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  1. Bob and Chris

    Litter Box Mod

    We have surrendered the under sink space in our Augusta to fur kid Parker for his personal hygiene needs. I removed the middle shelf, built a surround to isolate the plumbing (and simplify housekeeping), and cut an entrance into the cabinet door. Parker likes it and uses it faithfully!
  2. Bob and Chris

    Water Pump - Silence is Golden

    We picked up our new 2010 Augusta the first week in April, spent two days at the Elkhart Campground, did the factory tour in reverse, then came home to Iowa. After a week, I decided I needed to fill the fresh water tank to check the sensors and try out the pump a little more as we had city...
  3. Bob and Chris

    I'm Impressed!

    I signed up for club membership and sent the dues on March 27, thinking we'd get our package in the next couple of weeks. To our surprise, the owner's plaque and mounting kit and a few goodies showed up on March31st and our card showed up yesterday, April 2! What great customer service...
  4. Bob and Chris

    Our Big Adventure!

    We're off this weekend to collect our new 2010 Augusta in Ohio! After 10 months of research, half a dozen brand specific trips to prod, poke, study specs. and walk through units, we decided that Heartland was the brand for us. The advice shared on the forums along with the information available...
  5. Bob and Chris

    5th wheel slider

    What size/model slider would you recommend for a new Augusta? I trust Reese but would like to hear your thoughts on other brands. I plan to order the Trail Air pin option. Thanks in advance.
  6. Bob and Chris

    Godiva Interior - Photos?

    Anyone know of photos of the Godiva Interior for a 2010 Augusta?