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  1. 'Lil Guy'

    2020 Rally Schedule for North Carolina Chapter

    Looking to go to the Regional rally in Charleston, SC (4-30 to 5-3). Wondering if North Carolina is having anything just after that rally. Like to hit rallies when on vacation. Probably hit the Virginia rally on 6-4. Will leave early enough to attend the Mississippi rally on way to SC. I...
  2. 'Lil Guy'

    2018 Ram Recall

    Just received a recall labeled V06. Pertains to our steering linkage. This is a serious recall due to the fact the nut will come off and you'll be at the mercy of which way the wheels go. I scheduled an appointment Monday before we leave on our trip to have the problem fixed. Their solution...
  3. 'Lil Guy'

    Sikafflex 521 UV or Proflex RV Caulk

    Wanting to go over my outside seams on the side of our rig. Looks like HL used an almond colored caulk on my BH. Clear and bright white only in Sikaflex. The Proflex comes in almond. Is one as good as the other? Does anyone know for sure what HL uses? Thanks in advance.
  4. 'Lil Guy'

    Heavier Struts for Bed

    We upgraded our matress to a 13" foam model and now the struts won't hold the bed up plus it's heavier to lift. Has anyone changed the struts to stronger ones? The matress only weighs about 50lbs. Thanks in advance for any input on this subject.
  5. 'Lil Guy'

    MORryde Sliding Tray Install

    My 29 X 90 sliding tray will be here Monday. I received the extender kit today which consists of 6 adjustable lifts for the tray. With no instructions included and not seeing the tray itself, I'm wondering how they mount to the slide. Looks like you have to disassemble the extender and bolt...
  6. 'Lil Guy'

    ask the factory

    What's the deal with the 1st 2 pages delelted with the ask the factory befor4e the forum starts? Has the ask the factory been deleted? Please explain.
  7. 'Lil Guy'

    Please Pray for Ed Potts

    I'd like to ask everyone to say a prayer for Ed Potts. He's been diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer. I feel he will overcome this with everyone's prayers and the help of our Lord.
  8. 'Lil Guy'

    Wet Bolt and Equalizer Install

    I won a set of wet bolts and ordered the longer ones for my correct tract set up. I'm hoping the broken bolts I've been reading about are due to over torqueing and not just quality. I figured I would replace the equalizer at this time, going with the SRE 3000 instead of the 4K after reading...
  9. 'Lil Guy'

    Water Pressure

    Would you gain anything by going to 5/8" I D hoses in your water connections leading to trailer? I currently have 5/8 hose to filters and then 1/2" to UDC. If I change to all 1/2", would I lose pressure? Thanks in advance
  10. 'Lil Guy'

    Water Softener Install

    Thinking to install sediment filter, water softener and then the charcoal filter with the regulator leading to RV. Does this sound right? Or, should I run water supply to softener and then to 2 filters before RV hookup? Thanks in advance.
  11. 'Lil Guy'

    BH Front Decal Replacement

    Has anyone attempted to replace their big front decal? I left some love bugs stuck for too long and they ate threw the decal. If I made marks from existing decal before removal for reference and used plenty of soapy water, I would think I could do it. Any thoughts. I'm assuming it's just a...
  12. 'Lil Guy'

    Need Computer Guru

    I guess I'm just dumb but for the life of me, I can't add to my signature picture. Just got back off of a trip and wanted to add states to my map. I need to add Wyoming, Montana, S Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas to it. Could someone help here. Hoping one of you smart moderators could make...
  13. 'Lil Guy'

    Norcold 2118X Refrigerator Self Destructed

    On last day of trip home form an extended road trip, Debbie smelled something burning and the refer wouldn't kick off on propane. Pulled the outside vent cover to see all of the wires burnt to a crisp. Is there a wiring harness replacement of is this to be another expensive replacement...
  14. 'Lil Guy'

    Big Horn Spare Tire Carrier

    While pulling my rig out to wash and get ready for our trip, I noticed the spare tire was mounted close to the handles on the carrier. Leaving all of that room on the other side, I figured I could mount my grey tank tote and have it hidden and out of the way. What a great idea. Wrong. After...
  15. 'Lil Guy'

    Congrats to Ted Davis

    Congrats on reaching that seemingly impossible milestone called retirement. Only other milestone left is dying. So, in the meantime, take advantage all of the great time you now have on your hands. Debbie and I will see you and Dee Friday. Again congrats on your retirement and enjoy it.
  16. 'Lil Guy'

    New King Tailgater 2 for Sale (Dish)

    Our X2 went out on the last rally so we bought a new Dish Tailgater 2 to replace it. Got home and had a week left on 2 yr warranty and got our old X2 repaired. If anyone is interested you can PM me with any reasonable offer. Again, bought new in September and used for 1 week. We'll be at...
  17. 'Lil Guy'

    Winegard Customer Service

    While attending a couple of rallies a few weeks back I ran into some bad luck. Lost my Converter and then my Pathway X2 Sat. Got anxious for the Sat so I ordered a new Winegard Tailgator 2. Got home to call to see if I could repair my old Sat and they asked for the ID #. Told me I had a...
  18. 'Lil Guy'

    Recharging Battery

    How can you test to see if your RV battery is charging when plugged to your TV? Also, when you're hooked to shore power. The reset button on the side of the 20A breaker near your battery cutoff has a little black rubber boot. Should the button inside protrude to be very noticeable of just...
  19. 'Lil Guy'

    The 'Unacceptables' Ride Again

    A group of Heartlanders put together an outing at Lake O the Pines near Jefferson, Texas. What a great time had by all. Those in attendance were Ted and Dee Davis, Pat and Elaine Poole, Ed and Susan Potts, George Speir, and yours truly with lovely wife Debbie. Like any HOC get together...
  20. 'Lil Guy'

    Mike Finnegan's Birthday

    Happy birthday Mike. At our age, I didn't think we're supposed to have anymore. Have a great day and we'll see you soon at another rally.
  21. 'Lil Guy'

    Using 5th Wheel to Tow

    Thinking about adding a hitch to my BH to tow my golf cart. If a hitch is mounted correctly, will it hurt the frame in any way. If I do this mod, I probably should upgrade the brakes to disc. Any recommendations on hitch type for this application? Not sure if it voids warranty but I am...
  22. 'Lil Guy'

    Winterizing Question

    We have our BH under cover presently and we drained everything including the water heater. I'm worried I didn't blow out the pipes or add antifreeze to unit with the temps getting in mid 20's for about 10 hours. Should freeze again tonight. At this point, I don't know what to do except hope...
  23. 'Lil Guy'

    Rock Chips

    Acquired a couple of small rock chips on my front cap. What's the standard procedure for this without completely repainting the FC. I thought of going to the auto parts store and looking for a similar color to touch them up. Thanks in advance.
  24. 'Lil Guy'

    Help With State Map on Signature

    After our 3 month trip, I wanted to update our states map and can't remember where it is located. I'm old so if someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  25. 'Lil Guy'

    Crack Found on Slide

    Getting ready for our 3 month trip and while applying 303 I noticed a small hairline crack in the skin on the slide. About 4'up and 5" over from the entrance door slide. Don't think this will hurt our trip. The crack looks to be about 3" long. How would one go about fixing this without...
  26. 'Lil Guy'

    Auto level up question

    Have not gotten pad leveled yet. Is it ok to auto level with tires off ground o one side?
  27. 'Lil Guy'

    Barker 4 Wheel Holding Tank

    DW is adamant about us having one of these. Ordered a 32 gal model for the road. Does anyone use these? I do see some places we might stay that don't have sewer hookups and seem like it could come in handy with the towing handle and pneumatic tires.
  28. 'Lil Guy'

    Auxiliary Gate Valve for Dump

    Only had my BH out once to a HL rally. Everybody had the gate valves on their rigs. While talking with Mike F. about them, he said they are a must and advised I would get little surprise the 1st time I opened the cap to hook up. Needless to say I ordered one and had it for months waiting to...
  29. 'Lil Guy'

    Rear Stabbilizer Jacks on Bighorn

    Ordered my new rig with auto level up and there aren't any rear stabilizers like I've seen on others. I ordered 2 scissor jacks for the rear. Noticed 2 4" channels protruding in the rear. Were they there for the electric stabilizers? I'm looking to attach these 2 jacks in that location...
  30. 'Lil Guy'

    Stress of Retirement

    We've been looking forward to this for a long time and it's finally here. We listed our house a week ago last Wednesday and it sold in a week. We have to be out by the end of February. Now the stress begins. I'll work through the end of the month but in the mean time we need to downsize...
  31. 'Lil Guy'

    Satellite Question

    Getting ready to hit the road in a few months. Just had a Dish satellite installed at the home but installer said receivers aren't compatible with the mobile satellites. We have the Joey 1.0 receiver and Hopper sling at home with dvr. Is anyone using this? I guess I could just buy the...
  32. 'Lil Guy'

    Vent Covers for BH 3270RS

    Want to order some vent covers for vents. I have the Fantastic fan over kitchen area and it looks like a standard pull handle vent in the bath area. I will order the FF vent cover and I think a standard MaxairII for the bath. Would like to get it right. Anybody else installed the vent...
  33. 'Lil Guy'

    Storage Bay Behind Fireplace

    On our new BH there is a small storage area with slam door that's carpeted behind the fire place. Looks like the perfect place for a good tool room. Just seems natural for a maintenance bin. What's everyone else doing with this area? I can just see plastic storage boxes with assorted screws...
  34. 'Lil Guy'

    Basement Overflow

    Getting ready to retire and start taking some long journeys in our new rig. I can't help but notice that some people have their basement full to the top with stuff. I would like to keep the weight down if possible at all times. Other than some tools for most jobs, outdoor rug and furniture...
  35. 'Lil Guy'

    ATF: Bighorn - Back Up Camera

    I have a new BH 3279RS with a camera mounted in the rear and a receptacle in the front under the overhang. What do I need to complete this. Should there be a monitor or is this a pre setup for adding one later? Looks complete. Again, there was no monitor and I would like to be able to use...
  36. 'Lil Guy'

    Bighorn 3270RS "Lil Guy' s Maiden Voyage

    Just returned from our 1st trip with the new BH. Went to the La. HOC rally to be around knowledgeable HL owners in case of issues the 1st time out. Turned south off of I10 to New Iberia to give it the road test. Expected to find half of the interior on the floor after that ride.LOL After...
  37. 'Lil Guy'

    Thank You Heartland From the New 'Lil Guy'

    Thanks Dave Willis, the HL Bighorn rep who took a couple of calls from me during the build process of my loaded out 3270RS. Returned my calls before I could hang Thanks again. Thanks again to Lone Star RV north location for delivering my 3rd HL product. Rod Chapman is the guy to see...
  38. 'Lil Guy'

    Sad Day for 'Lil Guy'

    While emptying the LG to trade in next week, a guy came over to buy the Curt OEM hitch for his truck. He was headed to LA. to pick up a used 5th wheel. He kept mentioning how much better built our rig was than the one he looked at. Long story short, he paid us $8K more than the trade in we...
  39. 'Lil Guy'

    Progressive Surge Protector for BH 3270RS

    About to order a 50A SP from progressive. Is there a benefit, other than theft, for having the HW unit installed? Or, will you get the same protection with the portable one? Like to decide before I pick up rig. If I hard wire it, I'd like to do it at inspection when it's opened up. Trying...
  40. 'Lil Guy'

    2015 Ram 35r00 DRW

    With this truck in the long bed fashion, do you think I'll need air bags for it to tow my new rig coming in? It's the Bighorn 3270RS. I still have a couple of weeks before I pick it up. If I am going to need them to level the truck, I want to get them now. Anyone pulling without them and how...