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    Bike rack for ladder.

    Who is using a ladder bike rack? I need one for a single adult bike. Looks like a lot of bad racks out there. The rack must be for the ladder only, my hitch in use for my BBQ. Any opinions would be great!
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    adding a 7k 58 amp generator

    By adding a generator that is rated at 58 amps (7k Onan), do I need to upgrade any electrical components to my 2019 Bighorn?
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    Roof truss height

    I'm adding a 3rd AC unit to my 2019 Bighorn 3160EL. Can anyone tell me what the height of the roof trusses are? If the overall is above 6", I will need to order a different distribution box/control for the AC unit. This unit will not have a thermostat.
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    Installing 6500 Cummings LP generator in my new 2019 Bighorn

    Hi folks! I just bought a brand new 2019 Bighorn. I will be installing a 6500 LP generator in it. When I order the gen, does it come with all of the wire harnesses to just plug in the a gen ready trailer? Since I bought my trailer 2000 miles from where I live, I can't exactly open up access...