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  1. wdk450

    Tabletop Icemakers Still available for under $100

    Was shopping at the Walmart Eastlake, Chula Vista Ca. Supercenter this morning and found this endcap of "Frigidaire" tabletop icemakers for $99. Just in time for the beginning of the summer season!!!
  2. wdk450


    Gang: This problem seems so freaky to me, but also so dangerous, that I thought I had to post it. My disk brake system was installed in 2014 at Mor Ryde, I had one major frame repair in 2016(?) which involved work on the disk brake system. I just know that as a final step on that repair...
  3. wdk450

    Help! My Exterior Door Latch Broke This Morning

    Gang: I had the door to my rig replaced years ago due to side damage, I used a reputable RV repairer and a Progressive insurance adjuster, so I think I have an OEM Lippert door, although I cannot find any markings on it. Anyways, my exterior access door has been getting harder and harder...
  4. wdk450

    Search function seems to keep giving server error on a couple of different searches today

    I tried doing a search this morning on the recent Black Tank Sprayer thread, and got "server error" responses. I tried to do a search this afternoon on "Mor Ryde disk brake bolts" and again got "server error" repeatedly.
  5. wdk450

    Possible Scam Virus Warning on "Black Tank Flusher" thread today

    I was reading this thread, and about to post a link from a You Tube search on "Repairing RV Black Tank Flusher Nozzle" when I got a fake Microsoft Virus warning page this morning. I immediately shut down my laptop which has Webroot Anit-Virus running continually, re-started my laptop and ran a...
  6. wdk450

    1 Piece 30 amp male to 50 amp Female adapter

    Gang: I recently burned out my 30 amp to 50 amp power cord pigtail, I think rainwater got into the connection between the power cord 50 amp male plug and the adapter to the 30 amp female socket. I rebuilt the cord ends, but while looking around on E-Bay I found a couple of interesting...
  7. wdk450

    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    Gang: This si the most appropriate thread arfea i could think of to post this. This morning was laundry day at Thousand Trails Pio Pico, south east of San Diego. I have been here many times over the past 3 years. The main laundry usually has 3-5 of its 10 washers out of order in my...
  8. wdk450

    Does Heartland Keep Proof of Purchase Info?

    Gang: I have had my share of RVing expenses lately - A $600 flatbed tow bill from the boonies into San Diego, and then a $2000 diesel repair bill. When I went to move on Monday morning, I found the trailer tire I bought only 2 months ago was flat again. I put on the spare, and took the...
  9. wdk450

    2021 Veteran's Day Restaurant Discounts

    Another Veteran's Day is about to roll around this coming Thursday. My eternal gratitude to ALL my fellow Veterans who answered their nation's call, donated some time in their lives to the United States of America, and all the rest of us. The hugely growing national restaurant list here is a...
  10. wdk450

    Could a Listing of Online Videos Links be added to the Forum Resources

    This forum has a TERRIFIC library of manuals for all sorts of items involved with our towable RV's. A complete listing of vendor contacts. A highly searchable forum of user contributed solutions to problems. But it has no area to catalogue and list the many online How-To videos we all find with...
  11. wdk450

    Hartland Tires???

    I was doing a websearch looking for a replacement trailer tire today, and came across the brand HARTLAND TIRES at America's (Discount) Tires stores...
  12. wdk450

    NEW Internal combustion Small Engines Now Banned in California

    I just came across this on Yahoo News. NEW Generators, ATV's, chain saws, etc. banned. On edit: "The new rule will be implemented by January 2024, or as soon as regulators determine is "feasible"" . This may make existing small engine stuff (like generators) a LOT more valuable. Maybe we...
  13. wdk450

    NEW Dometic 300 Leaking Ball Valve Seal

    Gang: Well, after 12 years, I FINALLY upgraded from my old Dometic 200 series toilet to a Dometic 300 series, mainly for the improved ball valve seal that can be replaced/cleaned without disassembling the toilet. I was pretty dismayed when the install was complete to find that the 300 series...
  14. wdk450

    1/2 Inch PEX Faucet Water Shutoff Valve

    Gang: I have been doing some online research on this item this morning. None of the home improvement stores seem to stock these, but i did find this one from Sharkbite on the Ace Hardware website that you can order in to your local Ace store with free shipping. You ought to have at least one...
  15. wdk450

    Low Cost, Compact Pen-Style Digital Volt Ohm Amps Meter with AC Detector

    Hey Gang: I bought one of these a couple of years ago based on a smaller Radio Shack pen DVM I used to carry around in my pocket for troubleshooting in my career as a Hospital Electronics Technician. This improved version is a little larger, but does more and is easier to read. A bonus is...
  16. wdk450

    Free Daily Craftsman 3000i Generator Giveaway in So. Cal.

    I hope that this isn't inappropriate, but i have been seeing billboards on I-8 Eastbound from San Diego for the Golden Acorn Casino (about 55 miles East of San Diego) having a daily giveaway of a Craftsman 3000i portable inverter generator until October 31st. Here is the link...
  17. wdk450

    New Upgrade To KIB Tank Monitoring Systems on the Way

    During a websearch today, I came across listings for a KIB Tank Monitors (the brand installed by Heartland) UPGRADE circuit board for the older monitors that says that it will vastly improve tank level readout accuracy, and will interface with a Bluetoooth smartphone. The Title bar of this...
  18. wdk450

    Reported T-Mobile Data Breach Today

    It is being reported on the TV news that a hacker has reportedly hacked into the T-Mobile data system, locked it up (T-Mobile says it is OK again), and the hacker claims that he has accessed personal data on 100 million T-Mobile data. I would advise that you keep close watch on your banking and...
  19. wdk450

    RIP Non-Heartlander, Former Padres Player, and SDPD Cop Shot/Paralyzed in Line of Duty

    Gang: I saw a news story on the local San Diego TV morning news of a funeral service for a former Padres baseball player who became a San Diego PD cop after leaving baseball (with a bad back), Dan Walters. Dan was a cop for 4 years when responding to a domestic dispute call in 2003, was shot...
  20. wdk450

    Need a Replacement for Fastec 23348 CR6 Older Door Lock

    Gang: Yesterday my main door lock/latch assembly snapped off the inside door latch actuator arm. Right now, the only way I can open the main door from the inside is to insert a flatblade screwdriver into the actuator hole in the latch bar and pry it sideways. Of course, this happened on a...
  21. wdk450

    1/4 Inch Hydraulic Line Splice/End Connector Emergency Repair Device

    Gang: After a recent post about a member's terrible experience in 100 degree heat in which he couldn't get his hydraulic landing gear/slide in-out systems to work due to a grossly leaking 1/4 inch ID hydraulic line. I investigated some possible DIY emergency hydraulic line repair devices and...
  22. wdk450

    Good Sam Roadside Service and Tow Company Vendors

    Gang: First of all I am posting this in the Heartland General Area, as I looked around the forum sections for an appropriate area about Prepaid RV Roadside Towing Service, could find no area specific, and found previous posts on the subject in this area. On Friday, April 30, 2021, I had...
  23. wdk450

    Dish Network Dropped the 2 SF Bay Area Sports Networks - Directv?

    As a big A's baseball fan, and a 20 year Dish Network subscriber, I was shocked to tune up the 2 SF Bay Area Sports Channels (419 and 438) to see the announcement that "NBC Sports BA is no longer available on Dish network - On Baseball Opening Day, 2021. It seems that Dish Network management...
  24. wdk450

    The Best Replacement Toilet

    Gang: I still have the original Dometic 200 series toilet that came with my rig many years ago, I have finally decided to replace it due to the unsolvable water leaking out of the bowl problem. I have had it apart about 5 times, replaced the seal 3 times, replaced the ball, seal and valve...
  25. wdk450

    Heartland Grey Tanks

    Does anybody know the type of plastic Heartland has used over the years on it's grey water tanks? I have to try to repair my kitchen (dishwater) tank which is installed above my axles, so replacement isn't a good option. Right now I am looking at soldering iron-type of plastic welder kits, but...
  26. wdk450

    All Veterans Now FREE At National Parks (Entrance fees - Not Camping Fees)

    I thought this announcement would be of interest to many of us Heartlanders...
  27. wdk450

    Suspension Check Reminder

    Gang: I have been staying in the San Diego area now for about 15 months, alternating every 3 weeks between 2 Thousand trails parks about 50 miles apart. 3 weeks ago, I noticed a lot of squeaking from my suspension/hitch (?) when driving around this park looking for a space, and made a mental...
  28. wdk450

    Request To View Documents Phishing Attack

    I have started to get these "Request Permission to View Your Documents" phishing e-mails in my GMail inbox lately. I recently learned that in GMail you can click on the message, the click on the (More) three dots (...) at the top right of the page, then select "Report as Phishing". A...
  29. wdk450

    California Ford F-150 TV Commercial

    I have been lately been seeing a TV commercial by the California Ford dealers for the F-150 stating: "It can pull the largest trailers and boats" . Has the towing capacity been greatly increased on the F-150?? I did a search on You Tube for the exact commercial, but couldn't find it. I did find...
  30. wdk450

    Has The Method for Transmitting Local OTA Channels on Dish Network Changed?

    Gang: I have been a Dish network subscriber since before I bought my Bighorn, 11 years ago. I worked out how to move the Dish receiver from my house to the Bighorn, adding a tripod mounted dish and coax. I learned online over the years that the local Over The Air (OTA) television signals for...
  31. wdk450

    Where To Get A Factory Service Manual for Your Truck

    Gang: I used to have a factory service manual for my truck until a previous laptop took an unrecoverable error. I tried ordering a CD-Rom version of the manual from an E-Bay vendor, but I couldn't get it to work right on my present computer. Today, I decided to do some web searching on the...
  32. wdk450

    Found A Google Chrome Extension to Convert .jfif images to .jpg images

    Google seems to be only using .jfif format in its images search results lately. The Heartland forum doesn't accept .jfif images. I searched and found this Chrome extension app to handle the problem...
  33. wdk450

    Garmin Websites DOWN for the Weekend

    It seems that the Garmin websites and corporate computer systems have been hacked by a ransomware attack, and Garmin has announced that they will be down (at least) for the weekend.
  34. wdk450

    Using an IPhone for RV Leveling

    Is anybody doing this? I really like the dual circle level built into my IPhone XR, and have used it in setting up my tripod satellite TV antenna. I am envisioning maybe a small shelf attached near the landing gear switch that I could lay the phone on, or maybe even just 2 shelf braces that I...
  35. wdk450

    Half Price on Sailun S637 ST235/80R 16 LRG on E-Bay?

    I just found this listing on E-Bay from vendor Simple Tire (which a lot of Heartlanders have used) for $159.44 FOR 2 TIRES!
  36. wdk450

    Forum Acts Differnt Past Several Days

    I am guessing that my 'problem' is something to do with my Chrome browser, but thought I would ask the Forum members if this is happening to anyone else. For the past couple of days, the forum acts and looks differently to me. There are no longer any icons to the immediate left of the...
  37. wdk450

    Blood Donations

    Nationwide Shortage of Blood at Blood Banks Here is something most of us seniors could do to help with this national emergency. Contact your local blood bank by phone, check your eligibility, and donate!!! My daughter just had a heart transplant last weekend and I am SO GRATEFUL to the blood...
  38. wdk450

    Scale Sweeper Electronic Water Scale Remover

    I found this on Amazon...
  39. wdk450

    Heartland Landmark Featured in New dodge RAM Truck Commercial

    Gang: I was doing some late night insomnia TV watching of the DIY Network when I saw an "Employee Pricing" commercial for Dodge RAM Trucks. One snippet of the video was a Heartland Landmark 5th wheel being towed by a RAM truck. On Edit: I found a link to the commercial this morning...
  40. wdk450

    Older Heartland RV's and Propane Tanks

    Gang: I just went through a short period where I used propane a LOT more than I usually do. I will explain that later. Anyways, I was caught "with my pants down" when 1 tank ran empty on my 2008 production Bighorn, and I went to get it refilled. IT SEEMS THE 10 YEAR CERTIFICATION ON BOTH...