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    Preview of Midbunk/Office room personalization

    Going with a tropical theme for the renovation to the midbunk room. This wall mural will be on the left wall walking into that room. It comes in 4 rolls with adhesive on backside for ease?? of attachment.
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    Bighorn Traveler Modification Glitzy rear 3 sofa area

    I have finished renovating my drab brown 3 seat rear sofa area. Since my Bighorn Traveler 39MB is permanently sited in Florida, I am able to make these changes to my condo on wheels. Definitely not for hauling down the road!! Original area is in the thumbnail.
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    Glitzy Dining Room Area

    Thanks. Wait till you see what I am doing in the midbunk room.
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    Glitzy Dining Room Area

    My Bighorn is permanently sited in Florida so this modification would not work for those traveling down the road. I was fed up with the frumpy, screwed-down, wooden dining room table with the wooden/dull fabric chairs. That arrangement took up so much room next to the theatre seats so removed...
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    2018 Bighorn Traveler 39MB room modification

    Hi folks. It was easy to remove the sofa/queen bed because it was able to be broken down in pieces. My MB room is now spacious and I have added a glass top desk for my desktop computer, thus freeing up the dining room table.
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    2018 Bighorn Traveler 39MB room modification

    Anyone out there with a 2 cushion sofa that opens up in the midbunk room to a queen size bed? Has anyone taken this sofa out? I want to make this room a dedicated office space. I partially opened it and saw that it is bolted to the floor on the left and right sides but these bolts would be easy...
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    Magnetic cargo doors on Bighorn 39MB

    Oh I see, use a strong tool to be able to break the strength of the opposing magnets. But I don't want to scratch the RV's exterior so would have to be thin enough to get under the edge of the cargo door and wrapped. Now that's a better suggestion then having to drill holes on the inside of the...
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    Magnetic cargo doors on Bighorn 39MB

    Thanks, maybe I am a weakling. Guess I will try giving it more force (using two hands at the same time on the same side of the door) and higher up on the door but don't want the cargo door to bop my head. I'll stand to the side!!
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    Magnetic cargo doors on Bighorn 39MB

    Thanks all for your input but these suggestions are not going to work for me. Don't want to drill into the door and put struts in because the magnets are great in keeping the door open and I love them. The Hatchlife site for the straps are attached to the old-fashioned door locks that turn with...
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    Magnetic cargo doors on Bighorn 39MB

    I love the magnetic doors BUT since I am only 5 ft tall, I cannot reach high enough on the door edges to get the right angle to release and close the doors. HELP me so I don't always have to ask a non-vertically challenged person to close them for me!! What modification can be done?
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    2018 Bighorn 39MB W/D size

    I have just purchased a 2018 Bighorn traveler MB39 and need the dimensions of the closet that houses the washer/dryer or combo unit. Need to purchase these and am not at the site of where the 5th wheel is located. Thanks.:rolleyes:
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    Fuse box location

    In my 2018 Bighorn Traveler, the fuse box is in the mid bunkhouse. It should be in the cabinet in the hallway for logical and easier access.:o
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    Location to Drill through for dryer vent

    I so hate to drill through the wall so that is why I am considering the ventless washer/dryer combo. Just the two of us and no kids. Will be watching for posts regarding this dryer vent. Haven't bought the washer/dryer yet.