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    Anyone buy a Elkridge 293 yet?

    I've been looking at this model and like the floorplan. 31'7" long, almost 9,000 lbs. dry and 11,000 GVWR. Seems heavy to be called a lightweight.
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    Elkridge 27RLSS(2011) Do any of you have this model besides me?

    My trailer has the free standing sofa, rockers, and dinette. I'm looking for advice on how the sofa and rockers get placed and secured for travel. I've contacted Heartland but they have no idea to help me.
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    Full time and medical care

    We're planning to pull up stakes and go full time in our RV next year. The plan is to establish residency in South Dakota and travel the U.S. for a year or possibly longer. My wife has Parkinson's and diabetes that needs occasional medical advice and/or office visits. Just wondering how some...
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    Battery or Charging problems with 2011 Elkridge

    We've had our Elkridge for two months now. Recently I noticed some fumes coming from the battery vent. The battery was low on electrolyte so I added some distilled water. After charging overnight, noticed the same fumes again. I unplugged from 120v and noticed the batter case was quite...
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    27RLSS Exterior light / TV problem

    Hopefully this is in the right spot to post. We recently bought a 2011 Elkridge 27RLSS 5th wheel. This past weekend was the first time to use the trailer. While watching TV I happened to play with some of the switches in the control panel. I turned on the big exterior light at the right...
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    Installing TV in bedroom. 27RLSS

    Want to install a flat-screen above the cabinet in the bedroom. Wall is than and nothing very solid to install a wall mount. Any suggestions?
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    Bake controller problems SIlveradoHD

    I'm wondering of anyone with a late 2500HD/3500HD Silverado/Sierra has experienced a lack of power from the truck to the trailer. I discovered when I hitched up my 5th whl I had no brakes. Controller had no error messages but checked with a meter and found all connections OK except for the...
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    Aunt Mayme's Famous Tamale Pie

    Title: Aunt Mayme's Famous Tamale Pie Description: This is a great casserole dish that is easy and very delicious. In our family, it's the dish that disappears before anything else, even a holiday dinner with this as a side dish. There have been heated disputes as to who gets the last...
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    Planning cross coutry trip (next year, maybe)

    We just finished a month long trip to see the national parks in the four corners area. Our traveling friends have suggested that we do a cross country. I'm thinking of mid April to leave from N. Cal and take the southern states, then east coast and nothern tier to WA and back home. I'm...
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    New owner 2011 Elkridge 27RLSS

    My wife Kathy and I recently purchased a 2011 Elkridge 5th wheel. We've been RV'ing since 1979 and this is our 3rd 5th wheel out of six we've owned. Kathy and I have been retired for ten years and try to get out as we can. We were out on a month long trip to the "four corners" and decided...