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    suburban 12 gal water heater

    just wondering why my elect side on my waterheater burned to elect ends on it .the thermostat looks good .they did seem to be a little loose when i touched them. any ideas. propane side working good.
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    hi guys i need some help again i used a tire-safeguard monitoring system for my tires on my truck and trailer. the guy i use is Dion he is out of Cerritos ca.i been trying to get a hold of him for a few days not sure what is going on with him. had a hard time before getting a hold of him .to bad...
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    splendide washer and dryer

    im in a 30 amp site just wondering can i use the washer while the a/c is on same with the dryer. i don't want to pop the backer. thanks
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    garmin rv 1090

    we are looking into i guess new garmins 10in GPS that has come out. has anyone bought it yet? id like to know if the letters are bigger on it. my co-pilot says one we have now the letters are getting smaller for some reason.i know its pricey. model 1090. thanks
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    splendide washer

    silly question since it winter now in yuma az. we changed over to our winter bed sheets i say my warmer sheets any way they are flannel king size sheets. they age bigger and heaver than our summer sheets. summer sheets are queen size but our winter ones are king size. i havent changed over...
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    water faucets

    just wondering i have a squeeky hot water valve and it a little hard to turn. has any one sprayed wd 40 on them would it help.just wondering thats all.
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    out side speakers

    trying to pull out the speaker does the whole speaker come out of the hole id just want to pull the cover off if i can.there is a crome peace in there it looks like it unscrewed itself. just dont want to make more work for myself. thanks i have a 2019 bighorn.
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    dometic a/c

    im just wondering our a/c when it is running on auto sometimes the high fan will come on for a while and then it goes back to that normal? its been doing it this past summer. thanks.
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    new rear camera

    last oct i bought my new furrion camera.hooked it up and it worked for a little while. lost the single a few times and it was hard to adjust the lends to see what was behind me.any way called furrion about losing the single on it they told me had to get a adaptor for it because i have a new...
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    washer and dryer

    good morning all i have a 2019 bighorn im looking into getting a washer and wondering if i need to put water filters on the water. now i use the small blue filters now. were we stay for the winter is in yuma az. the water is nasty all the time. a couple of other places are useing well...
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    tire monitor

    i hope im in the right spot here i have tire-safeguard tire monitor on my tires.any of you guys useing the same ones can you tell me who your ordering from.the guy im useing hasnt been to good last couple of months looking for another dealer that selling them.thanks roy
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    #2 bathroom

    i have 2019 bighorn 2 bathrooms my #2 bathroom my pull handle cable pulled out of the valve.will i be able to connect the cable back to it again. thanks.
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    hello every body just need a little help not sure if i do or not.when i press on the foot peddle on mycommode i hear a clicking sound just one do i need any help or not. thank you. since im here another problem i have presser relif valve is leaking on my water heater. i have a new one...
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    one control and wifi hot spot

    i have a 2019 bighorn in the closet buy the stairs there is a one control unit in it and next to it theres a wifi one control hot spot little panel there. i know what the one control box is for ive used it for my awning a few id like to get more formantion on that panel. have any of...
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    black tank valve

    hello i have a 2019 bighorn bath and a half i was cleaning my tanks today . my front tank black valve will not open up now. so love to know how i can get to it and were it is. thanks for your help.
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    floor vents

    we use are furnace for heat this year. works pretty good but the bed room vent and bathroom vents are together one duct going to it not to much heat coming out of it. i went into the basement pulled the ducting off of it i have maybe a 3 in duct going to it and the hole the heat going thru is...
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    SOLVED (GFCI Tripped): Frigidaire

    hi guys just wondering i notice when we was moveing last month i pulled the elect. i went inside for something i notice on the ice box the lights wasnt on. those lights say how cold its inside. are they suppose to be on when we a moveing around. i would think they should be on.but i never...
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    garmin gps

    im looking for a up to date garmin gps. ive been reading in here about them but they are older post unless im reading them wrong.2017 2018 ones any way i have a garmin 760 lmt now. it is 6 years old we have had good service with it. but its staring to let us down some now not giveing us the...
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    tire pressure

    i wondering about my tire pressure i have a 2019 bighorn tire pressure is 110 we was traveling a couple days age out side temp was 90 doing 55 or 60 mph i have tire montors on my tires. one of them was reading i think kinda high pressure was 127 and temp was reading 131.all other ones was...
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    water leak

    hello guys i have a 2019 bighorn bath and a half. the back bathroom i seem to have a little water leak behind the toilet comeing from the bottom of the wall. havent used the shower in a while i did do the black water tanks a few days ago. dont think its that valve back there for the black...
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    water drain lines

    another problem i may have not sure my freash water tank has over flow drian on it. manel shows me there is a over flow drain on the passanger side of the trailer. behind the wheels i see it thats ok now i see another one on the other side also i do have one that also a drain line...
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    def tank

    hello everybody just looking to get some information i have 2019 3500 ltz dully truck my def tank is 8 gal i think pretty sure of that. any way when my tank is low when the massage come up on my screen it tells me i have 600 miles left driving it.does any one know how much i can fill it up...
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    What size valve stem extensions do I need for Chevy Dually?

    hello everybody im wanting to use my tire montering system on my dully chevy truck my rear tires. i know i need extions on them . i know they are all different sizes out there 2 3 4 in i guess. so what size did you use for them. thanks roy
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    my chevy truck

    i have a 2019 chevy dully ltz model i have 5000 miles on it now i tow my bighorn just fine i get about 10 miles a gallon when im puling it. now when im not im getting around 13 does it get better. just wondering thanks.
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    water to my new frigidaire

    hello everyone. looking for how do i hook up the water to our new frigidaire ice box. i know were the hook up is under the sink.i dont want to use that or use the fresh water from the parks i stay in.6 months in az the water in town is bad realy bad.we have been useing the water we get in town...
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    2 30 amp pigtail to a 50 amp

    i am wondering i seen a 2 30 amp pigtail to a 50 wondering if they work at this camp ground im at now. some of the elect boxes have 2 30 amp pluges on them for 2 different spaces.has anyone used them.i had my 2012 montana i used the 30 amp plug and the 110 plug to the 50 amp. as i remember...
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    side door

    good morning everybody on my bighorn my side door going into the storage area has anyone put a handle on it. to close the door. the magnets are nice to keep it open but when i try to close it its hard to pull on the side of the door.the handle would go on the inside of the door.
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    a old problem started in agane my awning not closeing for me. i tryed moveing the fuses and checked the motor.anything elce i can try to get it up.realy need to get it up moveing on monday. any help out there thanks roy
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    30 amp service

    what a nice suprize i had yesterday we are in southen calif now for the summer getting hot here now 90s last couple of days getting hot to. with 30 amp service. i use 1 ac at a time useing 2 pops the bracker on the box will my second ac come on thinking its going to pop the bracker any time now...
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    hello every one need some help here again i have a nice new frigidaire refrigerator. im just wondering the glass shelves on it seem like the stuff we put on them they would move all around when we are traveling and bounceing around a you put non skide stuff on the shelves. just dont...
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    hello every one this morning .will i have a another little problem not realy sure its a problem yet. i have the 2019 bighorn the liveing room fan cant feel any air comeing down from it. even with the air on cant feel any. i tryed the button on the side of the fan for the air to go up and down...
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    control panel

    good morning everybody i had a little problem yesterday my control panel i couldnt bring in my awning push it and pushed it wouldnt come in. i reset it 2 times i was able to turn on and off the lights turn the fan on and off, turn off the gas on the water heater. i wasnt able to open the awning...
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    shower stall

    hello I have 2019 bighorn my shower stall is leaking water under the doors the metal rails leaking under them there's a little lip on the shower stall it holding the water hasn't had enough in it yet to run onto the floor yet. looked in here to see if anyone else had this problem have found...
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    battery box

    hello, everybody, I have 2019 bighorn looking at the battery box I was told I have 2 batteries looking at it it's going to be a pain to check the water levels on them. looks like I have to remove the terminals on the battery to remove the cover to get to them I can see the box has screws holding...
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    SOLVED: What's this switch for in the front gen bay?

    I have the big horn3870fb I was messing around in the front generator compartment. looking at it on the right side there is a on and off switch there. very close to the door just wondering what it is used for. thank roy
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    New owner of Bighorn 3870FB

    new owner here wondering about a couple of problems I had so far. first time picking up the trailer we had the slides in wanting to bring the levers up pushed the button green light comes on, then pushed the hitch & height up button and the red light come on nothing happen. the guy helping me...
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    TV and Radio

    I'm a new owner of the bighorn. my radio has outside speakers. how do I turn them off? this is only one of the questions i will need to know. thanks, Roy i hope I'm doing this right.