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    BBQ Rib help/experts wanted/needed

    Folks, I love BBQ baby back ribs. The kind I get in Longhorn, Outback, Texas Roadhouse and other restaurants. They come on a plate smothered in BBQ sauce, I slip the fork under the bone/s, lift the bone out and enjoy mostly meat with little fat. I have been trying to dulpicate this at home...
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    Looking for CG near Brunswick Oh 44212 (south of Cleveland)

    We will be going to this area ( Brunswick Oh 44212 )next summer. Any recomendations for big rig friendly, safe clean Camp Grounds ? A 20 to 40 mile radius is okay. In advance thanks.
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    GARMIN GPS Recall - nüvi 200W, 250W, & 260W, nüvi 7xx (where xx is a two-digit number).

    Garmin has issued a recall affect over 1 million GPS units:(. The model numbers : The recalled devices include a small subset of the following nüvi model numbers: nüvi 200W, 250W, & 260W nüvi 7xx (where xx is a two-digit number). Go to the Garmin web site for more info. It appears to be...
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    GPS unit's for semi truck use feedback.

    I am researching a new GPS to be used when towing the 5vr. I discovered there exist many units that are designed specifically for semi truck use. I am partial to Garmin products because of their ease of use and intuitive design/s, however I am not blinded by loyalty. That being said I have...
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    Recipe Help!

    Poor Patti, I'm cooking diner to surprise her ! That stuff I made in the crock pot was so bland and she was so kind... YUCK ! Anyway, As you may know, I'm off work now as in retired and my want to do is "learn to cook" in my opinion, this is my first big YUCK ! I made Butternut Squash &...
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    Low Voltage & AC troubles

    Does anyone know what is the lowest AC voltage (120 VAC) our units AC will run on and not trip the breaker ? I just installed a 120 VAC 30 AMP receptacle for my BH. I plugged in, turned on the AC and it tripped the breaker in under 15 minutes. I think it's because of low voltage. Tomorrow I...
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    Larry the headhunter is getting operated on

    FYI, I asked Larry if it would be OK for me to violate the HIPA guidelines on the forum and he said "yeah go ahead". Larry Headhunter is getting operated on tomorrow. He could use your prayers and thoughts. Maybe a line or two on the forum (this Post) to cheer him up when he gets out of the...
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    When someone finds a "GOOD" wireless RV camera, PLEASE let us all know.

    I keep searching for a "GOOD" wireless camera for the back of the Horn (60' from receiver in TV) without success. I'm gonna wait a while longer. In the mean time, if anyone discovers and buys a decent wireless camera, please let us all know. Thanks, Tom:angel:
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    SMOKENSTEIN... I'm alive... Holy Cow

    So Dennis from CA. turned me on to the ORIEN Cooker and I just fired it up today and holy cow ! I used 3 chimneys of charcoal. I used 2 handfulls of cherry wood chips for smoke... I did 3 pounds of boneless chicken breast and they turned out perfect (1 hour 15 minutes) ! After the chicken...
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    My new Saiga AK 74 .223

    I bought a Saiga AK 74 in .223 I really thought this would be a fun gun and not too accurate. I scoped it and sighted it in at home at 50 yards with a lazer plug... So I thought it was good to go to the range... Man was I wrong ! I put the targets at 75 yards and got cockey... all I did was...
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    Need 1/8" thick Teflon fifth wheel lube disc supplier name

    I have been unsuccessful in locating a supplier for a 1/8" thick Teflon lube disc for my hitch fifth wheel. I've searched Google, Amazon, eBay and a general web search. I've called hitch installers etc. I got my original one from Hensley Mfg. (The Hensley TS3 requires a 1/8" thick disc NOT a...
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    Water Smokers, your experience & help would be appreciated

    I have started another interest, smoking our food. I read a book on it... bought a Brinkman vertical water smoker and went to town... 20 pounds of chicken, 5 pounds of pork chops and lots of vegetables and fruit. I tried to get the most out of the charcoal... The first try was a hoot:angel...
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    Really hard to open refer freezer door - 9 cu ft Dometic in 3670RL

    OK, I just know you guys know what I'm talking about. It was dinner time and Patti pulled and pulled and she could not get the freezer to open. So it was my turn, I took an animal fit and "BIG crunch" Ut OH, sounds ugly. The SOB opened up and we ate. Trouble is the latch which catches the...
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    Installing the Lippert 1621HD pin box and plastic cover install

    Here are some pics of my TrailAir M15 pin box morphing into a Lippert 1621HD w/ plastic shroud (most owners go the other way). It’s a lot more streamlined now so I expect to reduce my fuel burn (yeah right, lol). The TrailAir is a nice pin box but it is shorter than the 1621HD and the geometry...
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    Pin box swap Trailair to Lippert 1621HD

    I have a NBS (new body style) Chevy and the Trailair M15 pin box is too short. The Trailair L15 is too long, so I went back to a stock Lippert 1621HD pin box; I’m now a happy camper. This is not a job for everyone, it was hard and involved heavy "stuff". Here are some pics of my Pull-Rite 18K...
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    RV to TV Clearance Problem/s solved

    You guys may recall I had an issue with the TV & RV being too close, just a little too cozy for me. I had some concerns that the RV would get damaged sooner or later. Well they are now seperated and a lawyer was not involved. Here are the final results pics. I am going to post 2 more threads...
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    Is my powered cord reel installed up-side down ?

    Look at my photo's and look at yours. I believe the cord should come out the bottom and not the top. As it is now all the weight of the 50 amp cord must rest on the light weight plastic door, I don't know how long it will last. I believe changing it will mean removing the entire unit, not...
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    Raising Landing Gear with a dead battery - a learning experience

    This is a FYI. I had the BH sitting un-plugged for about 3 weeks. Today I heard the CO2 monitor alarm sounding. We all know this means the house battery is low or CO2 is present. I turned on the outside light under the front of the rig near the kingpin box and confirmed a dead battery. I...
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    What does "AUTO" do on our Corningware Crock pot ?

    This is a totally not me question. I'm really new at cooking. In fact, if I never post again after today, you know the meal didn't go well :-) Anyway, we have a Corning crock pot and I don't know where the manual is:confused:. I did a Google search and I found this site One...
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    Weber Q100 tap into my RV LP gas ?

    I have a Q100 Weber that I want to tap into the 3670RL LP system... I know you crafty dudes have done it already and are willing to tell me what to do :-). I have the hose option to connect to a 20 pound tank so what do you guys (or gals) suggest I do ?:confused:
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    Water Pump replacement info needed

    We took our 3670 out for its first test flight and most system/s checked out OK. HL makes a fine product as you all know... But, I have a need that maybe you guys can help me with. We stay at primitive sites which have little or no amenities. This time we had 30 amp electrical service only...
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    Carpentry & Topper questions

    01). I may need to take some of the slack out one of my slide toppers. I've never done this before. I assume there is some type of spiral torsion spring that pre-loads the canvass material. As it is now it snaps in the wind and is noisey. I assume if I put more tension on the torsion spring...
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    Value Added Tax = Vat on RV's !

    Guys, we all RV for fun... it is our safety valve... :angel:I try very hard to keep politics out of my fun stuff and this forum, BUT. I gave up boating because of cost - 32 gallons/hr X $ 4.00 gallon = big $, I don't fly as much because of cost $6.00 + a gallon x 8 ... but dammit I want to...
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    Electric to Hydraulic rear landing gear

    Just wondering, has anyone run the PEX tubes to the rear and installed hydraulic landing gear to replace the slow electric landing gear ? Just wondering... Tom
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    3670RL roof exhaust fan over kitchen sink

    I feel dumb asking this but I know someone knows. I tried to turn the exhaust fan on over my kitchen sink. The thing is about 12 feet in the air ! Do I have to drag a 6' step ladder out everytime I want to use it ? I looked for awhile and I can't find a switch at ground level... Did I miss...
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    RV Water System Spring Commissioning Checklist

    This is the checklist I use to Commission my RV in the spring. In the winter I tape the diagram over the toggle switch that controls the water heater (WH) electric elelments. I do this to remind me (and others) the WH is in by-pass mode and should not be turned on.
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    Locks for bathroom pocket doors - your ideas ?

    Before I re-invent the wheel with research and time loss, thought I'd ask. I want to put some type of privacy locks on my bathroom pocket doors (they slide into wall). I may use something as simple as hook & eyes. Does anyone know if previous threads addressed this ? If not, do you have any...
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    Your knowledge needed about Air Safe fifth wheel hitches

    I was going to but a Hensley TS3 to pull my 3670RL BH. In another forum thread a poster wrote about AirSafe hitches being real good because they have 4 air bags instead of 2 like the TS3. I did some on line research, it was written by AirSafe... I had never even heard of the AirSafe...
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    Hensley Trailer Saver TS3 hitch info needed

    Does anyone have a knowledge or info gained by direct or indirect experience with the Hensley Trailer Saver TS3 fifth wheel hitch ? I may be purchasing one and I would appreciate all info good or bad BEFORE I buy. In Advance Thanks, Tom
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    Truck bed cover with combo tool box & transfer tank installed

    :confused:Folks, I want to put a combo transfere tank & toolbox into my bed behind the cab. It will be below the bed rails. I will need access to this tank to fill it and also to get into the lift top toolbox when RVing. I was going to put a soft roll up cover on because I will...
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    Your help needed - TV to BH clearance

    Folks I could use your help. I am new to pulling a 5th wheel. I traded my 2500HD with pull-rite slide hitch in for a 3500HD dually to give me more of a safety cushion. Since the pull-rite hitch was brand new I had it installed into the 3500HD. I am pulling a 3670RL with Trailair kingpin box...
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    Legal Maximum Towing Speed

    I was reading Delaware traffic laws (OK, so I'm home sick & bored). I found where the maximum speed allowed while towing a trailer in Delaware is 55 MPH. Delaware Route 1 has a 65 MPH speed limit and 18 wheelers often blow by me when I'm in my car doing 70 MPH. In speaking with others and...
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    Trip Planning & Route guidance - in General

    Hey folks, I've been searching on the web for a couple of months now for info to guide me in trip planning and route guidance without success. I have a 3670 BH and long TV that is not small. I have been told there are "truckers guides" that give guidance to truck stops and 'friendly' routes...
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    Mud Flaps or Stone Guards

    Hello All, My wife and I are newbies :-) After pulling tow behinds we finally bought a BH 5er. I've been reading ur threads for a while and u guys have sum smart ideas. I need lot's of help, and u can help me. What kind of mud flaps should I get to save my unit ? I pull with a full size...