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    Thousand Trails Lakewood Campground in Harlingen

    We're looking at spending a couple weeks of winter at the Thousand Trails Lakewood campground in Harlingen Tx. Has anyone been there recently? Recommendations for things to see and do? Great places to eat? Security issues? A good place to tour on a motorcycle? Thanks!

    3 Axles, CRE3000 and Disk Brakes

    Some of you may remember that I had a spring hanger failure earlier this summer. It was the aft most hanger on the door side which is the side the supply lines for the disk brakes are located. During the course of repairing the hanger I discovered that the brake lines between axles 1 and 2 and...

    Every Sound You Hear Is a Bear


    And Another Hanger Failure

    We are planning to leave on the next adventure in a couple days so it's time to start getting the coach ready. Our Cyclone will be a year old in a couple weeks so I thought I'd crawl under and service the wet bolts. And then I found this: A call to Heartland found them anxious to get it fixed...

    Useful Campground Tip

    I can tell this is a very useful tip!

    Installing Heat Strip

    After 50 or so nights in our new Cyclone we've decided that the heat strip in the garage AC does a surprising amount of heating for only 1500 watts. We've also decided that the fireplace doesn't do enough set at 70 and does too much at 75 (no options in between!). Since the warmth from the heat...

    Hisense Freezer light

    The internal lighting for the freezer in our Hisense residential fridge has stopped coming on. Everything else seems to be working correctly. I can't find a switch anywhere to check. I'm hoping someone here is familiar enough with these units to offer some ideas. Thanks!

    Generator Tank Drain

    With the old Cyclone, draining the single fuel tank was easy using the fueling station pump. The new Cyclone has a second, separate tank dedicated to the generator. I add Stabil anytime I put fuel in either tank but I'm just not convinced that leaving fuel in the tank over the winter is a good...

    Things I Like About Rallies and Things I Don't

    I thought it would be interesting (and helpful) to start a thread discussing the various aspects of attending rallies! As chapter leaders we strive to make our rallies enjoyable for those that participate. In that effort, many options are available to us but everyone is different and our...

    Generator Life Expectancy

    We've been boondocking this week and putting 4 to 6 hrs a day on the generator. I got to wondering what kind of life expectancy the Onan/Cummins 5500 offers. Anyone actually had one wear out?

    Toys and Winches

    If anyone has been contemplating buying a winch to facilitate loading their toys I stumbled onto a very good deal on a Dutton-Lainson Strongarm 115v winch. I'm going with 115v so I don't have to carry an extra battery or run heavy wiring 40' to the garage for a 12v model. Here's the link...

    Slide Tilting

    When we went to retract the slides today we noticed that the door side slide began to tilt top side out. We stopped the process and I got out my ladder to see if something was on the top of the slide causing it to jam...nothing, but, the top of the slide was tight against the top of the frame...

    Birdog and Satellite Dish Aiming

    The DW thought I should have a good satellite finder so she didn't have to listen to me whine when I failed repeatedly to get the dish lined up. I now have a Birdog Ultra (used...couldn't justify the high cost of new). I updated firmware and Directv sat software and figured out I needed to set...

    Slide Toppers, Awnings and Clearances

    Our new Cyclone 4150 only has a 2-1/2 inch gap between the edge of the slide flange and the channel for the front awning supports. I'm wanting to add slide toppers all around but have concerns that the mount and endcap on the topper may interfere with the awning channel on this one. Has anyone...

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: KY, Georgetown - 4/21/2017 to 4/23/2017

    257 Rogers Gap Road, Georgetown, KY 40324 Venue: ------------------------------ Whispering Hills RV Park 257 Rogers Gap Road Georgetown, KY 40324 (502) 863-2552 Pets ok?: Yes Details: ------------------------------ From: 4/21/2017 to: 4/23/2017 Number of...

    Generator conversion to propane

    We don't use the generator often but I don't want to give it up altogether. I'm seeing conversion kits for less than $300 and am wondering if anyone here has made the swap and what your experience has been. I'm aware that gallon for gallon propane fuel consumption will be higher. The...

    I-75 Closure in Tennessee

    Closure for northbound and southbound may last several weeks! Here's a link to see if there is more current info than what I'm posting here: I-75 Closure News Interstate 75 shut down at Kentucky-Tennessee line for weeks <time datetime="2016-02-27T18:11:39Z" class="creationdate wn-time gmt...

    Ever Wonder Why?

    When a woman wears leather clothing, a man's heart beats quicker, his throat gets dry, he goes weak in the knees and he begins to think irrationally. Ever wonder why? She smells like a new truck!

    Transfer Switch or?

    We are staying at an informal campground with only 20A electric available. We've been in the same site the last 4 yrs and pretty familiar with what we can and can't do electric-wise. I turned on the microwave at lunch and immediately lost all AC power which I attributed to the surge protector...

    Closet Rod Brackets Coming Loose

    When we got home from Goshen Leslie noticed the screws backing out on the closet rod brackets. I would like to move the brackets and try for more secure anchoring. Are there supports on "centers" like a house so it's easy to find new mounting locations? Either way I think I'm going to acquire...

    Rand McNally RV7730 LM

    Rand McNally has just announced a $100 discount on the RV7730 if you send them any GPS as a trade-in. The discounted price is $249.99. The last time they did this I bought a non-working TomTom on EBay for $5 delivered and used that as my trade.

    No Shortage of Heartlands at This Park

    We rolled the Cyclone into American Heritage RV Park near Williamsburg VA yesterday as a base for our fall motorcycle tour. As we look around we see another Cyclone, a Torque, a Big Country, an Elkridge and a Landmark. In the campground we left before coming here (Jellystone at Natural Bridge...

    Tote Tanks

    We are thinking a Tote Tank would be handy on occasion when the site doesn't have a sewer hookup. The first question to arise is...Where do we store it? A 22 gallon tank will be about 11" tall and about 30"x20". Maybe brackets underneath towards the back of the rig? I'd be grateful to see...

    Looking Back

    A Catholic Priest, a Baptist Preacher and a Rabbi all served as Chaplains to the students of Northern Michigan University at Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They would get together two or three times a week for coffee and to talk One day, someone made the comment that preaching...

    Top Secret Drum Corps

    If you haven't had a chance to watch the Top Secret Drum Corps of Basel Switzerland you don't know what you're missing. The precision is just amazing

    Shopping for a TV?

    The reviews are great entertainment! Maybe you're even shopping for this $40,000 TV! Samsung TV on Amazon

    Good Sam Rally in Atlanta

    Sadly, Leslie and I couldn't make the National Rally this summer or the Tennessee Rally last weekend but we are going to the Good Sam rally in Atlanta next month. It should be fun seeing the Beach Boys again after 40 yrs LOL! We were wondering if any other Heartland Owners were planning to attend.

    Rocker Switch Failure for Hydraulic Ldg Gear

    I went to retract the gear and the switch had a strange feel to it just before it became "floppy" with neither function (extend or retract) available. The top cover (the rocker) was easily removed to find the problem....the switch is operated by a plastic pin on the bottom of the rocker. This...

    When Insults had Class

    These glorious insults are from an era before the English language became boiled down to 4-letter words. A member of Parliament to Disraeli: "Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease." "That depends, Sir," said Disraeli, "whether I embrace your policies or your...

    Table Idea

    Instead of the kidney shaped table shown in the picture I'm thinking of using 2 separate circular pieces about 18" in diameter. I plan on mounting the hubs off center so the table can be "rotated" to fit the user. I'm not sure if there will be adequate stability though Anyone attempted something...

    Grease on the Brakes

    Quite a few threads about grease seal failure at the wheel bearings but I didn't come across a picture of the mess it causes. I had no idea it could be this bad. I've only had 3 of the 6 hubs off so far...wish me luck with the rest of them! Note the seal was loose on the axle when the hub was...

    Wheel Bearings and Seals

    I'm bringing the rig home next week to service bearings and brakes. I have 6000# Dexter axles and was trying to figure out which seals I need from the Dexter site. I'm hoping they aren't the $70+ ones! Does anyone know a brand and part number and if they are easily available from somewhere like...

    Joined the MorRyde Users

    I just installed a MorRyde pinbox on our Cyclone. I've only tested it on a 10 mile trip from the storage facility back to the house but I can tell a definite difference. I talked to a number of people...MorRyde, Heartland, retailer about which model to get. Our 3850 has a GVWR of 18,000 and the...

    Ramp Door Locking Poles

    A buddy just got back from Florida with his year old Voltage toy hauler. Naturally I asked how the RV was working out for them. He said they liked it but it was going in the shop for some work on the ramp door. I said "Huh?" He proceeds to explain that the poles that hold the ramp shut had worn...

    Rand McNally RVND 7720 Deal

    I just received an email from Rand McNally offering a $100 discount on a RVND 7720 (new price $249.99). All you have to do is send in your old GPS within 30 days of receiving the new one!

    Installing Firestone Airbags

    The UPS man just dropped off the Firestone Airbag kit for my 2012 Dodge 3500. The instructions say first thing "...does not require drilling into the frame". I hope that turns out to be true! Before I crawl under the truck does anyone have any helpful hints from their experience installing...

    How Big is My Garage?

    I've been wondering since we bought the Cyclone 3850 a few months ago just what would fit. We bought it specifically to haul the HD Ultra Classic. I found out this morning we can also bring along another form of transport. (Tie downs will be used on all corners of each...the picture is just to...

    Louisville Rally

    The DW and I drove over to Louisville today to check out the Good Sam Rally. Being very much in the Newbie category we had no idea what to expect. We found it very much worthwhile! The people were all very friendly and took lots of time answering our novice questions. It was 90+ degrees outside...

    Theater Chairs

    Could someone please tell me the proper way to stow the footrests on the theater chairs?:mad: There's no lever (that I've found) and just pushing down with my legs doesn't seem to do it. I do get them to stow by pushing and pulling on the metal supports, footrests and anything I see that seems...