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    Starlink goes for Mobile Authorization

    spacex-starlink-fcc-internet-cars-boats-aircraft Intertesting to see Starlink applay to the FCC for mobile operation. I have been pre approved for stationary operation here in Canada. At $130 a month CAD this is a great way to access internet while mobile.
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    F 350 Tires Reaplacing with BFG T/A All Terrain KO2

    Hello all, Need replacement tires. My needs are for towing, winter and recently mud with the Landmark on. I have stock Michelin tires. Have looked and talked to dealers. I am looking at BFG All Terrain T/A KO2. I have 20 inch wheels and LT 275/65R20 size. I had three issues with hydroplaning on...
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    New 2020 Ford F350 Antenna Pods

    Hello, I have been looking at the new 2020 Superduty and in reviews I have noted that the GPS and Sat Receive antennas are mounted at the back. Has anyone noticed shadow from the Fifth Wheel cause issues with Sat Reception at ask? I know with my 2016 with antenna mounted at the front I get drop...
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    Landmark Louisville BLACK Tank/ SHOWER Connected

    Today while showering the shower pan started to back up. Ok been on Electrical site for 7 days about time for a dump. Go dump grey tank still backed up. Flushed the commode and guess what happened next. Found the easiest way to drain the shower is to dump the black tank. Find that Heartland had...
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    Inverter Issues popping GFCI-Found Possible Cause

    Been on two trips so far with the Landmark. Both times the GFCI has blown on the inverter when travelling. Yesterday I went to my storage lot, stationary Landmark not moving, GFCI blown on the Inverter. Running on Solar right now. Called Heartland service spoke with a service advisor on the...
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    Landmark Daytona Floorplan Up

    New Floorplan is up, no details as of yet.
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    Landmark Mystery AC Termination Front Bay

    Hello, We have this mounted on the ceiling of the front bay. It appears to be an extra circuit for generator battery charger perhaps? Or is this to run to the wall in the bedroom of the closet to allow a AC outlet to installed near the bed? Thanks Brian
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    Landmark Louisville EMS Systems - RESOLVED

    Hello, Running 30 amp right now on my Generator while working on getting the trailer ready. The Display shows that the Washer/Dryer is not shedded. The outlets has no power at all. Is this normal operation on 30 amp? Thank you Brian
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    Generator Storage Front Compartment

    Hello, Did Measurements tonight in -20 C windchill. The opening is just too small to make it work. Other storage in here now. Thank you for your replies. Brian
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    Landmark Louisville Modifications

    We brought home the New Louisville Landmark and the mod list is growing NO AC power on/near the bed, going to add 12 VDC for two CPAP machines. This has concerned me for a while using AC power for CPAP possible surge or other damage. Also UPS in case of a power failure. Cost for two DC...
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    Lippert Control Panel 2018 Landmark Jacks only

    Hello, Doing the PDI on our new coach last Saturday I noted the new Lippert control panel for the Levelling System. Looks like this is the bare bones system just to run the jacks in manual mode. Does anyone use this with bluetooth or wifi? Menu doesn't seem to have either feature. Thank you...
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    New Landmark Owner

    We have purchased the second version of the Landmark Louisville. No Dinette in the back, couch with table and theatre seating. This trailer will meet our needs with all the Landmark options in a 37 ft 6 inch that fits our provincial park sized sites and equipped with all options we desire. We...
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    Landmark EMS Systems

    Hello, Does the energy management system provide full protection the same as a Progressive EMS System? Reverse polarity, low voltage and compressor delay? Thank you Brian Found the information I needed in the well written Landmark user guide posted on this site. Looks like I still need the...
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    Prospective Buyer Landmark Newport

    Hello, Currently have a Bighorn 3575 EL and have the ability to upgrade to a Landmark Newport. Both are 2017. The Newport is like new, was used for 2 trips to Florida and has sat on the dealers lot since January 2018. This trailer is well equipped and has the little extras we are looking for...
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    Option for a early Upgrade Louisville

    Hello, We have been presented with a option to upgrade to a Landmark Louisville. This is a brand new 2018 (built 9/17) being sold at a good price The trade difference on the table between our 2 year old (we have had it 16 months) 2017 Bighorn 3575 is very reasonable at $25k CDN. We bought a...
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    Rare Review Bighorn after 1 year

    Hello all, On our first week out this year with the Bighorn. I see many threads on poor QC, build issues and problems. Not to jump on someone else's thread on how the trailer is or isn't I thought i would start my own. The Issues. Trim piece for slide fascia that is warped, several mis-tries...
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    2017 Bighorn Fresh Water Tank

    Hello, We are going to week long festival and need to carry a full tank about 100 miles due to availability at the site. I have not opened up the corplast yet. I am wondering if there are extra cross sports under the tank to be able to travel when full? Has anyone had a tank drop out on the...
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    Soft Breakers

    Having issue in a park. 37 amp running tripping a 50 amp pedestal. Anyone else have issues like this?
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    Big Bighorn Mod Plan

    Hello, Thought I would start a thread on mods and small repairs I have done to my Bighorn since taking possession in March 2017. -HDMI cable from bedroom Sat Rx location to basement. Includes full Infrared remote control link -Infrared remote to Living Room for Sat Receiver -Infrared for...
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    Norcold Low Ambient Option Not Connected

    Hello, The Norcold in my Bighorn has a low ambient option. Found the ground lead flying in mid air not connection. Is this something left disconnected at the Factory? It does use a significant amount of power it says. Brian
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    Bighorn 3715BH Shakedown Trip

    Bighorn BH 3575 Elite Shakedown Trip We did our shakedown trip this past weekend. De-winterized the coach and tested all systems. Big plus on the Coax/ Entertainment wiring. Everything worked! All Coax, HDMI, Off Air, Jensen Stereo and app on my iPhone. Very happy! Added to infrared...
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    BIghorn 3575 Dining Slide

    A question on the main dining slide. Is it suppose to be level with the floor? Second question is these small square tubes welded on top of the end of the floor rafter extension. Do they belong? . Thank you for your response.
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    Sidewinder Hitch On New Bighorn 3575 EL

    Hello, I came from a SOB that had a Reese Revolution hitch. Made moving easier around tight sites and older CG that were overgrown with trees. I was undecided and the dealer had several brand new Reese Sidewinder's in stock, made a deal on trading some unneeded accessories. Having a short 6' 8...
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    2016 Big Country 3560SS

    Hello , We are looking at a 2016 3560SS. We have a 4 by 4 SW F 350 Crew as TV. Does anyone tow this trailer with SW? I have 3400 lbs CCC and the Pin is showing 2880 on specs. With the Slide in Slide any issue with the Schwintek, I had a TT with Schwintek on a Super Slide that failed multiple...