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  1. BobbyandGenee

    Bathroom Remodel

    Well the fun has begun! A BIG thanks to Furious for their posts on their bathroom remodel. I am sure I would have been panicking as I did the demo if they had not posted there Remodel in the forum. I am going to expand a little more on the work in case anyone else does this. These are the top...
  2. BobbyandGenee

    Urgent potential safety issue

    We are prepping for our trip to Lassen tonight. My wife looks over at the microwave and see's a crack in the trim. The entire microwave had come loose in the enclosure! Come to find out there is a 1" drop under the microwave and it's hanging free. I did an emergency plywood fill of 1" to make it...
  3. BobbyandGenee

    Terry Classic History

    Figured we should start pooling the history of our RV for current and future buyers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. BobbyandGenee

    Exterior Door Damage

    So we have an ongoing problem that everyone needs to be aware of. When we picked up our rig from the dealer, the door arm was missing. Come to find out later it was ripped off in a wind burst. The dealer tried to put new screws in, but they ripped off. Then they tried rivets. They ripped off...
  5. BobbyandGenee

    Where have you found leaks?

    First wash today. Already have a loose panel at the top. Both sides of center marker light, as well as both sides. Applying auto/marine sealant! Thankfully that showed up in a wash, not while pulling down the road! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. BobbyandGenee

    New Heartland Terry Classic owner!

    As a proud owner of one of the first 266 models released, I am happy to share our photos! The reaction so far has been surprising. Everyone compliments us on our restoration. Then we tell them its a 2018 and they are genuinely surprised! Thats one reason we bought it....we wanted something...
  7. BobbyandGenee

    Coax Diagram

    Because this is a new unit, my dealer was going to charge me by the hour to figure out the Coax configuration, and Heartland did not have a configuration file. So I did it myself and I am sharing it with everyone (including my dealer and Heartland). Notice i found that the splitter behind the...
  8. BobbyandGenee

    Bedroom Panel under vanity fix

    When we brought our unit home, we went down lots of bumpy roads to shake it up and see what happened. One thing we found was the large panel at the bottom of the bedroom vanity that has the heater vent outlet had popped off. Further investigation of the other units on the dealer lot showed the...
  9. BobbyandGenee

    New Heartland Terry Classic owner!

    Good day all! I wanted to say HI and let everyone know my wife and I are now proud owners of one the first 266 Terry Classic V21 Travel Trailers! I am working with Heartland as well as my dealership to work through bugs and fixes. I invite anyone who is thinking of purchasing or has purchased...