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  1. mlpeloquin

    Wet bolt question

    Just a note. There are no brass bushings used on trailer suspensions. They are Bronze bushings.
  2. mlpeloquin

    big horn 35' 3160el 5th wheel- swapping out the flat pads under my levelors

    Best to be safe. Placing cribbing is safe, but I always had the truck attached to make sure it would not budge at all. You did not live this long to take unnecessary risks.
  3. mlpeloquin

    2018 Bighorn FB3780 electric schematics

    Wiring may very by assembler. Just where the junctions occur may depend on what the assembler decides. So if the schematic shows wiring one way verses the way the assembler wires it, well you may have a beef of how it was routed along with many owners. So the schematics are "Proprietary...
  4. mlpeloquin

    lug nut torque ??

    The torque is based on steal rims or aluminum rims. So be careful. If you have a steal rim spare, you need to get the proper torque for it as well. I had this, but did not save the information.
  5. mlpeloquin

    Residential Refrigerator/Freezer Problem

    The modern fridge is designed to be efficient. My home fridge did the same thing. So it may be iced up. At the back inside of the fridge is the fan and coil. There is a drain tube at the bottom of the internal assembly. A small amount of dust collects inside it over time and clogs at the...
  6. mlpeloquin

    Switching Winegard Rooftop Antenna to Dish

    It is not that easy. The internal circuit board inside the antenna has to be changed to look for the Dish satellite.
  7. mlpeloquin

    master bedroom mattress options

    Had an air mattress in the Big Horn and loved it. It went with the Big Horn. We now have a Denver Mattress in out SOB. Love it. Check out Oregon Campers Blog and reviews of products. I do when I need something and never have been disappointed. His Pre Delivery Inspection Document is one of...
  8. mlpeloquin

    Switching Winegard Rooftop Antenna to Dish

    I have Wineguard Direct TV, but that does not matter. I also have a portable with my SOB. I find that many parks just have a lot of mature trees and do not allow the use of the roof top antanna. The portable allows us to get satellite TV almost anywhere. The Dish portables are high def as...
  9. mlpeloquin

    Sikafflex 521 UV or Proflex RV Caulk

    I have learned over time Proflex on wall seams and Dicor on the roof.
  10. mlpeloquin

    Blizzard NXT AC Issue

    Use DeOxit on the connector contacts. That should eliminate the question of bad contacts with oxidation.
  11. mlpeloquin

    awning repair throw away nuts

    They should not be so easy to install. Through shock and vibrations they may work their way off. So keep a close eye on them.
  12. mlpeloquin

    awning repair throw away nuts

    I checked with McMaster Carr on line and it seems that they are all standard not metric. They do have almost everything. if you check the web page, it shows that the push nuts are by shaft size. Like I said before, they are hard to start and I use a pair of needle nose pliers and a hammer to get...
  13. mlpeloquin

    awning repair throw away nuts

    You can get a digital caliper, which has metric and standard, at Low's or Harbor Freight. They should not cost you more then $20 and will always be useful.
  14. mlpeloquin

    Fastners for Awning Assembly Stripped

    If you use SS rivets, they will be extremely hard to drill out later. They are harder then the material and wall they go into. When removing the rivet the drill will grip the center of the rivet and then cause it to spin. That will ruin the hole and awning assembly. Aluminum rivets are best...
  15. mlpeloquin

    TV HELP - north trail 24BHS with fire place

    Get a good metal stud finder. Move it up and down and across the wall. If a mounting plate is in the wall, you will find it and the exact size as well.
  16. mlpeloquin

    awning repair throw away nuts

    Measure the diameter of the rod. Then look up push nuts, but I think you may want retaining caps, for proper size. You can get SS ones as well. You may find them at a good hardware store.
  17. mlpeloquin

    Never again. Heartland slide out problem

    Don't think replacing an ignitor in the outside fridge area would cause a fire inside the RV fridge wall. The gas leak was in the water heater area outside the rig area and not between the inside wall and back of the fridge. There are not dots to connect between the fridge and the water heater...
  18. mlpeloquin

    Trailer brakes disconnecting

    What Bill Knight said will cure a lot of ills for $35 bucks and a little time. 64324
  19. mlpeloquin

    Trailer brakes disconnecting

    Try spraying your connector contacts with DeOxit.
  20. mlpeloquin

    Restoring our 2010 Landmark

    Remember the OEM was placed down prior to anything being installed including inside walls, island, cabinets, etc.. Laying vinyl down is not as easy as people think. The OEM vinyl my not even be glued down except on the edges to prevent cracking with floor movement while traveling. You should...
  21. mlpeloquin

    Air Admittance Valves

    If you look under each sink and up to the left or right, you will see the Studor valve. Only replace with the good one.
  22. mlpeloquin

    2016 NT 28BRS brake replacement

    We did no have 4.5k brakes. That being said, the best thing we ever did is change over to disk brakes. What a big difference and a lot safer. Stopping distance became shorter.
  23. mlpeloquin

    Tv backer size

    You can use a metal stud finder to find the edges. I did just that for my convection microwave oven. I had to replace the original microwave and its mounting and put a new mounting fixture for the new one. Turns out that the factory screwed a quarter inch from the internal wall pate's edge...
  24. mlpeloquin

    Kitchen sink drain

    Heartland did send me a PDF of my Big Horn's plumbing diagram. I called and requested it. You might call and ask for one for your rig. Then you will know.
  25. mlpeloquin

    Day/Night Shade No Spring and Screwed Flat against the wall

    I had to restring a few in my Big Horn. I found that there were a lot of burrs that did not allow the string to clear some of them. The plastic eyelet did not properly sit and that is what caused the original string to fray and break. I cleaned the burrs off and secured the eyelets so that...
  26. mlpeloquin

    Roof refinish

    Remember to have your trailer weighed. You have a nice new roof, and thicker heaver roof. Might not be much heaver, but you don't know what you don't know.
  27. mlpeloquin

    Un-Planned, Un-wanted electrical modification

    What I had found is that a lot of the electrical boxes had wire not fully pushed down the the base of the insulation displacement connector. I went through the entire RV and replaced some and fixed others. One thing to look for is the corded wire that brings AC into your slides. On two of...
  28. mlpeloquin

    Rain Water in the Underbelly

    You might want to look at your plumbing roof vents. Take the round plastic tops off. See if there is a space between the black ABS pipe and the roof. If so seal it with Dicor. Water can get in and fallow that pipe to the underbelly. I had checked mine on my fifth wheel and they were sealed...
  29. mlpeloquin

    2018 Heartland Bighorn crack in body

    I believe I have stated before that I too had a crack that developed into a big bulge. The cracks happen on almost every brand/manufactures units. Not all units though. I was shown, by my independent repair facility owner, at least twelve units with crack as a few with bulges just sitting in...
  30. mlpeloquin

    Rain Water in the Underbelly

    You need to find out where the rain is coming into your fifth wheel. In the mean time, take a small drill and only using your hands, put a hole in the center of the bulge. You have to give the water an exit point. Make sure it is rain water and not a gray water tank leak. You can tell by the...
  31. mlpeloquin

    Septic smell help!!

    When you do replace the Studor valve, don't use the cheep one. It is only flat rubber covering the opening. Use the good one. Studor Valve
  32. mlpeloquin

    adding shock absorbers

    I had put Joy Rider shocks on my Big Horn. They worked well. Looks like Lippert purchased them and are now called Comfort Ride Trailer Suspension System. Etrailer and Tweetys have them.
  33. mlpeloquin

    Dometic a/c short cycling at night

    Have you taken off the AC shroud on the roof and inspected the coils? Dometic makes an AC coil cleaner. I had to do this. Boy does this clean the coils. You also should do the internal coils as well. You have to pull the foam cover off from the roof side and I put towels and then a tarp to...
  34. mlpeloquin

    Quality of workmanship by Heartland

    Heartland was purchased by THOR in 2010.
  35. mlpeloquin

    Bird nests in slide out belly

    Are you sure it is a bird nest and not a rats nest? Dead rats smell, small birds usually do not.
  36. mlpeloquin

    Leak under front underbelly.

    Mine had leaked. It was gray water and was from the valve. The three of the screws had backed off. Better than when the black tank valve failed. I was lucky that only a few drops came out of the valve. The valve blade grabbed the side seal and pulled it out of position I just replaced the...
  37. mlpeloquin

    Tire pressure question

    You need to have your rig weighed and look up the weight/pressure table of GoodYear. I had my Big Horn fully weighed and I believe that It required 80 psi. I added ten psi. I also used a tire pressure monitor. I also had four point weighing done at Goshen. You will most likely find that one...
  38. mlpeloquin

    RW 429 - access to fresh water tank to sanitize?

    Per "Water System Guide" add 1/4 cup of bleach for every 15 gallons of water. See page 20 of the guide. This can be found under Tools, Heartland User Guides, Water System Guides V1.2
  39. mlpeloquin

    Cracked fiberglass around slide

    I also had this happen on my Big Horn. I was shown that this is a common problem on many brands. My independent repair facility showed me more then ten rigs and six different manufactures that had the same problem. My cousin has a barn, removed the entire side on both sides, welded braces in...
  40. mlpeloquin

    2012 Bighorn 5th wheel

    Carefree is good. I replaced my OEM twice with the OEM. I then replace the strip with one I got off EBAY. It was brighter and never failed.