video tour....Goshen 2013

    Finally got around to downloading some videos we took at Goshen. We took a riding tour of the fair grounds on a typical early evening during the rally. 13 vids in all.
  20. codycarver

    Another day at the office

    During haying season I often convince myself I'm to busy to stop and "smell the rose's". Today, after cutting this field I looked up and this is what I saw. Nothing to special about this one just happened to look up. I'm very glad I did.
  21. codycarver

    Why men shouldn't have advice columns

    Enough said....
  22. codycarver

    Did one of your favorites make the list???

    A freind of mine that we camp with emailed me this list of the top 24 best midwest campgrounds. We've camped at the Hill City KOA/ Palmers Guch Resort.
  23. codycarver

    Observations from an RV"ER at a parking lot sale.

    My dad (a developer) told me one time that Realtors, for the most part, make money by accident. He explained that they really don't work at there chosen profession but rather wait for a deal to fall in there laps. I've spent some time in sales and understand what he means. Folks would rather...
  24. codycarver

    Leaving now!!!!

    Headed out NOW on our first trip of the season. Billings MT KOA.:cool::cool::cool:
  25. codycarver

    April sure is fun around here!!!

    Yesterday was WAY to nice a day to work so I decided to take my new sled for the first ride. I'm really looking forward to our first camping trip next weekend but my thoughts are still on snowmobiling. What a great day!!! Here are a couple photos and vids for anybody interested...
  26. codycarver

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: UT, Vernal - 9/26/2013 to 9/29/2013

    930 North Vernal Avenue, Vernal, UT 84078 Venue: ------------------------------ Dinosaurland KOA 930 North Vernal Avenue Vernal, UT 84078 Contact Gail directly. Her # is 435-790-9716 Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: WiFi available: Yes WiFi Fee: Details...
  27. codycarver

    Note from a friend

    I received this from one of my favorite friends tonight and wanted to share. It is religious in nature so if your not into that please go no further. I have copied and pasted as I received it. This is so beautiful!!! John 3:16 A little boy was selling newspapers on the corner, the people...
  28. codycarver

    EVENT: RV Show: MT, Billings - 2/22/2013 to 2/24/2013

    308 6th Ave. N., Billings, MT 59103 Venue: ------------------------------ Metrapark Billings, MT 308 6th Ave. N. Billings, MT 59103 800.366.8538 Pet Fee: $ WiFi available: Yes WiFi Fee: $ Details: ------------------------------ From...
  29. codycarver

    Hat trick at Palmers Gutch

    We're here at the Mount Rushmore KOA and saw this. All from different states they just happened to be put together. Looks kinda like a rally waiting to happen.
  30. codycarver

    Welcome to the newest WY HOC member

    I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Brad Nelson our newest Wyoming chapter HOC member. Amy and I are looking forward to meeting you soon.
  31. codycarver

    Gillette Rally -- Leisure Time Activity

    Attn: Gillette Rally Attendees Please share your RV decorating ideas and upgrades in the east lobby on Friday 6/15 at 3:30. Photos, demonstrations and discussion are welcome.
  32. codycarver

    East entrance to YNP opens tomorrow

    The park service announced today that the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park will open tomorrow (May-4). You can expect a lot of snow but road travel will be open throughout the park. Limited services are available and the roads are subject to temporary closures. Just thought I'd pass...
  33. codycarver

    I love our bighorn

    Just had to get that off my chest! Pulled it out today Put some water in it, turned on the propane, and plugged it in.... All systems normal. tomorrow it gets a top to bottom bath, this weekend check the brakes, bearings and bushings and we are ready to go RVING!!!! See ya down the road.
  34. codycarver

    EVENT: RV Show: MT, Billings - 2/24/2012 to 2/26/2012

    308 6th Ave. N., Billings, MT 59103 Venue: ------------------------------ Billings Metra Exoo Center 308 6th Ave. N. Billings, MT 59103 Pets ok?: No Pet Fee: $ WiFi available: WiFi Fee: $ Details: ------------------------------ From: 2/24/2012 to...
  35. codycarver

    Took a drive up the North Fork today

    We took a drive up the North Fork today (the road from Cody to the east entrance to Yellowstone) and thought we'd share.
  36. codycarver

    Heartland Highlights New Safety Reporter

    Thanks to David Gray for taking the job of safety reporter for the Heartland Highlights news letter. I enjoyed reading your first report and look forward to many more. It's another great benefit of belonging to the Heartland Owners Club. Also, Thanks again for 5th Wheel st...
  37. codycarver

    Wanted: Montana (The State) Heartland Owners

    The latest update of the HOC listings shows we have no MT. HOC members. I know we have Heartland owners in Big Sky country and being the Wyoming chapter leader I wanted to fill you in on the benefits. Oval Heartland Owners Club Plaque engraved with Club Member Number ($26 value) Ladder mount...
  38. codycarver

    Heartland torque toy hauler

    Amy got this on her phone tonight.
  39. codycarver

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: WY, Cody - 6/21/2012 to 6/24/2012

    1815 8th Street, Cody, WY 82414 Venue: ------------------------------ Ponderosa CG 6/21/2012 to 6/24/2012 1815 8th Street Cody, WY 82414 Skip (307) 587-9203 Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: WiFi available: Yes WiFi Fee: Details...
  40. codycarver

    Hats off to Debbie and the Heartland Highlights Club Newsletter

    Hats off to Debbie Bylinski for the job she is doing as editor for the Heartland Highlights news letter. It looks fantastic!!! I told her so myself but thought is was worth mentioning here too. If you are a member and haven't seen it, take a look. If your not an HOC member it is just one more...