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  1. cemill

    Truck/5th wheel combo $95000

    2018 Chevy 3500 HD dually LTZ all the bells and whistles with 50 gal/ tool box aux fuel tank. 2015 Big Country 5th wheel Truck has 17500 miles. 5th wheel has approximately 25000 miles. Will sell the fifth wheel separately.
  2. cemill

    Demco Adapter Plate $200

    Demco adapter plate that allows you to use a rail type hitch with the puck system. This plate fits GMC/CHEVY $200. Attached Thumbnails
  3. cemill

    Demco gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter plate

    I have a new , used one time. This adapter plate allows you to use a rail version fifth wheel hitch with your GM Puck system. I decided to use the Anderson Altimate hitch and no longer need the adapter plate. New ii sells for $554.00 Sell for $225.00 PM me if interested. Also have a Curt Q20...
  4. cemill

    Anderson 5th wheel hitch

    I just installed the Anderson 5th wheel hitch. Installation was fairly easy. I installed the ball in the lowest position. At first I installed the ball receiver on the pin box in the forward position, but, with the hitch offset and the offset on the ball receiver I didn't like distance the...
  5. cemill

    SOLVED: Inverter is not running (tripped reset)

    My converter is not running. I just plugged the unit in today and the display on the switch panel does not light up and no sound from the converter. I do have power to the rest of the coach' I did notice the battery cut off switches had been left on while unplugged from the 30 amp a/c supply...
  6. cemill

    ATF: Big Country - Low point water drain

    Where is the low point water drain on my unit. I have looked from one end to the other on the coach and cannot find it.
  7. cemill

    Comfort Ride Hitch

    Anyone have the Comfort Ride 5th wheel hitch? What are your likes and dislikes.
  8. cemill

    Atmospheric pressure relief valve

    The black tank flush on our new Big Country 3650 rl would not work. After. A little research I found the relief valve located behind the shower wall. The valve was installed backwards from the factory. Cut the pex lines, reinstalled The valve and the flusher works just fine.
  9. cemill

    ATF: Big Country - Convection versus microwave

    Does anyone know the difference in cost of the microwve versus the convection Oven in the 2015 Big Country. We wre in the process of purchaseing one.
  10. cemill

    Digital wireless camera

    I am thinking about purchasing the Voyager Digital Wireless camera and monitor Model # WVoS713 Anyone out there using this set up? If so, are you satisfied with the reception from the camera? I have a 3055 that is about 35ft end to end. With the truck attached I would say the distance the...
  11. cemill

    2012 GM Diesel

    Just purchased a new 2012 Chevy 3/4 ton Crew Cab Diesel with 373 rear end. Our Bighorn is a 3055 RL. Any one out there with the same or similar setup? What kind of mpg do you get , cruising on the interstate at 60 to 65 mph. Or overall mpg say on a trip from the midwest to Texas? We just came...
  12. cemill

    Lakeshore RV

    Those of you that have dealt with Lakeshore RV. What is your opinion and would you buy from them again?
  13. cemill

    Hot water smells

    The hot water coming from the bathroom zink smells. The hot water coming from the kitchen zink does not. Any one have this same problem or any idea's on the problem?
  14. cemill

    Rockville, IN

    Jackie and I just spent a week at the Raccoon SRA at Rockville, In. Toured most of the covered bridges in the area. Enjoyed fantastic weather along with the brilliant fall colors. We met another couple with an 08 Bighorn. Ron and Donna from Monon, IN. We had a good visit with them and gave...
  15. cemill

    2011 Illinois Rally

    Just posted pictures from the 2011 Illinois Rally.
  16. cemill

    Level Up error message

    We decided to take the Bighorn out from under the canopy, dewinterize and get ready for the upcoming season. When I tried to activate the level-up system to attach the truck, I get an error message on the control display "bad calibration" press enter to confirm. Pressing enter gets no results...
  17. cemill

    Curt Q5 20k hitch

    Anyone out there using the Curt 5th wheel hitch. If so, how do you like it?
  18. cemill

    Day Night shades

    One thing my dear wife complains about is that there are no day/night shades in the bedroom of our 08 3055. Only night shades. A lot of the people we have met at various camgroungs complain about the same thing. Another big plus would be to get rid of the China made tires. Big complaint here...
  19. cemill

    Heartlands in South Texas

    Did a little drive through survey of Pioneer Beach Resort in Port Aransas Texas this morning. Bighorns = 7 Bigcountry = 3 Landmark = 2 Not to bad concidering a lot of people move in and out of the park at any given time.
  20. cemill

    Lippert came through

    Just a note to let everyone know. Lippert was unable for some reason to inspect our unit at the Elkhart Rally. At the time I had two springs flattened on the rear axle, one on the front axle and the other spring about half gone. I took the unit to my dealer S&S RV in Farina, Illinois. They...
  21. cemill

    New tires for the Bighorn

    Much to my wallets dismay, I just popped for 4 new Michelin 235/85R16 XPS Ribs. $1064.00 out the door price from my local Ford Dealer. After talking to several people at the rally and seeing the damage done to one Bighorn I decided to make the move and have some peice of mind.
  22. cemill

    mpg towing with Ford super duty

    I am kicking around the idea of trading for a Ford 250 or 350 super duty diesel with 3.73 gears. Can any one with this setup tell what kind of milage I can expect towing my 3055RL?
  23. cemill

    Bird problem

    Had a problem with bird building a nest in the pinbox on the BH. Taped cardboard over he cavity with duct tape. The little buggers pecked their way through that. My wife Jackie suggested I dig out a fake owl that had been gatherign dust in the garage. I tried that and low and behold it worked.
  24. cemill

    New hitch for bike rack

    I recently purchased a new hitch from Hitch Mart and installed it on our Bighorn. The hitch is listed for a motor home but fit the frame on the Bighorn perfectly. I am sure it could be applied to most Heartland Units. Total cost was about $280.00 Here is the link to Hitch Mart...
  25. cemill

    Bighorns at Williamsburg, VA

    We arrived at American Heritage RV Park in Williamsburg, VA Monday the 27th of April. Two other Bighorns are in the park, one from Wisconsin the other from Virginia. We toured Montichello, Yorktown and Jamestown. Today we plan to visit Shirley and Berkeley plantations before heading back to...
  26. cemill

    Log on to Heartland woes forum site

    Every time I log onto the sight I am redirected to another window that tells me I am not logged in. Is anyone else having the same problem? CE
  27. cemill

    Poor FM reception

    Has anyone else experienced poor FM reception from their combo DVD/FM receivers? I can usually receive one or two channels at best and these are usually poor quality.
  28. cemill

    Bike Rack

    Does anyone have a solution for mounting a bike rack to the frame on the Big Horn. Or is there one available as an aftermarket item?
  29. cemill

    Bycycle rack

    Would anyone know of a receiver type bycycle rack that I can adapt to my 3055 RL. Without a bumper it presents a problem. I have a rack that I used on my previous 5th wheel, it fits in a standard receiver. Any help would be appreciated. cemill