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  1. ILH

    Garage Door Hinge Pin

    My Landmark is currently in storage for the winter. I was checking the rig yesterday for water, mice, etc. While checking the basement, one of the hinges for the basement door popped out. I didn't notice it at first - but because of the pressure from the hydraulic strut, the door became...
  2. ILH

    Level Up Display Blank

    This is the last trip of the season. I had dropped the front legs using the Level Up button under the front end - moved the truck away from the trailer. After that I moved to the screen in the basement compartment to level the trailer - but the screen had no power. I finally went back to the...
  3. ILH

    Slam Latch Locks

    Has anybody taken the slam latches apart to see if the internal lock cylinder can be replaced (in order to be keyed alike)? Heartland keyed two of my compartments the same, but keyed the third compartment to a different key - I'd like to make all three the same. My rig is in storage ...
  4. ILH

    Xpedition Battery Warranty Process

    With less than 6 months of use on my new 2020 Landmark Newport, I started experiencing battery issues. The Newport came with two group 24 Xpedition lead acid batteries. I experienced several instances during last summer where the hydraulics would exhibit errors due to low voltage (and this was...
  5. ILH

    BD3 Trailer Saver Hitch

    Hensley BD3 Trailer Saver Hitch for sale. Excellent condition. Used previously on my Road Warrior - fantastic hitch to smooth out the road. Asking $1750 CDN - negotiable. PM me or email at
  6. ILH

    TV Cable to Outside TV

    When my wife and I purchased our2020 Newport last year, we declined the TV in the outside compartment. The compartment is still there, just no TV within it. At the time it was just another expense I didn't have money to pay for - and I figured I'd add it down the road. Late last summer I was...
  7. ILH

    Heating front Closet - Newport

    While our 2020 Newport Landmark has an A/C vent in the front walk-in closet, it does NOT have a heater vent. Let me tell you - as the temperature drops in the fall, it is very cold up front! Last night the temperature dropped to near frost levels - with the furnace running almost continuously...
  8. ILH

    Crushed Electrical Box

    On a recent trip we were backing up the rig into a driveway that had a bit of a dip - after we unhooked, we noticed that the electrical box attached to the backside of the pin box had been crushed by the side of my truck's bed. It seems there was enough room for the pin box to turn 88 degrees...
  9. ILH

    Building blocks for front Stabilizer legs

    I occasionally park my rig at a friend's house - the spot it uneven which has my front stabilizer legs almost fully extended. Obviously this makes the rig a bit wobbly. Last week I set out to make wooden blocks to shorten the distance for the stabilizers. My first attempt is a bit "clunky" -...
  10. ILH

    Newport TV Coax Setup

    I'm looking for some assistance with the TV coax setup behind the main TV. We were at a campsite last week that provided free cable TV. After hooking up the campground cable in the UDC, scanning for channels on both the main and bedroom TVs, I had about 13 analogue and 80+ digital channels on...
  11. ILH

    Sink Protector - 2020 Newport

    I'm looking for a sink protector - one of those stainless steel grids that goes into the bottom of the sink. I can't seem to find one that fits the Lippert sink that is in our 2020 Newport (model 389910). I'm guessing this model of Lippert sink has been used on several model years - has...
  12. ILH

    Satelite Connections in 2020 Newport

    I'm trying to set up a satellite connection for the first time on my 2020 Newport. The satellite dish is on a tripod. I've read the Landmark manual (yes, I do occasionally read the instructions!), and I'm following what I think is the correct procedure. The image in the manual indicates that...
  13. ILH

    Closet light switch - Newport

    One of the deficiencies we've noticed is the placement of the closet light switch. If you're in the front bathroom and want to enter the closet, you have to go back to the bedroom to turn on the closet light. The closet light switch should be closer to the closet.
  14. ILH

    Further to Purchaser Outside State

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone here can provide advice or assistance regarding insurance in New York State. Here's the issue... I live in Ontario. I purchased an RV at the Hershey RV show in September from a dealer in New York State. The RV just recently arrived. My existing insurance...
  15. ILH

    Purchaser outside state

    Hi folks, My wife and I purchased a new Landmark from a dealer while at the Hershey RV show in September. The RV is now in, and we're heading to the dealer soon to finalize payment. Here's the issue... The dealer is in New York State. We live in Ontario. Our insurance broker advised us that we...
  16. ILH

    Screen Door Handle Reinforcement

    Wouldn't you figure - I'm about to sell my current rig (2013 Road Warrior 305RW) and little things start to show up... For instance, the screen door handle - which is entirely made of plastic, begins to crack across the top. The stress of opening and closing, plus the latching against the...
  17. ILH

    2020 Heartland RVs

    I'm noticing more and more dealers are posting 2020 models on their web sites - without pictures or specifications - as "arriving soon" or "on order". Has anybody seen or heard what the changes are over the 2019 models? Specifically, I'm looking at the Landmark and Bighorn lines.
  18. ILH

    Landmark Concord & Big Country 3806 Models

    My wife and I have noticed that both the Landmark Concord and the Big Country 3806RKD have similar floor plans (Rear Kitchen, Mid-living room). If anybody has one of these, can they please comment on them? Years ago I remember someone telling me that rear-kitchen models were terrible because...
  19. ILH

    Shower in Jayco Pinnacle

    Has anybody noticed the new bathrooms in the Jayco Pinnacle models? I'm hoping Heartland adopts their walk-in shower, or at least the wide shower. The walk-in shower looks far superior to the traditional sliding three-part door that most (including Heartland) use. Are you listening Heartland?
  20. ILH

    Retail Ordered unit lead time

    Does anybody know what the average order / delivery time is for new orders of Landmarks from the factory? Thanks.
  21. ILH

    Beer fridge & college

    Last winter, while my toyhauler was in storage, I offered to my college-bound son to use my beer fridge that I keep in the underbelly of my toyhauler. It's perfect as a 'college' room bed side table. He loved it. So last night, as I was packing up my pickup truck with his items for school this...
  22. ILH

    Fridge / Battery Experiment

    I've been trying to leave my fridge running between two-week trips, so that I don't have empty the contents. Recently I added a second battery and removed the fuses to items that draw current (such as gas detector, TV booster, etc.). I was able to last two weeks without a problem. Since I...
  23. ILH

    pulling fuses

    This is the 4th summer with my RW. Until this year I only had a single battery. This spring my son and I installed dual batteries so that the fridge could be left on between trips (max 2 weeks). The parasitic power draw was too much for a single battery. Yesterday, after about a week since our...
  24. ILH

    water bypass

    I have a question for other RW owners. My 2013 model does not have an external water bypass valve in the UDC, similar to other Heartland branded rigs. I was wondering if this is the same for other RW, or if maybe I got a unit that was destined for warmer climates. My bypass valves (all three)...
  25. ILH

    Joke - my neighbor

    She's single... She's shapely ...She's beautiful and she lives right across the street. I can see her place from my kitchen window. I watched as she got home from work this evening. I was surprised when she walked across the street, up my driveway and knocked on the door. I opened the...
  26. ILH

    Advice from a Retired Husband

    ADVICE FROM A RETIRED HUSBAND It is important for men to remember that, as women grow older, it becomes harder for them to maintain the same quality of housekeeping as when they were younger. When you notice this, try not to yell at them. Some are oversensitive, and there's nothing worse than...
  27. ILH

    Take out another mortgage for brake job

    I took my rig in for routine axle and bearing check up last week. While heading over to the trailer repair shop, I noticed that I had almost no trailer brakes. Talk about good timing! Well, a week later, new bearings and new brakes all around... It cost me a small fortune. However, to be...
  28. ILH

    Lowering top Bunk (Toyhauler)

    I'm looking for advice on modifying my bunk beds so that the top bunk bed descends and stops at a lower height than the factory presets. I noticed that there are 'stops' screwed into the tracks. One option might be to lower the stops to the new height. However, I was thinking that a simpler...
  29. ILH

    Maybe we've got this all wrong?

    We keep going larger, longer and heavier. Maybe we need to go smaller, shorter and lighter. Just think how many of these we could fit into Goshen?!
  30. ILH

    Bunk pin height

    I've been pondering whether or not I can lower the top bunk to about a 40" height by drilling additional holes for the pins. The reason I'm considering this is that I need a higher bed and change table for my son. The lower bunk, when resting on the floor, is too low and has the large gaps...
  31. ILH

    Joke - Gun ControlGun Control

    Gun Control; It has already started at Bass Pro Shops Sporting Goods. When I was ready to pay for my purchases of gun powder and bullets, the cashier said, "Strip down, facing me." Making a mental note to complain to the NRA about the gun control wackos running amok, I did just as she had...
  32. ILH

    Spare Tire Rim

    On my last trip of 2014 I replaced all four of my blowmax tires with GY G614s. Fortunately the rims were appropriate for the tires. However, at the time I was too tapped out to replace the spare. Before spring I would like to relace the spare. However, my spare's rim is steel - not aluminum. I...
  33. ILH

    Salt in the wound! (RV break in)

    Some of you may have read about my blowmax experience while on vacation a couple of weeks ago. Essentially the tire blew and ripped off the trailer skirt/fender. I also decided to replace all the tires with upgraded G614s. This morning my task was to take the trailer to the dealership to begin...
  34. ILH

    Lug size for wheels

    I hate to sound stupid, but my rig is currently in storage so I can't check myself.... What is the socket size for the wheel lugs on the twin axle toyhaulers?
  35. ILH

    Sansui repair or not?

    My bedroom sansui just quit. I'm assuming its the tuner - but who knows. Has anybody had experience with tv repairs these days? Is it worth it? I see replacement units (other brands) for about $169 to $199. Also, will the bracket on the back fit the one from Heartland? Ie are the universal mount?
  36. ILH

    Heat expansion of G614 tires

    Yesterday I had new Goodyear G614s installed on my RW due to a blowout this week. Upon return to my campsite from the tire dealer I put my X chalks in place between the tires - as I always do. This morning the chalks were so lose that they were falling out. Obviously the tires contracted when...
  37. ILH

    I joined the blowmax club

    Earlier today my wife, son and I were travelling from our home in Ontario to Lake George in New York. My tpms gave no warning when the rear driver-side tire on my trailer blew. Fortunately I was able to quickly move over to the shoulder. The tire had completely blown off the decorative skirt...
  38. ILH

    LED lights and bugs

    I was watching a home reno show on the weekend where they were installing outdoor lighting. The contractor said that LED lighting does not attract bugs (compared to conventional lights). Anybody have experience with this? Our rig's outdoor light is awful for bugs - thinking this could help.
  39. ILH

    Ontario to Lake George

    The wife and I will be heading to Lake George in a few weeks. Google shows 3 possible routes from Ontario to Lake George. All 3 are within about 10 minutes travel time of each other - so the more important question is whether the lesser routes are problematic for a toy hauler? An alternate...
  40. ILH

    Two more monitors for my truck tires

    Last spring I purchased the TPMS 507 system from TST for my trailer. Worked great all season. This spring, while discussing safety issues with my brother (who also tows a 5th wheel), I decided to add two more monitors for the rear wheels of my truck. Yes, I have tire pressure sensors from the...