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  1. mlpeloquin

    Tires and failure

    Ran across an article in RV Travil about why car and truck tires have less problems than trailer tires.
  2. mlpeloquin

    Correct Track spring Hangers

    I have two new weld on correct tract spring hangers. Part number 303918 for free to anyone that wants to pick them up them. Drawing:
  3. mlpeloquin

    Here is the Sailun Tire Load/Inflation Table

    Just purchased a set of Sailun tires for my fiver. I contacted Alan Eagleson at Sailun tires and requested the load/inflation tables. He sent me both for the ST235/80R-16 and ST235/85R-16 tires. It is a PDF file.
  4. mlpeloquin

    Refrig temp problem is a converter problem!

    My refrigerator, Norcold 1210, temperature problem turned out to be a converter problem. Plugged in at home the refrigerator temperature was just fine at 38 degrees 120V setting. Changed it to 12V propane while driving. When we got to our destination, it was still 38 degrees. The next morning...
  5. mlpeloquin

    Installed ComfortAire mattress

    Finally got rid of the OE mattress and installed a ComfortAire mattress along with adding a AC socket in the under bed storage. sorry the pics are upside down.
  6. mlpeloquin

    Installed splitter, RF switch, and OTA antenna signal indicator

    Got tired of moving the RF cable in the bedroom closet and TV RF cable for the satellite dish receiver. So I installed a high frequency splitter behind the bedroom TV along with another spliter, a cheep RF slide switch, and over-the-air signal indicator in the closet. Now I push a button and/or...
  7. mlpeloquin

    Original factory brochures for nearly every American car

    Found this to be interesting. Want to see your car and some truck brochures just select manufacture and year.
  8. mlpeloquin

    The Worst age to be -

    Sixty is the worst age to be," said the 60-year-old man. "You always feel like you have to pee, and most of the time you stand there and nothing comes out. Ah, that's nothing," said the 70-year-old. "When you're seventy, you don't have bowel movement any more. You take laxatives, eat bran, sit...
  9. mlpeloquin

    CPAP - DC Power Powering

    Andy, We went to a couple of RV shows this past week just to see what is out else is out there. The more we see of the compitshion makes us very happy we chose a Heartland. I read the specifics on the Landmarks and one of them is C-pap sized end table. This is very important, but an addition...
  10. mlpeloquin

    A frame fastener problem was revealed by moving trim.

    We took a pounding crossing country, national rally, big lakes, east cost, Florida, Nashville, and finally back home to San Jose, California. The rig was weighed in Goshen and was within the designed weight. In fact the left/right and front rear tires were within 100 pounds of each other. We...
  11. mlpeloquin

    It is prudent to check your fifth wheel wiring. I am glad I did.

    The following discrepancies were found after a close inspection of my fifth wheel. I missed out on the Southern California rally at Pechanga Resort in Temecula, California when I broke my leg. Bob and Patty do a really nice job with the Southern California Rally and kick myself hard for having...
  12. mlpeloquin

    plumbing problems

    I noticed several postings that had bad sewer smells. Heartland has used a black air admittance valve which cost $5.95 at Lowe's. Ours went bad during our two and a half month trip which included the 2015 Heartland Factory Rally. I finally discovered the source. I replaced it with a $25.99 one...