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  1. jassson007

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Natchitoches - 3/29/2019 to 3/31/2019

    1071 Tauzin Island Rd, Natchitoches, LA 71457 Venue: ------------------------------ Grand Ecore RV Park 1071 Tauzin Island Rd Natchitoches, LA 71457 318-238-7446 Pets ok?: Yes Golf carts allowed?: Yes Golf Cart restrictions?: Golf Cart fees?: Details...
  2. jassson007

    Woke up to this (burned 50 amp plug)

    I woke up earlier this AM to no electric, we were expecting a storm last night so I thought power was out for that but looked outside and street lights were on and street was dry. Go and check breaker panel inside, flip main off and back on and get one leg of power. Something is odd so I go...
  3. jassson007

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Kinder - 3/23/2018 to 3/25/2018

    777 Coushatta Dr, Kinder, LA 70648 Venue: ------------------------------ Red Shoes RV Park Coushatta Casino 777 Coushatta Dr Kinder, LA 70648 800-584-7263 Pets ok?: Yes Golf carts allowed?: Yes Golf Cart restrictions?: Golf...
  4. jassson007

    TS Cindy

    Just in case anyone here was wondering and not a friend on Facebook, we have pretty much made it through the storm with no issues affecting us other than some minor road flooding. I do have some friends south of me dealing with more flooding than where I am. There have also been reports of a few...
  5. jassson007

    Tow Setup

    Hey take a look at my tow setup and tell me if I did something wrong here.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. jassson007

    2nd Annual Regional Beer Tasting Event

    Jim asked me to create a new thread for this event. We will hold it at between my site (NW 458) and Jamie Walker's site (NW 460). Please feel free to join us at any time and bring your favorite micro or regional brew from where you live. Please and I stress this please only bring 2 cans or...
  7. jassson007

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Camp-Out: LA, Anacoco - 12/9/2016 to 12/11/2016

    120 Bald Eagle Rd, Anacoco, LA 71403 Venue: ------------------------------ S Toledo Bend State Park 120 Bald Eagle Rd Anacoco, LA 71403 8883984770 Pets ok?: Yes Details...
  8. jassson007

    Louisiana Flooding

    I have been asked quite a few times if we were ok with all the flooding going on here in south Louisiana. We dodged the worst of it which happened an hour and 2 hours east of us. We do have a couple active HOC members in the area, 1 down in new Iberia and 2 in the Baton Rouge area. One of the...
  9. jassson007

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Kinder - 3/31/2017 to 4/2/2017

    777 Coushatta Dr, Kinder, LA 70648 Venue: ------------------------------ Red Shoes RV Park Coushatta Casino 777 Coushatta Dr Kinder, LA 70648 Ashalon Spikes 800-584-7263 ext 7407 Pets ok?: Yes Details...
  10. jassson007


    Headed to Lafayette today to the new camping world to pick up a new ice maker the wife bought and we passed a fairly new Landmark 365 with Arizona tags just outside Lafayette. There was no HOC tag but the tow vehicle was memorable. It was a silver dodge I believe painted in Ohio State colors...
  11. jassson007

    Lafayette LA

    Not sure where to put this so please feel free to move to another area if need be. Not sure how many have seen the national news tonight but violence is hitting a little too close to home. First off Jo and I are ok, we are about an hour away from the theatre shooting in Lafayette. Please hug you...
  12. jassson007

    Happy 4th

    We had our own little mini 4th of July party this evening with Malcom & Val Talley, George Spier & Lucy along with Joanna and myself here on Lake Conroe. Happy 4th to all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. jassson007

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Henderson - 3/18/2016 to 3/20/2016

    1055 North Barn Rd, Henderson, LA 70517 Venue: ------------------------------ Cajun Palms 1055 North Barn Rd Henderson, LA 70517 Reservations 337-667-7772 Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: $ WiFi available: Yes WiFi Fee: $ Details: ------------------------------ From: 3/18/2016 to...
  14. jassson007

    Lake Charles LA RV show

    Went to our local tv show today to see if we missed anything in Houston. I was quite pleased to see a couple Heartland Gateways on site from Southern RV a fairly large regional dealer. What really surprised me was a Heartland Rep also came to the show. His name was Joaquin and was fairly new to...
  15. jassson007

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, New Iberia - 10/30/2015 to 11/1/2015

    713 NW Bypass, New Iberia, LA 70560 Venue: ------------------------------ Cajun RVera 713 NW Bypass New Iberia, LA 70560 Danielle 337-256-8681 Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: WiFi available: Yes WiFi Fee: $ Details: ------------------------------ From: 10/30/2015 to: 11/1/2015...
  16. jassson007

    Spotted Landmark today

    I was westbound on I 10 just leaving the Lafayette area and spotted a chocolate Landmark headed eastbound being pulled with a white dodge dually. I did see an owners plaque but I certainly couldn't see numbers. Lol. If you read this I hope you were headed somewhere fun. Sent from my iPhone...
  17. jassson007

    Big Country Couch

    Just wanted to give a heads up to those that have a rear living floor plan with the couch in the rear. You might want to check out what is holding your couch in place. We got home this morning from tailgating this weekend and Jo went to put slides out. The kitchen slide went first and as door...
  18. jassson007

    It's Game Day!!

    No not the show on ESPN but if we would have taken care of Nebraska we would have been all over the!!! Just wanted to share a pic if our tailgate setup. My BC and a friends Edge set up and ready for some football!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Splinters in her crotch A woman from Los Angeles who was a tree hugging, liberal Democrat and an anti-hunter purchased a piece of timberland near Colville , WA . There was a large tree on one of the highest points that she decided to climb. As she neared the top she encountered a...
  20. jassson007

    Welcome New Members - Louisiana Chapter

    Would like to say "Welcome" to new HOC members Stan and Linda Kennedy, SLK here on the forum. Stan and Linda I want to personally invite you to attend any of our chapter rallies here in Louisiana (s Toledo bend sp in December or Coushatta casino in March) or any of the other scheduled rallies...
  21. jassson007

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Kinder - 3/20/2015 to 3/22/2015

    777 Coushatta Dr, Kinder, LA 70648Venue:------------------------------ Red Shoes RV Park 777 Coushatta Dr Kinder, LA 70648 800-584-7263 Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: $ WiFi available: Yes WiFi Fee: $...
  22. jassson007

    Level reset

    Had something strange happen today. Packed up this morning to come home from sea rim state park back to our home park in lake Charles. Hitched up and retracted level up with no issues. Made it to our site and got parked. Lowered front legs to unhitched and pull truck out. Once DW parked truck...
  23. jassson007

    Air Horns

    A couple of questions for those of you that have air horns installed on your tow rig. First, where did you mount everything at especially the trumpets to keep them dry? Also, do you have a separate actuator for the horn or do you just use your regular "horn"? Last one, if so, do you have a cut...
  24. jassson007

    Heartland on TV

    I have been watching all the RV shows this week on Travel Channel. Last night they had one with the Cyclone 4100 king and AJ Jones and tonight they have an Elkridge with Brian W on. Neat to see them on tv along side some of the expensive coaches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. jassson007

    Something interesting in SWLA

    I was out and about in the rain today working and decided to drive through a local RV park to see if we were missing out on anything from our current home base when I happened upon this... I had heard stories of them but had never seen one. Did not stop as it appeared no one was home...
  26. jassson007

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Anacoco - 12/5/2014 to 12/7/2014

    120 Bald Eagle Rd, Anacoco, LA 71403 Venue: ------------------------------ South Toledo Bend State Park 120 Bald Eagle Rd Anacoco, LA 71403 337-286-9075 Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: $0 WiFi available: Yes WiFi...
  27. jassson007


    Just wanted to share a story from today after reading some of the threads about not being sure if they were making a right decision to purchase a Heartland product. I purchased my Big Country last year over Memorial Day from a dealer in Elkhart. We had some issues at the time and were able to...
  28. jassson007

    Nice Landmark & Hauler

    Passed a nice Landmark and Classy Chassis hauler in Lafayette LA today. As I came up on it I said hmmm, wonder if that is who I think it is and sure enough it was Jim Beletti. I think I scared him when I honked and waved in a congested traffic area. Sorry about Hope you made it to pt...
  29. jassson007

    New Towing Rig

    Well we went and did it. Did not trust the '08 with the rebuilt engine so we had been shopping for past week. Well today we pulled trigger on a 2014 f350 FX4 drw in kodiack brown and tan two tone with tan leather. Loaded with ultimate lariat package. Did not last very long not having a note but...
  30. jassson007


    I think my poor Big Country is a little cold this morning. And no I am not up north somewhere, I am in sw Louisiana. The weather here is bipolar, shorts Tuesday and winter weather warnings Thursday night. Hmmm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  31. jassson007

    Galveston Island

    Passing through today on way back to swla and decided to drive down to the island. Drove over to Delanera Rv park and saw two landmarks and one cyclone. Could not tell if any were HOC members but cyclone had a truck out front with Alaska plates and one of the landmarks had a little black cargo...
  32. jassson007

    Sandy creek COE park

    We are here in site 23 and drove around the park today after the rain and saw a landmark with a name plaque that I don't remember the first name but last name was Sims and was from Pt Arthur if I remember correctly. No one was outside but was wounding if they might be a part of the HOC, if you...
  33. jassson007

    Weights Question

    We took a trip on 7/12 and I decided to pull through a cat scale as we had most of our stuff that we will always have on board with us as we live in our BC full time. Fuel was 3/4 full and no water or sewer in holding tanks. I have a '08 f 350 4x4 DRW crew cab long bed with front axel rating...
  34. jassson007

    My BC 3450ts mods

    Well the mod bug finally got the best of me today after reading over Jim B's mod thread for his old key largo. I had already had the winegard directv swm dish installed at CW but after looking at his thread I got inspired. Today I installed a piano hinge and locking hasp closures on the basement...
  35. jassson007

    LED awning lights went out

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them on the factory installed lights? I turned them on this afternoon as I was headed out to dinner and when I got home a neighbor came over asking about them and as I was about to show them to him I noticed they were no on. Checked...
  36. jassson007

    Warranty process question

    I know I am probably opening a can of worms here and it has been discussed before but indulge me please. I purchased my unit out of state as no one had what we wanted and closest BC dealers are near to 3 hours away from us. Well fast forward to today. I need two small plastic parts and go to a...
  37. jassson007

    New 3450 TS

    Well we finally made it to Elkhart and picked up our new BC. We are very exited and got all the stuff we brought with us transferred out of our sob and into the new BC. We even got a guided factory tour today for our own Jayc. Enjoyed that as well. We will stay at dealership tonight to check for...
  38. jassson007

    The end is closer...

    Just got an email with my vin for my BC 3450 TS along with date to start down the line, 5/2, and a delivery date to dealer of 5/13 approximately. DW and I are excited. Now to go join the HOC officially.
  39. jassson007

    We did it

    Well after almost 5 years looking and talking about upgrading to a heartland we finally decided and were in a position to pull the trigger and ordered a Big Country 3450ts. Dw and I had looked at many bh 3585's but wife loved the BC kitchen layout so there we go. Thanks to everyone answering all...
  40. jassson007

    Big Country MSRP

    I was wondering if we could get a a 2013/2014 MSRP list posted here? Thanks!!