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  1. CoveredWagon

    Wet bolt question

    How often did you grease the wet bolts ?
  2. CoveredWagon

    lug nut torque ??

    1/2 inch studs. 120 ft/lbs
  3. CoveredWagon

    Residential Refrigerator Not Working Properly.

    Have you checked the testable circuit breaker ? If I remember correctly it needs to be reset. To keep the batteries up.
  4. CoveredWagon

    How to tilt awnings for water runoff

    Sorry but you don't have them ,try,pulling one end down with a piece of rope and stake it down
  5. CoveredWagon

    Low water pressure kitchen sink

    Same here. Been that day since day one. I call it a water saving device.
  6. CoveredWagon

    Brake issue?

    They are activated, but will not engage until the wheels are rolling.
  7. CoveredWagon

    Roof refinish

    I can't afford flex armor either, but I can less afford a reroof with edpm. My quote is $6,9++. I'm getting some help from Dicor because from the pictures I sent they agree there is no help for mine. This is the original roof installed in 2017. It's been wash every year with either Dawn or Dicor...
  8. CoveredWagon

    Brake issue?

    With electric trailer brakes you have to be moving to activate the braking mechanism. With disc trailer brakes (electric over hydraulic) you don't.
  9. CoveredWagon


    I recently purchased Hercules 901 ST tires as well, by choice not by default. They are made by Cooper Tire and if you know tires you'll know Cooper.
  10. CoveredWagon

    Roof refinish

    Yes they do according to their web site. They have a very good video of the process. Take a look.
  11. CoveredWagon

    Roof refinish

    What does flex armor cost if I may ask. My 2018 roof has issues
  12. CoveredWagon

    Quality of workmanship by Heartland

    Quality is mostly determined by those who assemble any product.
  13. CoveredWagon


    Andersen buckets (as we call them) are nice but a little pricey.
  14. CoveredWagon

    Trailer length

    TTs are measured hitch to tail. Sorry guys that's how it is.
  15. CoveredWagon

    Toggle Switch - not working.

    Could be an exterior outlet that is switched
  16. CoveredWagon


    Red is designed for larger bolts 1/2 and up. Green is the permanent stuff. Most Loctite adhesives will break down at a temperature of 450 degrees.
  17. CoveredWagon


    On that size bolt, I would Red Loctite. It's what is recommended by Loctite. I also agree I would use grade 5 bolts.
  18. CoveredWagon

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: OH, Mineral City - 9/14/2022 to 9/18/2022

    Reservation made, will arrive 9/14 kicked out 9/18. Site # 837 Sizes one L & 2XL
  19. CoveredWagon

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: OH, Mineral City - 9/14/2022 to 9/18/2022

    Finally completing our summer plans. I'll make reservation tomorrow, or real soon. See yall soon.
  20. CoveredWagon

    Water heater anode rod

    Be sure an replacement rod you buy has a pipe thread not a straight thread
  21. CoveredWagon

    Water heater anode rod

    Me for 5 years
  22. CoveredWagon

    Entrance Door window leak

    Mortite rope caulk
  23. CoveredWagon

    Tire balance beads

    I've used Centramatics for 5 years. Easy to install. Look at their videos.
  24. CoveredWagon

    Overnight Battery Drain

    Is you converter turned on, is it charging your battery. It converts AC to dc but also charges your battery
  25. CoveredWagon

    New member post

    Sounds like spam
  26. CoveredWagon

    New tires

    What tire brand would you choose to put on a 15,000 pound Bighorn ?
  27. CoveredWagon

    Battery drain while in storage

    The batteries are hooked up in parallel. The rv was already set up to solar charge the batteries. All that really means is the output from the controller is + to + battery and - to -. Easy peeasy
  28. CoveredWagon

    Battery drain while in storage

    I've done this for several years. Never removed the batteries. RV is in storage for 6 months or so. Battery cables remain attached. Both disconnect switches are turned off.
  29. CoveredWagon

    BH270 with Silverado 1500 Trail Boss

    I've done that exact same trip with a 2500 Duramax with exhaust braking and trans shifting, pulling a 3270rs (14,000 lbs). Believe me I would not have wanted to do that trip with that load with any less capability.
  30. CoveredWagon

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Rally: MI, Ludington - 6/23/2022 to 6/26/2022

    Dave Carleen & Bunny Belfi have made reservation 6/20 - 6/27. See y'all soon.
  31. CoveredWagon

    Toyhauler battery disconnect/Kill Switch function?

    Remove the cable from the battery and put your VOM meter, set to amps, between the cable and the battery and
  32. CoveredWagon

    Cyclone brake issues

    I spray mine every time I connect. Can't be too safe. I know it's way overkill but so what. It's cheap