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    Announcement - Retirement of Club President

    Happy Retirement Jim and Nancy, you've been an excellent leader in the promotion of the Heartland brand over these many years. We wish you well in your next adventure. If you're ever in Reno look us up and we have a spare bedroom for you both.
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    What do you like about having an RV Lock on your entry door?

    Hello Jim, I bought the RV Lock that Kurt & Gail auctioned off at the Verdi Rally the past weekend. Looking forward to installing. Next will be baggage doors. It was a great rally. Kurt & Gail hosted an absolutely fabulous first Rally. Missed you and the Jess's though. Remaining attendees are...
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    2012 Heartland Bighorn 3610RE

    DoubleB, I would advise checking with professional installation companies for quotes to purchase, install and servicing. Amerigen here in Reno has worked on our portable generator and I reccomend the company. Wish you luck on this venture.
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    Kudos to Les Schwab, Arcata, CA

    Bill, Last year when I was getting a tire rotation the manager told me of the sale. Next visit to that store, they'd remodeled the interior and Les Schwab's portrait on one wall was covered over. This particular manager had worked his way up the ladder over 20-years and was none to pleased with...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NV, Verdi - 6/3/2021 to 6/6/2021

    Wow, what a great attendance list for the Nevada Chapter Rally this year. It will fantastic to see everyone and we'll have lots of catching up to do at the evening campfires!!! The circle around the fire pits will be 5 deep. Great weather, good food and drink and many FABULOUS Heartlander's...
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    Kudos to Les Schwab, Arcata, CA

    We have been a customer of Les Schwab for the past 30+ years. Always receive the very best customer service. Changed out the Maxxis tires the first year on all three Heartland's we've owned. As we mainly travel the western states, there is always a Les Schwab somewhere close by.
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    Chapter Rally is posted!!!!

    Tammy and Norm, Wishing you the best for your first rally. A lot of work, but a big bunch of fun and fellowship with the " GREATEST" campers in the world!!!
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    New Mallard Owner in Idaho

    ​Welcome from Northern Nevada. MakMake many great memories camping. Safe travels.
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    INTRODUCTION - Nevada Chapter Leaders

    CONGRATULATIONS Kurt and Gail on your new leadership duties. A big Heartland thank you to Floyd and Carol for the many years of faithful service and rallies. Let us know what we can help you with at your first rally. Happy retirement Floyd and Carol. George and Laura
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    This is such sad news for all those Heartlander's that were planning on attending. We've never been able to attend one of your rallies, but we've heard from those that have how hard you work at providing the very best rallies. May we meet someday, maybe in Goshen.
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    I'm back!

    Great news Jim. So glad to hear that you're back at the helm. I'm sure that Julie is also extremely happy. Glad you're working on the 2021 Goshen National Rally. Welcome back again!
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    Heartland Owners Club and TechnoRV Partner for a Virtual RV Rally

    You betcha Bob and Bo. Hope you're staying safe. Things starting to loosen up a bit here in northern Nevada. Had to cancel a couple of reservations so far. You both stay safe and we'll see you at the virtual rally, with our Fireball:o:o.
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    Heartland Owners Club and TechnoRV Partner for a Virtual RV Rally

    All signed up, camp chairs ready and the Fireball and ice cubes all ready. :rolleyes:
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    Hail on the roof - how do you tell it’s damaged?

    Definitely on your car. What's to lose filing a claim for the RV roof. At least you might get an inspection by a qualified person to access possible damage and recommend repair. You might see an increase in your insurance policy. Good luck!
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    ​Hello from Northern Nevada!
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    New Heartland Owner Here

    ​Welcome to the HOC. CONGRATULATIONS on your Elkridge. Happy campingcamping and safe travels.
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    Howdy From Texas

    Hello and welcome from Nevada! Be sure to join the Heartland Owners Club!
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    Hello from Indiana

    Hello and welcome to the Owners Forum. Be sure to join the Heartland Owners Club, it's FREE!
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    Looking for 5th wheels 34-38 feet long

    Mark and Linda, You reach out to Eric & Leona Conklin Eric1234. They had listed their Landmark for sale. It was the only year that Heartland manufactured a rig at I believe was 37'. It is in excellent shape. If they've not sold it yet. If I wasn't retired I'd scoop that rig up in a heartbeat...
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    Project LM 365

    Jerrod, Awesome new tow vehicle. Thanks for the pictures. Hope to see it soon, congratulations again :cool::cool:!
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    Project LM 365

    WoooooooooooooooHooooooooooooo, Can't wait to see it. I truly hope they do a you tube video on your new truck. I'll bet you can't sleep at night, and you'll probably be in the cabin of your airliner getting the pilot to go faster. Congratulations on your soon-to-be new FORD!!!
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    New kid on the forum

    Welcome from Northern Nevada :rolleyes:
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    Oregon Chapter Leaders to Retire

    Bruce and Terri, Thank you for your leadership of the Oregon chapter these past years. We've been unable to attend one of your rallies, but have always heard GREAT reviews from members that did attend. We know how much work goes into the months of planning and the execution of the rally. Again...
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    Alabama Chapter Leaders Retiring

    Happy Retirement Frank & Sharon. Thank you for your years serving the members of the Heartland Owners Club.
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    Finally Have a Trailer with Room

    ​Hello kaneferris, very nice rig. As you know we've got a lot of territory to explore in Nevada. Be sure and watch the forum to attend one of the HOC rallies in the west. Even a rally right in Vegas. Happy and safe camping.
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    HOC Founder's Birthday TODAY !!!

    Happy Birthday Jim!!! Just think, only 5 more years till Medicare :o. Light those candles, make a wish, have another piece of cake and one more drinkee. Stay healthy and happy in this next year.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Jackson - 9/25/2019 to 9/30/2019

    Fantastic agenda, please let us know what we can bring, or help you with anything. See you soon :cool::cool:.
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    Pulled the trigger again.....

    Congratulations on the new rig. Hope to see it one of these years. Are you going to the Jackson rally?
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    2019 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    We have not been able to attend a National Rally yet due to that 4-letter word "work". Not even when they had the on-the-road rally in Las Vegas, NV our home state. I know what it takes to produce a Chapter rally, let alone a National one with 240+ rigs. My hat's off to Jim, Julie, Regional and...
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    Asking for your prayers.

    Jim, you and Bette continue to be on our prayer chain. Keep on fighting. If it were me I'd be trying to gobble down the ice cream to put the weight back on. Blessings to you both
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    Haloview Backup camera's

    Hi Larandrea, I'm also looking at this same model to install on our 3010re Bighorn. Reviews I've read appear that unit will perform as advertised. Our rig is 35' and I'm considering ordering the extra antenna. I sure hope someone responds that have installed this model.
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    Lake Tahoe and Bears

    They are only on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. Migrated when Jerry Brown was elected the second time :confused::confused:.
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    Lake Tahoe and Bears

    hello jesnjim, We camp at Lake Tahoe about 5 times between Memorial Day and late October. I know that Camp Richardson has bear boxes for those camp sites for tenters. They do have a sow and Cubs wander through on occasions. Hard side RVS are not an issue. If you leave a cooler outside they'll...
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    New Bighorn with new truck

    ​What a sweet rig and tv, congratulations!
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    First post. Hello Heartland forum

    Larry, Welcome to the HOC! Congratulations on the new Cyclone. You live in a great area of Utah. Hope to see you soon at a rally.
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    Asking for your prayers.

    Jim, We'll keep up on the prayers, and you keep on being upbeat, cheery and positive.
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    jbeletti's 2019 Ford F150 Platinum

    Jim, As always, whether you have 2-weeks or just one week, you and your team will host a MAGNIFICENT national rally . One of these days Laura and I will be able to attend. Jerrod, I wish I could help you, maybe uncork a bottle early each morning :p George
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    jbeletti's 2019 Ford F150 Platinum

    Jerrod, you and Jim are going to be VERY busy :confused:. ​Nancy, Rhonda and Zoey will have lots of time to go shopping.
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    Considering Bighorn - Worried about issues I've read about

    We purchased a 3010re Bighorn new. We've had a few issues that were taken care of by Heartland. A few other items that we took care of as an owner. I consider some of the roads we travel and chock it to being a responsible owner. We've attended many Heartland rallies and everyone has had issues...