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  1. Gary521

    2 AC's on a 30 amp circuit

    I have seen many Youtube videos on this product and it appears to work. It is the MicroAire 364. It enables you to run one 15000 btu AC on one 2000 watt small portable generator OR two 15000 btu AC's on one 30 amp circuit. ( provided the you have the MicroAire installed on both AC units ). Has...
  2. Gary521

    Frameless rear window exit window

    I am on a trip now and have had a problem. The exit widow latch failed and the rear exit widow was flapping in the breeze going down the road. When I discovered this, the window was difficult to close. It appears that the hinge is sprung slightly. With this window, the hinge is between a non...
  3. Gary521

    Slide Out Leaks

    In the January 2019 issue of Trailer Life magazine, there is an article in the RV Resolutions area about someone who had a roof leak in the slide of a Bighorn 3270. They had it fixed at a RV repair facility who deemed the problem to be a design flaw in the way that the roof membrane is not...
  4. Gary521

    Converter wiring

    According to the wiring diagrams posted in the "tools" section ( above ), the power converter supplies 12v power to the battery and the 12v circuit breaker panel. If the manual reset fuse trips, power from the converter is still supplied to the 12v circuit breaker panel. How is this wired? Does...
  5. Gary521

    Disk Brake Wheel Bearings

    This is for those who have replaced the drum brakes with disk brakes. I had a wheel bearing failure about a month ago. When I went to replace the hub/rotor, I found that the outer bearing specified was different than the bearing originally specified by the original supplier, when I bought them...
  6. Gary521

    Axle Replacement

    I lost a wheel bearing coming home from my last trip. This took out the spindle on the axle end. I need to replace the axle but not need the springs or brakes. I called Heartland parts and they told me that they can only sell me the assembly. I called Dexter and they will not sell me the axle...
  7. Gary521

    Bighorn Front Closet

    I have a 2017 3270. I am hoping somebody can provide some help with a minor problem. The front closet sliding doors have come loose from the ceiling. The doors slide on a track that is screwed to a board. The board is screwed to the ceiling. These screws have pulled out. I have sunk a couple...
  8. Gary521

    Hurricane Irma

    I read somewhere that Talladaga Speedway will let you park there if you are trying to get out of the path of the storm.
  9. Gary521

    Disk Brakes - Grease seals

    I just installed a set of disk brakes. While I was finishing up the project I noticed that the grease seals are wide open to view from the back side. With the seals open to view, it may facilitate using the easy lube system of the axle for greasing the bearings. With the drum brakes, the concern...
  10. Gary521

    Disk Brakes - Oil Bath Bearings

    For those of you that have converted to disk brakes, how many have converted to oil bath bearings and what have been the results? In researching what I need to get to do this job, I ran across a video showing the ease of maintenance and this appealed to me.
  11. Gary521

    Subwoofer Bighorn 3270RL

    I have a 2017 Bighorn 3270 RL. I have only used it for a couple weekends. Anyhow, I found an instruction manual in the Blue Bag for a subwoofer. Can anybody tell me just where this subwoofer is ( if there indeed is one )?
  12. Gary521

    Welcome back light -Bighorn 3270

    Does anybody know where the light timer is located in the Bighorn 3270 for the welcome back light. The light only worked once. The wall switch works for the light but not the door magnetic switch. I tried to remove the threshold but that thing is really wedged in there tight. Is there a trick to...
  13. Gary521

    Bighorn 3270 waste pipes

    On the Bighorn 3270, there are two exposed ABS drain lines in the basement. The large one is obviously for the commode and I assume the smaller one is for the drain/vent for the washer/dryer. Is anybody sure about the smaller line as to what it is for?
  14. Gary521

    Bathroom Door

    When looking at current model Bighorns, there appears to be a small issue to me. With some models with the hallway to the bedroom on the door side, there is a door to the bedroom and a door to the bath. If the door to the bedroom is closed, it seems very difficult to open the bath door without...
  15. Gary521


    In the recent past, there has been a bunch of posts about the Level-UP system popping and the fix for it with the special oil. However, I have not heard too much about it lately. Do the new trailers that have the Level-Up system contain the trick oil, has there been a fix or is it still up to...
  16. Gary521

    Bighorn Basement Flooring

    I see that Bighorn has gone away from rubber diamondplate basement material to some type of vinyl. Anybody had any experience with this stuff? Looks like packing materials would slide around.
  17. Gary521

    Bighorn Pinbox

    Do Bighorns still use the Lippert 1621 pinbox. I want to swap my old 5th Airborne for the one that came off the lot.
  18. Gary521

    AC system Bighorn 3270

    We are looking at the Bighorn 3270. We see that it comes with two AC units and are of the newer quiet type. I have a couple questions. 1. When the living area ac is on and the bedroom unit is off, does it push air into the bedroom? 2. How well do these new types work? I saw one post on another...
  19. Gary521

    Replacing / upgrading 5th wheel

    Is there a good rule as to when to replace a 5th wheel with a new one? I am looking for a financial rule rather than a gut guess.
  20. Gary521


    I installed Dexter Nev-R-Adjust brakes to replace shot brakes on a Bighorn. We just return from a trip through the mountains of Arizona, California and Colorado. I would like to report that these brakes work great. Do these brakes work as well as expensive disk brakes? Maybe or maybe not. All I...
  21. Gary521

    Water Quality

    Over the years, I have observed how some folks treat the potable water hose and water spigot in the RV park. I have watched people stick their sewer hose directly over the spigot to wash it out. I have watched folks drag the potable water hose through the gravel and mud. I have seen them use the...
  22. Gary521

    Ground Control Leveling system

    I am interested in this system. I have seen internet videos showing installation and operation. Now, I have seen a Lippert video showing a "Generation lll" system, which is an auto leveling system for the Ground Control - I think. Is the Generation lll auto system an upgrade, a entirely...
  23. Gary521

    Dometic Penguin Question

    I recently installed a Dometic Penquin in the bedroom. During the install, I found that the duct that came with the air box is too short and is not the correct one for the Penguin. I ordered the new duct adapter and this one was too short too. I read elsewehere on this forum that there is an...
  24. Gary521

    Kings Canyon - Yosemite

    Anyone got any suggestions for parks by either or both Yosemite and Kings Canyon. Pulling a 3055RL.
  25. Gary521

    DirecLink Brake Controller

    Does anybody have any expreience with this controller? On the surface it sounds pretty good. Why is it ( if it is ) any better that a Tekonsha P3 controller ( or any other controller for that matter)? This controller was featured a few months back in Trailer Life Magazine.
  26. Gary521

    Grease Seals

    I have Lippert 6000 lb axles. Usually, I grease the wheel bearings using the quick grease system ( can't remember the name ). This years I plan to do the take apart and grease deal. The question that I have is about the grease seals. I think I have seen a post on this forum but I am not sure...
  27. Gary521

    Shock Absorbers

    I have a Bighorn 3055 and would like to change the angle of the shocks. I replaced the stock shocks with Monroe last year and also replaced the 3000lb springs with 3300 lb springs. The reason for the shock replacement was that the stock shocks appeared to be shot and they were bent. After one...
  28. Gary521

    Front AC question

    There are a couple of low profile AC recommendations on this forum. However, have a question. Are there any that shut off with the thermostat when the desired temp is reached? From what I understand, the front AC has the fan run continually but the compressor cycles on and off. I have a...
  29. Gary521

    Black water tank vent

    Has anyone used one of the aero tank vents on the black water vent? The one I am referring to looks like a wind vane and rotates to catch the wind. Do they work and are there any problems with them? Thanks for your replys. I just saw a new one ( new to me ) that claims to eliminate the use of...
  30. Gary521

    King Pin Tripod stabilizer

    I have an aluminum tripod king pin stabilizer. The thing that I do not know is how much of the weight of the king pin to put on the stabilizer so I am using it properly. Any help will be appreciated.
  31. Gary521

    Water Sanitation

    Got a question. I have observed some brutally disgusting practices regarding the park water hookup. I have seen guys sticking their sewer hose around the tap to to flush the hose. I used to work in the medical industry and know that this is contaminating the spigot. I have also observed the...
  32. Gary521

    Fiberglass Panel Behind Pin Box

    I have seen several posts on this forum with folks having issues with the sagging panel behind the pin box. On one of my follow up posts, I stated that I screwed the panel to the frame above the panel. Yesterday, I went to a RV show in Denver. While at the show, I noticed that a couple of other...
  33. Gary521

    Lippert Springs

    This forum is full of issues with springs supplied by Lippert. My own springs have failed and "No, the trailer was not overloaded." What is Heartland's long term and short terrm position with this overall spring problem? Has Lippert done anything themselves to change suppliers or to fix the issue?
  34. Gary521

    Venture Landing Gear

    I too have had problems with the Venture landing gear. I was on a trip recently and the landing gear siezed. The hand crank would not move the landing gear either. Two bottle jacks lifted the trailer to get it mounted on the truck. There are two things that I think need to be done: 1. Convert to...
  35. Gary521

    3055 ( and some others) propane line

    Last Summer on a short trip, my right front tire ( on the trailer ) blew. Among all the damage was a soft copper propane line that was ripped from the trailer floor and sheared off where it is fitted to the black pipe running under the unit. This line runs the stove. I sometimes leave my tank...
  36. Gary521

    Grease caps

    I have a 2008 3055 RL. The wheel grease caps are plastic and have all fallen off and one is broken. I called Lippert and they sent me metal ones to replace the plastic ones. The metal covers are supposed to fit by driving them in. I have tried and tried but cannot get them to fit inside the...