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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Paso Robles - 10/23/2019 to 10/27/2019

    Hey there Kasslers!!! Just working out our fall schedule and it looks like our timing would work for this rally. Are SOBs allowed??? (I could make a joke, but I won't ;)) We are in Walla Walla, Washington right now, where there are 150 (!!!) wine tasting rooms! I think I'm almost (!) wine-d...
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    2017 Heartland Road Warrior Roof Problem

    Sorry to hear about your roof problems. I have fretted over our roof more than anything! What do you mean, bubbling? Size of pea, quarter, bigger? Do you have any pictures?
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    Looking for an RV Park near Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO

    I thought "who lives 3 minutes from Red Rocks??!!" Duh! Darren & Pam! Hi guys! Jim, Bear Creek Lake is where we stay when we're there, our house is just a few minutes from Darren & Pam. It's a county park with water and electric and a dump station but nice big sites in a lovely setting. We'll...
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    Important Recommendations for New Purchase

    Congrats on avoiding a potential future headache. Never knew about work orders. Thanks for sharing!
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Montgomery - 4/7/2017 to 4/9/2017

    Thanks! I don't see a schedule in the first post, are you doing happy hour tomorrow? It'll just be the two of us (we'll leave the rig in Houston). Looking forward to seeing all y'all!
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Montgomery - 4/7/2017 to 4/9/2017

    Hi Tom & Marti We came to your Bourne rally 2 years ago. We are in Houston and have to go to Spring Saturday. Thought we'd see if it would be ok to pop by and say hi? Mary & Phil
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    Considering new Tow Vehicle 2016 Chevrolet 3500 Dually - need advice on truck and B&W hitch

    Re: Considering new Tow Vehicle 2016 Chevrolet 3500 Dually - need advice on truck and B&W hitch We took the hitch out (the bed looks so weird without it!) and we can go down one bolt hole. Which based on the truck height won't be enough but maybe the pin box adjustment will be sufficient...
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    Considering new Tow Vehicle 2016 Chevrolet 3500 Dually - need advice on truck and B&W hitch

    We are wanting to trade in our 2007 GMC 3500 - sad to see our LBZ go, but it has 130,000 miles (nothing to the engine, I know). We are looking at a 2016 Chevrolet 3500. It only has 9000 miles on it, so still under factory warranty and it has some of the features we wanted. It is not currently...
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    Tucson March 6th Get Together

    Looking forward to it, see you Monday!
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    Tucson March 6th Get Together

    Re: Tucson March 6th Get Togetherr We will be so happy to see you. We sent you a postcard and it came back to us. Only check our mail once in a blue moon so didn't know you didn't get it! I can deliver it in person.
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    Tucson March 6th Get Together

    I just realized Monday is Phil's birthday when you wrote the date Ann. So a reason to celebrate! Besides seeing our Heartland friends!
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Alpine - 3/17/2017 to 3/19/2017

    Glad you got in Derald and Sue! Know it will be a great time! We'll miss seeing you all.
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    Need Suggestions

    We spent several days in Memphis, really enjoyed it. We stayed at Graceland RV Park (at the end of Lonely Street) which was no great shakes but level, quiet, just down from Graceland. For a few bucks (maybe $5pp each way?), they had a shuttle bus that took you down to Beale Street. No worries...
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    Leaving trailer for a few days in freezing (or near) temps

    We are going to disconnect water, and leave furnace at 48. We have more propane than I thought, about a tank & a third. Thanks for the emergency replies! - - - Updated - - - I didn't realize there would be such a variance between inside and basement temps. (Though of course, duh!) We've never...
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    Leaving trailer for a few days in freezing (or near) temps

    Hi all, We are flying to Denver tomorrow and we're leaving the rig in Las Vegas for 5 days. Temps are going to be in the low 30s, one night right now forecasted for 30. High 40s in the day. Question: what should we leave the furnace set at? It's been cold and windy the last few days. I'm...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Temecula - 10/25/2017 to 10/29/2017

    Hey Bill, how are you guys? Could you put us in A8, please? Say hi to Irene. Thanks! Phil and Mary Ochoa 8amps Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CO, Mancos - 9/14/2017 to 9/17/2017

    Hi Gregg, hope you and Linda are well. Can you put us on the waiting list? Thanks! Mary and Phil Ochoa Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Big Country 4010RD office space mod

    Hi Erika, Where did you get your new desk top from?
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    New Pseudo rear cap for Big Country

    So, DOES it provide better protection from leaks (assuming both are caulked properly)? If it's merely looks, then it comes down to cost. And everyone chooses based on their financial situation and taste. So that could go either way. However, if it comes down to safety, (like upgrading our...
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    New tow baby

    Congrats Ann & Rick!
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    Fantastic fan opens but doesn't turn on

    I was asking about condensation in another thread, and after the responses decided to run our fantastic fan to get a little airflow to bring the humidity down in the coach. Haven't used it in a while, but worked fine last time. However now in trying to run it, it clicks on at thermostat, then...
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    Cold weather

    Love the blue sky. Something I always loved about Colorado. Could snow, but blue skies were always coming out. It's been raining lightly but steadily for a couple hours. But it's still 55 degrees at 83 0 p.m. so I can't complain I have a question about your picture though. your hitch is...
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    Tripped breaker

    HI Bill, Thanks for that explanation. Hope you didn't take that as a criticism, it definitely was not but rather a sincere question from ignorance. I was joking on another Thread about being like Michael Keaton's character in Mr. Mom where he's talking about electricity and says 220, 221...
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    Cold weather

    I missed the minus sign wow - 4! Hope y'all are bundled up!
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    Cold weather

    John! 4! I saw it was going to be -2 in Lakewood so double checked all was OK with our tenants there. We are just south of the Bay area (California), it started raining now, but 49. High of 60 today. We're heading south on Saturday, but it's been cold (relatively) in Vegas too.
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    bed moisture condensation

    Just curious, how did you discover this? I checked and we don't have it, but I'd we did, I'd have never thought to check there except perhaps when getting into under bed storage.
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    Cold weather

    Gaffer, 1 degree?!?! Oh my!
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    Tripped breaker

    To be sure I'm understanding you, you leave the fireplace on all night? And the space heater? We were a little worried about leaving them on when we're not nearby (awake) to monitor them. So before bed, we turn on the furnace. We like it a little cooler so we set the furnace at 59, of course...
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    EVENT: Heartland Owners Meet-n-Greet: CO, Pueblo - 12/10/2016 to 12/10/2016

    Hi Colorado peeps! Have a good get together. We remember our first meet & greet almost 3 years ago! We're in California so can't make it but hope you have a great time.
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    Condensation on windows - single pane windows

    I'm going to ask a probably stupid question (why stop now????). According to our weather station, the humidity inside is 48% and the humidity outside last night was 78%. So how is venting outside air that is more humid going to make it lower humidity in here? Just airflow?
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    Project LM 365

    I don't understand anything at all about what you're talking about. (And always amazed and in awe of all the mods you do Jess). But when I read this, I thought of Mr. Mom and that scene with Michael Keaton where his wife's boss comes over and he's putting on a front and he says something along...
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    Condensation on windows - single pane windows

    Yes, it's me Mary. Phil never posts on here so 8AMPS is always moi. :) Funny, miss Colorado till it gets cold and then I refigure. No actually, we loved living in Colorado. And if not for our full time RV adventure, we'd still be there. After nearly 15 years, I still looked forward to the...
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    Tripped breaker

    Hi Jim, can you elaborate on what/how you mean about getting it on the other leg of AC power in the coach? (Sorry, real novice at power) Is that as simple as a different outlet in another area? At the time of the tripped breaker, we were using living room TV, Fireplace and heat plugged into...
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    Condensation on windows - single pane windows

    Hi Colorado! I guess I shouldn't be whining about cold! [emoji300] [emoji300] [emoji301] Heard it's getting cold there! Anyway, I do use vent when showering and keep a moisture absorber in the shower (when not in use). Sorry to say we don't cook nearly enough to cause a lot of condensation...
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    Tripped breaker

    I clipped this chart from somewhere... Trailer life, maybe? Anyhoo, thought it could be the water heater. Aside from the inconvenience of going outside in the cold to reset, does it hurt anything? Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Tripped breaker

    Question - we are in a 30 amp hookup in chilly, but not freezing weather. We have a small heater we got at costco - says 12.5 amps on the box. It has been quite comfortable and a bit warmer than our fireplace as temperatures drop. (Haven't gotten to freezing temps, know that heater won't...
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    Condensation on windows - single pane windows

    Hi all, I've read a lot of threads one dual pane windows. We have single pane windows and we use the silver bubbly reflector stuff we got in a roll at Home Depot. This has worked great for keeping us cool in Houston in the summer with only one air conditioner and has helped a lot in coldish...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Temecula - 10/28/2016 to 10/30/2016

    Thanks Floyd for the directions. Got it! See you soon!