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  1. Mrscookie

    EVENT: North Central Region Meet-n-Greet: IN, Goshen - 6/16/2017 to 6/16/2017

    Profile is set with too much privacy so I cannot tell from Mary's account. Peace Dave
  2. Mrscookie

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: UT, Glendale - 9/27/2016 to 10/2/2016

    Since we will be in the area around that time we might make this rally. Still in the planning stage. Mary
  3. Mrscookie

    2014 CY 4000 slide roller under the stove

    I am not familiar with the CY 4000 but I think I might know what you are talking about. Maybe. A friend of mine with a Bighorn had what I think might be what you are seeing. When the slide was out, it actually went out a little too far, which allowed the slide floor to fall off the edge of the...
  4. Mrscookie

    Lippert spare tire winch

    It should be easy enough to come up with a 2x4 and a block of wood. Remember what Archimedes said, "Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the world". Or something like that. Peace Dave
  5. Mrscookie

    Slideout Support Or Not

    I don't think that stabilizers are meant nor built to support the weight of the coach. They are built to stabilize, not support. JMHO. Peace Da e
  6. Mrscookie

    Bedroom Slide Wiper Seal

    You have an Accuslide by BAL. You might try contacting them. HERE is a parts list for that slide. The wipes are on page 6. Peace Dave
  7. Mrscookie

    Birthday wishes to the Grand Poobah!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM. Mary & Cody Jr.
  8. Mrscookie

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: WI, Lake Delton - 8/16/2012 to 8/19/2012

    I'm okay with that as long as you wear the nice pink fuzzy one that Nancy said you have. And don't forget the big fuzzy slippers with the ears. Mary
  9. Mrscookie

    Happy Birthday Mrs Cookie

    Thank you my friends for the birthday wishes. You all make me feel better. For my birthday Dave gave me a Texas sized cold. :mad: So my day was miserable. :( :( :( Mary
  10. Mrscookie

    Grease Seals

    I am using my wifes PC right now, but I do have some info for you. I went to the Lippert web site and found the same seal fits the 4,000#-8,000# axles. Peace Dave
  11. Mrscookie

    Happy birthday mrscookie

    Re: Happy Birthday Mrscookie Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Dave is buying me dinner tonight at the rally....big spender that he is. Kenny, I am older than Dave but not THAT old. No diamond ring for me. And yes it really is my birthday....56.....choke choke. Jim I will take that hug. Mary
  12. Mrscookie

    T.P. Holder

    We never have used the one that came with the camper. The factory does not mount them, we just throw them away. I purchased a stand alone one from Target. We have had these in both our rigs and they work good. Mary
  13. Mrscookie

    EVENT: Dealer Open House: TX, Donna * - 2/18/2010 to 02/18/2010

    I don't think so. There will be nothing cheap about that day. Mary
  14. Mrscookie

    2009 Michigan Summer Rally all set (U.P. / St. Ignace) - August 28-30

    Here it is the day after the official close of the Michigan Chapter Rally. We are about 80 miles west of St Ignace in Municing on the shores of Lake Superior. 37 this morning and way to early to be that cold. We had a great time at the rally and as usual ate way too much. It was great to see old...
  15. Mrscookie

    Changing the Ceiling Fan

    Alan, I have been thinking about somehow modifying our fan as well. My idea is to just change out the blades. I am sitting here in our cabin looking at the ceiling fan and it has only four blades. It is a 51" span. It moves a lot of air. So I will look for blades that are longer than the present...
  16. Mrscookie

    RV Outlet USA Danville Va

    dblr, I have not dealt with RV Outlet USA, but many people have and have been happy. I also know that some people have bought thier rigs long distance and have had problems getting it serviced locally. For that reason I would pay extra to avoid those issues and buy locally. Just my personal...
  17. Mrscookie

    slide alarm

    I haven't found a water spigot or power pedestal yet, that could hear an alarm. They just don't pay attention when the slide is about to smash into them. :) Peace Dave
  18. Mrscookie


    LOL!...............HT, you da man! Peace Dave
  19. Mrscookie

    Learn from my mistake...

    Steve, live and learn. DH says don't tell, so I wont tell you that HE did the same thing. We had to make a stop at the factory in Indiana and get new J skirting and a new decal. Looks like new once again. Mary
  20. Mrscookie

    2008 BH 3670 with 2500 - enough truck?

    Kenny, who made the rules. Mary
  21. Mrscookie

    Staying in touch visually when away from home.

    Thanks Marv, that is useful information. Mary