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    Preview of Midbunk/Office room personalization

    Going with a tropical theme for the renovation to the midbunk room. This wall mural will be on the left wall walking into that room. It comes in 4 rolls with adhesive on backside for ease?? of attachment.
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    Bighorn Traveler Modification Glitzy rear 3 sofa area

    I have finished renovating my drab brown 3 seat rear sofa area. Since my Bighorn Traveler 39MB is permanently sited in Florida, I am able to make these changes to my condo on wheels. Definitely not for hauling down the road!! Original area is in the thumbnail.
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    Glitzy Dining Room Area

    My Bighorn is permanently sited in Florida so this modification would not work for those traveling down the road. I was fed up with the frumpy, screwed-down, wooden dining room table with the wooden/dull fabric chairs. That arrangement took up so much room next to the theatre seats so removed...
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    2018 Bighorn Traveler 39MB room modification

    Anyone out there with a 2 cushion sofa that opens up in the midbunk room to a queen size bed? Has anyone taken this sofa out? I want to make this room a dedicated office space. I partially opened it and saw that it is bolted to the floor on the left and right sides but these bolts would be easy...
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    Magnetic cargo doors on Bighorn 39MB

    I love the magnetic doors BUT since I am only 5 ft tall, I cannot reach high enough on the door edges to get the right angle to release and close the doors. HELP me so I don't always have to ask a non-vertically challenged person to close them for me!! What modification can be done?
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    2018 Bighorn 39MB W/D size

    I have just purchased a 2018 Bighorn traveler MB39 and need the dimensions of the closet that houses the washer/dryer or combo unit. Need to purchase these and am not at the site of where the 5th wheel is located. Thanks.:rolleyes:
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    Fuse box location

    In my 2018 Bighorn Traveler, the fuse box is in the mid bunkhouse. It should be in the cabinet in the hallway for logical and easier access.:o