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  1. MTPockets

    MCD Shades up or down for travling

    Always up. If it was hot, after arriving at destination open door & a couple windows for a bit and turn on both A/C's... always worked fine for us.
  2. MTPockets

    Water heater anode rod

    Mine was was 1 1/16, changed it yearly
  3. MTPockets

    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    I'm sure that comment was tongue in cheek... besides, it's about reading directions. Toddlers would expect the parent to do the reading, which apparently they don't. So, they're likely the same ones who put the pod in the dispenser.
  4. MTPockets


    90"----I believe that's longer than anything standard.
  5. MTPockets

    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    We stayed a week at Mountain Valley RV in Heber City, UT. They also had the signs that said No Pods, and doing so would get you ejected from their RV park.... my opinion is they are operating under some sort of misinformation.
  6. MTPockets

    T moulding wood grain 1/2 wide

    I needed some cabinet molding to match. I finally took a piece to a paint store whi matched it perfectly. I used wood molding and it turned out perfect.
  7. MTPockets

    YETI Pump Line, always on or only when below freezing?

    The only time it's on is when you turn it on..
  8. MTPockets

    Replace the couch in the slide

    FYI if anyone ever needs to bolt down a new chair, etc in the slide. I used a couple Stainless Steel Elevator Bolts. These have a flat head that don't stick out after installed, and worked great for me to secure a couple LazyBoy recliners to replace the sofa. With the slide open, mark the...
  9. MTPockets

    Seal or wax

    Definitely use one of the so-called ceramic sealers. They have nothing to do with ceramic, but are polymer sealants. I used one called Rejex. First year Applied twice, then one time per year. My finish looked as good or better after five years. We were always outside as we were full time...
  10. MTPockets

    Security for unattended RD210 in permanent site

    My opinion, the more locks, the greater chance of expensve damage. I would just put it on blocks and remove the wheels. Beyond that, don't leave any valuables insde.
  11. MTPockets

    So This Happened Today, is it trash?

    It's certainly repairable by professional shop. It looks a lot worse than it is; get more than one estimate.
  12. MTPockets

    Battery drain while in storage

    Disconnect battery cables - AGM battery will hold charge for many weeks.
  13. MTPockets


    Shop residential furniture. Take your maximum measurements to furniture stores and get what fits your style.
  14. MTPockets

    Humana Advantage Plans

    I'm in the group that feels traditional Medicare with a supplement is the way to go. Once you change to any of the Advantage plans, you can never go back to Medicare. Advantage plans all have certain additional coverages, but nothing is free, so you'll pay for them in the end.
  15. MTPockets

    Electric water heater for full timers

    I should add, I drained & flushed the tank and replaced the anode rod at least once per year.
  16. MTPockets

    Electric water heater for full timers

    We were full time for nearly five years.. water heater was on the entire time.
  17. MTPockets

    Slide Room Toppers

    This looks very effective. I don't have pictures, but on my long crossbar (can be made any length) I used an adapter piece on each end that allowed me to push the legs into each side of adapter at a 45 degree angle (looked like a sawhorse when completed). The legs were about 6" long with an...
  18. MTPockets

    Slide Room Toppers

    I built mine to drain from either end of the slide awning; it depended on which end I inserted first. In other words, I made the legs shorter on one end ... and yes, I never noticed any flapping. PS, I tried using a beach ball, but the PVC worked best.
  19. MTPockets

    Slide Room Toppers

    Had toppers on our Bighorn, it was a great investment.... I did have that nagging pooling problem, so I made a support from PVC piping. A very easy project. I inserted the PVC whenever there was rain forecast or if we were parked for a longer period of time... don't glue the PVC joints and...
  20. MTPockets

    NEW Internal combustion Small Engines Now Banned in California

    Actually, there is a good solution that is already in use in a number of places in Europe and California. Hydrogen powers converted diesel engines as well as new engines in trains and buses, and ships. Hydrogen emits zero polutants and is easily extracted from, among other things, water...
  21. MTPockets

    NEW Internal combustion Small Engines Now Banned in California

    California is leading the world towards a toxic meltdown when all those battery manufacturers waste, and old battery disposals leak into the water, food, animals, and poisen us all...
  22. MTPockets

    Tow vehicle options

    Most of the manufacturer payload charts show the maximum payload for a stripped down truck.., don't use it for making your choice. My opinion is that your only choice is which DRW truck to buy....
  23. MTPockets

    Ceramic Coating

    Ceramic is a marketing term. However, the products are great. The magic ingredient is a polymer, not wax, that when applied properly, provides great results. The trick is to apply it with no sun for 12 hours. I used one called Rejex on my 2012 Bighorn. It was, and is absolutely the best thing...
  24. MTPockets

    Heartland Owner's Club Satisfaction Survey

    The rally hosts certainly put a lot of time and effort arranging/organizing the chapter 'rallies'. You used the word 'Campouts', that while we were AZ members, the 'campouts' were much less formal and different than rallies. Attendees would determine any activities but generally would be pot...
  25. MTPockets

    Condendation on ceiling

    This may seem counterintuitive, but condensation will occur with a lack of adequate ventilation. Open a ceiling vent or window to allow better air circulation.
  26. MTPockets

    Mortgage loan on an RV

    Is there an advantage trying for mortgage instead of regular RV loan? We had no home, a 15 year loan, no affect on credit score... just asking: curious.
  27. MTPockets

    Help restringing day night shades

    I don't recall where I got the diagram, but somewhere on the internet... also, I learned the best string to use was 100 lb test braided fishing line.
  28. MTPockets

    Natural Gas

    At your location, are you permitted to get one of those large propane tanks installed outside the RV?
  29. MTPockets

    Natural Gas

    All appliances must be changed over in order to be able to use natural gas, and not all appliances can be changed…. Check with manufacturers to be certain. I would also want to be certain that the piping and fittings used in the RV are compatible as well.
  30. MTPockets

    Horses in the garage toy hauler

    Why not just get a horse trailer with the camper package…. Those are really nice and designed for just that.
  31. MTPockets

    Blue Ridge Parkway

    We tried by car a number of years ago by car. After a few hours of pure boredom we abandoned the idea. Too many trees, too few views.
  32. MTPockets

    Level Up Hydraulic Jack Leak

    A hydraulic repair shop can repair these. Price may be reason to replace instead of repair, but may be worth looking into.
  33. MTPockets

    Bike rack for ladder.

    Your ladder will not be a safe/secure way to hold a bike.
  34. MTPockets

    Failed screws on exterior ladder

    I ordered an extra set of the ladder stand-off supports from Heartland. My ladder was much stronger and more rigid after adding those. Also installed SS screws...
  35. MTPockets

    Dicor Lap Sealant

    May be the mineral spirits as it’s petroleum based. In any event, never use petroleum based products to clean any surface your going to bond, seal, or glue; whether it’s Dicor or any other sealant.
  36. MTPockets

    Should we upgrade

    Ann, congrats on your decision! Sounds exciting!
  37. MTPockets

    Should we upgrade

    I’m not sure new rigs have more problems, but people tend to post about problems often, while those without issues don’t say much.
  38. MTPockets

    Should we upgrade

    Gosh, the thrill of a new rig is always exhilarating! In the end, it boils down to personal preference. If you want it, you’ll always find reasons to rationalize your decision. Our last rig was used full time for five years; that’s 60 months, and pretty much trouble free. If you use yours...
  39. MTPockets

    very affordable wet bolt kit...

    Are they showing nylon bushings? I would Only use bronze bushings with wet bolts...
  40. MTPockets

    Bearing work - what to look for?

    Above All good suggestions and advice. My career of nearly 40 years was in the bearing business. I taught many bearing maintenance seminars to factory maintenance and engineering personnel. The key to long bearing life is cleanliness/proper handling, and proper lubrication. Seals are key to...