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  1. cjbearden

    ATF: Landmark -

    We have excessive cold air entering the slide windows at the head of the bed. The air is radiating strongly from the bottom of the window. We have to stuff blankets under the window to diminish some of the air radiation. Question: Why are the three bedroom windows not surrounded with wood trim...
  2. cjbearden

    Kudos for Tyron Wheel Bands

    On 10-20-2010, we were traveling I-37N to San Antonio from Aransas Pass, TX. We incurred two Goodyear tire blowouts (consecutively). TPMS did not even kick in the blowouts happened so quickly. Once the loud pop occurred, the smoke was rolling and J.D. got the Landmark pulled quickly to the...
  3. cjbearden

    Kudos for fixing Drawer Glide on Sofa

    Many thanks to Tim Meade for conveniently scheduling a sofa repair at our park site in Elkhart Campground. A drawer glide on one side of the sofa drawer had broken a few months ago. I emailed Tim Meade who immediately responded with a gracious offer to provide a tech on-site once we arrived in...
  4. cjbearden

    SOLD: Sierra Aircard 881 and Linksys AT&T Router

    Here are links to each of these items that will provide more detailed data.,2817,2249616,00.asp These are AT&T specific. You would have to get a SIM card for the Aircard and...
  5. cjbearden

    Question regarding Florida licensing

    I have emailed a couple of forum members who are currently in Florida and they have not heard of the following problem/requirement, whatever. I am interested in knowing if anyone now in Florida knows of licensing or temporary sticker requirements for Winter Guests? We are in Kerrville, TX...
  6. cjbearden

    The Lakehouse, Kerrville, TX - Great Catfish!

    We enjoyed a wonderful evening of dining at The Lakehouse in Kerrville, TX, along with a HL newbie couple. Bill and Connie Wax pulled into Buckhorn in their brand new fully painted Landmark Grand Canyon just before dark. J.D. walks over to say hello and learns they are from Bryant, AR. What a...
  7. cjbearden

    Dust Control????

    How many of you have a problem with Daily dust build-up? I swear 10 seconds after dusting, the film has already started to rebuild. What's with that? Keeping black computers, black coffee pot, cat's black water bowl, etc. dust free is not going to happen. (Yes, I understand they are...
  8. cjbearden

    An Arkansas Christmas

  9. cjbearden

    New Way to Clean the Shades!

    About three days ago, Lady Kitty decided to start licking the day/night shades. No amount of yelling or pushing her aside will deter her from her task until she is ready to quit. New one on us. Anyone have any thoughts on this action? Too funny. C.J.
  10. cjbearden

    Pioneer RV Park, Hermiston, OR

    We arrived in Hermiston, OR yesterday and are thrilled to be on level, paved lot!:D Only drawback is the longest length sites are 60' which does not allow room for our Augusta and Dodge. The truck is parked in the row in front of us in a much shorter site (at no extra charge). This is a PA park...
  11. cjbearden

    Kudos to Westland Sales (Ariston dryer)

    On 7/27/09, we had our second opportunity to deal with Westland Sales, Clackamas, OR. On Sunday, of course, 7/26/09, I discovered that our Ariston dryer's drum was not turning so couldn't dry the load of clothes that had just been washed. On Monday morning, I called Westland Sales (800-356-0766)...
  12. cjbearden

    HL Sighted

    Saw eastbound Sundance today at MM214 on I-84 Wyoming.
  13. cjbearden

    Lakeside KOA - 4 HLS

    Got to meet 2010Augusta and Colorocky(North Trail) folks today. There is also a Big Country in the park but haven't met the owners yet. It is always great to see other Heartlanders on our travels. (Ft. Collins, CO)
  14. cjbearden

    Water Filtering/Softening in Elkhart

    For those planning to be in the Elkhart area prior to the Goshen Rally, we strongly recommend your use of water filter and softening system and bring some extra filters. We use a three-filter system (two charcoal and one ceramic) plus a water softener unit because of the hard water and...
  15. cjbearden

    Mobile Suites Owner Green with Envy

    Last night, a lady stopped by to get directions to MorRyde. Apparently, my DH had been out doing his social butterfly bit and told this Mobile Suites couple about our trip to MorRyde and learned that was why this other couple were staying in Elkhart Campground also. Gloria oohed and ahhhed...
  16. cjbearden

    Another Landmark at Elkhart Campground

    Last night we had the pleasure of meeting 1/2 of the Goldenwingers - Don. After reading of his problems on the forum, we were happy to see he made it to Elkhart. Sorry we didn't get to meet Sheri but hope to see her later when we travel to MT. Don had lunch with us today at Cock-a-Doodle...
  17. cjbearden

    Post Goshen Rally Plans?

    Beginning to realize that several of you are going to be heading westward after the June Rally in Goshen. Recently talked with Txbobcat about this as he is also planning to travel West to Montana and other areas. We would like to discuss travel plans and possibility of a 'carvan' of sorts...
  18. cjbearden

    IS installation on LM Augusta

    We will be at MorRyde May 6-7 for the IS, DB and NL Hubs. Question we have is whether to go with 7,000 lb or upgrade to 8,000 lb axle equivalent? It is our understanding that the higher weight will make for rougher ride of the RV. Would appreciate input from others who have already had the IS...
  19. cjbearden

    Water Softener System

    We think we need a water softener system and wonder what others are using. We currently have a three-filter water system but because of water spotting/scaling; we think we should also add a water softener device. Notice people in the Elkhart Campground using them and we are beginning to see...
  20. cjbearden

    Another BH in the I-30 Travel Park

    Surprise, Larry and Jo Ann McCullen stopped for an overnighter in their BH3670. Just came from the Spring, TX rally and heading back to MI. Enjoyed meeting them and wish them well on their travels northward. We will be seeing them again in June at Goshen. All you folks leaving Spring, TX...
  21. cjbearden

    Benton, AR mini rally

    We are still at the I-30 Travel Park in Benton. Bob and Deb Cornish (traveling from Coastal Bend of TX back to Maine) stopped today in their BH 3580. There is another BH and a Cyclone in this park, both long-term. Anyone else in the area, stop on by and see us tonight or this weekend. We dined...
  22. cjbearden

    RV City, Benton, AR

    Kudos to RV City in Benton, AR on I-30 service road, who stepped up to handle a Jensen TV replacement and install a missing clip on one of the posts for our electric awning. Great Job and quick in/out. Recommend their services and parts store if you are in the area.
  23. cjbearden

    Moody's rates Affinity Group Article regarding Moody's "Bottom Rung" listing for the parent company of Good Sam Club, Trailer Life Magazine, Camping World, Coast-to-Coast Resorts, etc. Current ratings indicate elevated risk of default. Don't shoot the messenger, just...
  24. cjbearden

    Jensen TV Sound Problems

    Jensen Model 3208 lost sound in the middle of a program. We had it hooked to satellite and not through surround sound box. After hooking to surround sound (Samsung), we are getting sound; HOWEVER, the TV is making a constant clicking noise. Contacting AsaElectronics for resolution.
  25. cjbearden

    2009 Summer Plans?

    We would like to hear where other full-timers are planning to spend the summer months this year. We are looking for low humidity and temps that don't go into the 100's. Would be really great to have some fellow Heartlanders nearby.
  26. cjbearden

    AWOL Kitty

    On Feb. 11, our dear little Felix decided to go AWOL. After almost 5 years of training us, we guess he felt it was time for other adventures. Our primary concern is his safety since he has no front claws and his annual shots are due on Feb. 20. We have posted pictures around the Braunig Lake...
  27. cjbearden

    HLs Galore today!

    We are currently at Braunig Lake RV Resort in Elmendorf, TX. Nice, large park with concrete pads and duck pond. There are two BHs and a Razor here. Those look long-term as many others staying in this park work nearby. Will try to meet the owners soon. Today, we traveled to Camping World...
  28. cjbearden

    Another new owner

    Today we met Benjamin and Natalie, proud owners of a BH 3600. They are parked near us at Ransom Road RV Park, Aransas Pass, TX. They are not currently members of this forum so we gave them information on what to do. Hopefully, we will be hearing from them on the forum soon or seeing them at...
  29. cjbearden

    HLs sighted in the Rio Grande Valley

    We have taken a few days to drive down to Mission, TX (from Aransas Pass) to check out the various RV parks in the area. Have seen several BHs and 1 Landmark. Also stopped by Retama Village to say "hey" to Kathy Adams (kakampers). She gave us the grand tour of her large site with beautiful...
  30. cjbearden

    Landmark Augusta - Fridge Water Line in Cold Weather?

    A portion of the water line to our Elite Refrigerator (in a slide) is exposed and will need wrapping during below freezing temperatures (we fulltime). Should the water line in the slide come from the factory already covered to protect it from colder temps? Would appreciate factory...
  31. cjbearden

    Illuminated Toe Kick Quit Working?

    The illiminated toe kick gave up the ghost! No blown fuse detected. Will check switch wiring Monday. Any suggestions from other Augusta owners or anyone electrically minded? It was working fine and suddenly shut off.
  32. cjbearden

    SOLD - Tripod; Airbags

    We have items for sale that will be available at the Houston Fall Rally or if you are in the Coastal Bend area, we will return to Aransas Pass, TX on Oct 20 to spend the Winter. 1. Tripod Stabilizer for hitch pin. $40 2. Super Duty Air Springs, Rear - 01/04 Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra...
  33. cjbearden

    Crock Pot Cornbread Dressing

    Crock Pot Cornbread Dressing 6 cups cooked cornbread 8 slices day old bread 4 eggs 1 medium onion, chopped (can use rehydrated onion flakes, at least 1/4 cup) 1/2 chopped celery 1-1/2 Tblsp sage or poultry seasoning (adjust to taste) 1/2 tsp black pepper 2 10.5 oz cans cream of chicken...
  34. cjbearden

    Heartlands in Coastal Texas

    Saw a Cyclone and Big Country parked at Sandollar RV Park in Rockport, TX and another Cyclone parked at Ransom Rd RV Park in Aransas Pass, TX. No one home at any of the sites. The two HLs at Sandollar RV looked long-term.
  35. cjbearden

    Mustang IS Sightings

    While driving along Hwy 361 on Mustang Island, we saw Gulf Waters RV Resort Community and noticed a Landmark and a Big Country. No one around but we left a card. We are staying at Colonial del Rey RV Park in Corpus Christi. Of course, we have a hurricane watch going on but none of the...
  36. cjbearden

    Sundance Delivery On the Way

    As we turned off 79 onto 59 this morning heading to New Caney, TX, we passed a transporter pulling a Sundance. He was behind us for a while but didn't see if he turned off because after about 30 minutes, we didn't see him anymore. Hope it is for someone on the Forum!!!
  37. cjbearden

    Ariston AS66VX Dryer Question

    We have used the new Ariston stackable dryer since 6/20/08 almost daily. The lint trap is cleaned after every load. Today, while drying only two items (one a lap blanket used by one of our cats and the other was a towel - also the cat's). When the drying cycle was nearing completion, the...
  38. cjbearden

    Hanex Counter Tops - Cleaning

    Our new Augusta has Hanex stone counter tops (had to ask Jim B. because we thought we were still getting Corian but didn't see the Corian symbol anywhere). If you need information on how to clean and care for the Hanex counters, here is a link to their website...
  39. cjbearden

    Cyclone in KS

    Today we saw a Cyclone heading westward driven by dark colored truck on I-70 in western KS. We were heading east to Russell, KS for a one night stopover. Expect to be in Sallisaw, OK KOA Friday night and then at I-30 Travel Park in Benton, AR from 6/28 to 7/08. Hope to see more HL products...
  40. cjbearden

    From a Woman's Perspective - New Owner's Kit

    Along with the new owner's packet of manuals, it would be extremely nice if the following could also be included: 8 oz. can of touch up paint to match Cherry 8 oz. can of putty (or caulk) to match Cherry Cherry wood crayon 6 ft. of border trim 6 ft. of wall seam tape Reason for this request...