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  1. Fox

    Did I miss the (Alabama) Heartland invite?

    Yesterday we pulled into a small campground (Ft Rucker, AL) for a 10 day stay. The first pad contained a Big Country, the second and third pads held Landmarks. Any of y'all reading these pages? We'll be here thru the 28th, give us a howdy over on pad 19.
  2. Fox

    My grandboys have birthdays coming up

    One will be 6 and the other 10. Since age 6 I've often taken the older one out shooting (my Browning BL-22 lever gun) and the younger one is now counting down his days before live fire. I've decided that the older one should then graduate - move on to something bigger. SO ... I've purchased...
  3. Fox

    Storm Barry escapees

    Stay safe, evacuate ahead of the rush. Where are y'all headed? Last Oct it was my turn to run (from Hurr. Michael); we travelled west to Meaher State Park, AL., maybe 8-10 miles east of Mobile. Nice low key place and a possible refuge for y'all. As I recall it was about $200 for a weeks...
  4. Fox

    Needing a replacement sewer hose donut seal

    Several days back I went to install my regular sewer hose and discovered I no longer have the donut seal; fortunately I had a screw on type back up hose. Numerous options: My initial thought is to purchase (one) each - the cheapest...
  5. Fox

    BigHorn 3 piece shower door

    We're currently visiting my brides family (out of state) and this morning the outer glass shower door shed the rear top roller - resulting in a door that's mostly bound up. I've repaired home shower doors before and was always able to lift the door up / off the track to make this repair, but...
  6. Fox

    Where are my AC filters located?

    I never gave it a thought until today - I've not seen any AC filters to clean. Surely they exist (please don't tell me they're on the roof)?
  7. Fox

    Something to help sift thru RV parks

    We often spend too much time looking ahead for our ideal campground; our online surfs often present too many options - however none of our websites allow us to FIRST select what's important. Just this evening I was looking towards Biloxi, Miss. where I found 57 online campgrounds - but I don't...
  8. Fox

    Has Progressive Industries (PI) taken a dive?

    On another forum (possibly on another site) someone suggested that PI has been sold and has significantly changed what it now warrants. Because I previously had several successful warranted repairs (over several years) performed on my original 30A external unit when I traded 5ths (last July) I...
  9. Fox

    Brake & Axle Upgrades

    I'm reasonable sure that sometime down the road I will swap over to hydraulic disc brakes but I'm debating on if I should also upgrade my 7K axles for 8K ones. Peace of mind says yes but I also believe the design engineers know better than I as to what is REALLY needed. Also ... if I went...
  10. Fox

    What are the differences?

    I'm fairly new to Heartland but as I see more and more of them I'm not noticing any significant differences (excluding floor plans) between the Big County, Bighorn and even the Landmarks. Is there a (hidden to my untrained eyes) quality difference - or just a price difference between them? I...
  11. Fox

    Looking for a new 'fixed' solar system

    I'm being forced to move/ park my fifth off-site and my best/ closest choice of secure parking places doesn't have a power source (nor any protective sun covers). While I'm not happy it is what it is, at least for awhile. As we only visit campgrounds with full connections I'm only needing a...
  12. Fox

    Searching for quality sewer hose extension

    Last week, for the second time in 4 years, I found my polychute brand sewer hose to be a bit short (requiring me to use my very old -but long- slinky). Amazon provides me with this quality extension hose...
  13. Fox

    Mother Nature (Hurricane Michael)

    Reviving a long dead post: I have a non-RV rant, lets see if it passes the above guidelines ... My complaint deals with Mother Nature; due to her (specifically Hurricane Michael) tomorrow morning we are fleeing our home. That Blue Dot is me.
  14. Fox

    Life expectancy of original drum brakes - and axles

    With our (2) prior RVs our travels were always limited by time and distance = meaning very little miles away from home (therefore I always ignored these road systems). Now my bride wants to travel more so we have purchased a fairly new Bighorn. Is there a general consensus as to how long (or...
  15. Fox

    How to "Manual operation"

    For the first time ever (two weeks ago) I needed to hitch up and go. Using the very front side switch I elevated the pin so I could back under it and then drop it / hitch up - where I successfully lowered it on to my truck. Next, going to the self-level control box I followed the brief posted...
  16. Fox

    Flashing campers exterior lights

    A fun tip stolen from another site - did you know you can easily ($4 - $8) flash your campers exteriors lights? This makes it very easy to spot yours when returning to a dark unfamiliar place; it is also festive for the holidays. Just get an automotive flasher and plug it in to the harness...
  17. Fox

    What is the 'correct' protocol for completing travel map?

    When over-laying those colored states on the USA map - Does one post the states traveled - or is that reserved for only those states actually camped in? And when trading in an old RV - does the map belong to the RV (as places its been) or transfer with the owner (as places they've been)? This...
  18. Fox

    Tire wear - normal or abnormal

    I very recently purchased a pre-owned Big Horn and now I'm noticing what I consider abnormal tire wear. The 5th itself looks unused - like its not been on the road, BUT ... all four tires are worn on the outside edges (all four tires, both inner and outer edges); the center tread appears new...