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  1. stonz22

    Can I walk on my North Trail 23 RBS 2014 to pressure spray the dirt and caterpillar crap

    Just need the reassurance that a 230 lb man can stand safely on the roof to pressure spray dirt and feces off the roof of my new to me first time owner 2014 trail master 23 RBS …… or do I need to disperse weight with 4x4 1/2 plywood ? Your help is always appreciated !
  2. stonz22

    Help please, newbies on board , guidance needed for two old folks with first RV

    We just bought a 2014 NT 23RBS did yours come with a manual ? It appears from pics of other Heartlands that they are all configured differently. We have no manual and the “hug link “ in the opening forum rules does not have the 2014 at all. My dilemma is having never owned an RV before , and the...