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    MCD Shades up or down for travling

    Up in our Landmark. Less wear on the trim where I can see it in my easy chair.
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    Holes in battery compartment

    I sealed all of my knock outs for the Generator as I do not have once. Sealed on the side with adhesive fabric for corplast and liberal application of caulk on the bottom.
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    Lippert 425306

    I moved my main panel outside. Much easier to use and better for manual levelling.
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    Stovetop flame problem when oven is lit.

    Some are our where. By the time someone sticks a screwdriver in the adjustment slot the diaphragm is often damaged and starts to leak. If it is 6 lbs the regulator is bad.
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    Tow vehicle options

    Look at the CCC of the truck you want to buy. I looked at a SRW Lariat 2020 F350 Crew 8 ft box. The CCC was 4600 lbs. That is enough to tow your 18,000 lb coach. A decision you make on what you need is yours. FTR I tow with a SRW 2016 F350 Lariat Crew Shortbox with snowplow prep and Camper...
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    Share your 2021 camping photos!

    Grundy Lake Provincial Park on the Canadian Shield. Site is huge and no neighbours close by.
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    Landmark Louisville Modifications

    More mouse proofing. We are at our northern fall trip on the Canadian Shield Last year we had mice, found 2 live and 2 in traps. 1/4 inch galvanized mesh. This blocks a lot of the hole for the hydraulic ram. Can bend if needed. We use Mouse Free spray as well which has worked for 3 winters in...
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    Excessive problems

    A couple things. Sounds like a used Purchase from a dealer. If so the repairs should be part of a purchase. I have a 2018 Landmark Louisville made in September 2017. We purchased new off the dealer lot in March 2019. In Fall 2020 all caulking was pulled out and replaced on roof edge. Cable and...
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    Slide stuck out

    I have a slide in slide on my Heartland. FTR the Schwintek does work fine in my experience. I would suggest you get the slde all the way out. It looks like the top has come in contact with the frame. I had this happen on my 2012 Rockwood with a super slide and Schwintek. I had to get the slide...
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    New to our Heartland and we need new batteries

    What ever is on sale at Auto Zone or UAP. Highest deep discharge amps, ranking amps mean nothing for RV use.
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    Tow Vehicle

    I tow a 2018 Landmark Louisville with a 2016 SRW F 350 SD CCC is 3800 lbs. My Measured pin weight is 3,100 lbs. With passenger, hitch and generator in truck bed we are at limit. For us this best. I live and drive in snow and ice all winter. A dually is a hazard on the road unless you have 3,000...
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    Views From Your Campsite

    Grundy Lake Provincial Park on the Canadian Shield just south of Sudbury Ontario. Our favourite fall destination. Large sites!
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    Is it normal for the shower to drain to a black tank?

    My Landmark had the shower plumbed to the Black Tank. I replumbed this while camping to have the shower into the front grey tank with the lab sink. Back grey is kitchen only. This make a lot for sense for boon docking being able to use both grey tanks together for shower and dishes and th black...
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    PLEASE help.. black water tank smell.. long story..

    To keep the seal of the toilet working when leaving pour about 3 inches of cheap cooking oil. It will not evaporate and with lubricate the seal. Also makes the dump valves slick as a goose eating fresh greens! I do this once a year to lube my dump valves. I pour a gallon down gray tanks, catch...
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    AWM990 turns on & off repeatedly

    This problem is related to low voltage on the Jensen head unit. I had one in my 2017 Bighorn. I double the DC supply wiring to provide less voltage drop and that stopped the problem in my case. Brian
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    Jensen JWM9A Power Cycling

    The power lead and ground go back to the power distribution. I had the problem in my Bighorn. There just happened to be a spare circuit. Doubled up the wire and it worked fine. I have the same voltage drop issue with my tilting bed in my landmark. I am going to run some # 10 AWG to main...
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    Plywood coating under the slides

    We still get occasional construction debris on our 3 season old coach. As far as water ingress I applied lots sealant when installing, silicone in my case from discount store. Works great in this application.Let it squeeze out and wipe off with vinegar soaked cloth.
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    Load Rating

    I have BFG All Terrain TA KO2 on 20 inch wheels. LT 275/ 65R20 on my 2016 SRW F350. I put them on last summer, stock were worn out 75,000 km. The BFG stick to the road in rain and are great in Mud at the campground and we get snow, they do well here as well. I was stuck on a site with Michelins...
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    Plywood coating under the slides

    The 18 Gauge in my case I just slide in. Depending on slide type you need to be careful how far is the fixed edge doesn't get in the way.
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    Plywood coating under the slides

    I would recommend that you recoat the wood if required. Install stainless steel on the roller points. I did this with my slide in slide on my Landmark on the inner slide. This saved my slide bottom from being chewed up. Attached with silicone and stainless screws, drill or punch holes first...
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    Landmark Louisville Modifications

    Re: Landmark Louisville Modifications LCI Control Panel Its Spring and Landmark Mod Season.. The LCI levelling control inside the Trailer was always in the wrong spot. This weekend I moved this to Drivers side basement. Used the stock plastic extrusion. Mounted the light switch on the end. Ran...
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    2019 3/4 ton duramax srw w/ air bags towing Torque TQ371

    Hello, I just looked at this Toyhauler specs. It is 17,000 lbs GVWR. Air Bags will not increase Cargo Carrying Capacity to meet pin weight. As shipped pin weight is 3200 lbs. This fifth wheel is 1 ton territory.
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    Frameless Dual Pane Option

    Hello. I do not have pictures but have them on my Landmark. They look like standard frameless windows on the outside. We like them and camp a lot shoulder season when it is colder near 32 F.
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    Portable Generator Questions

    I have a Powerhouse 4 Kw fuel injected. Run premium fuel( contains no ethanaol in Canada) and stabil. I run it about Once a month in season maybe once every 2 months out of season. It does run under full load in season when working in the toga slot. Stored under cover in the back of my truck.
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    SOLVED: KIB Switch Backlighting is always on

    Re: KIB Backlighting is now always on Hello, In my Landmark on the Bedroom control panel there is a Backlight control. Press multiple times to either have high, low or off functions. Mine says backlight . I hope this helps. Brian
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    Starlink goes for Mobile Authorization

    We do not have WiFi anywhere we go. Rely on cell internet often 3g but a fast 3g! Email and social media use. We do camp in the trees but can find holes for satellite access. This is a game changer opening up the north for extended stays and for work @ camp.
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    Starlink goes for Mobile Authorization

    spacex-starlink-fcc-internet-cars-boats-aircraft Intertesting to see Starlink applay to the FCC for mobile operation. I have been pre approved for stationary operation here in Canada. At $130 a month CAD this is a great way to access internet while mobile.
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    Generator/Transfer Switch Question

    That happens with my TS as well. Simple dropout of the Generator transfer relay with low voltage. My Convertor can draw 12 to 15 amps when batteries are low.
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    1/2 Ton towing

    Towing Guide Best thing to do is ignore dry weight, go by Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Max Weight. Then look at your Cargo Capacity that you truck can...
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    Shore power Instructions detailed here as long as you have generator prep and transfer switch. Brian
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    Generator storage area

    Hi Jake, I removed the Onan frame in my Landmark and store my GMG smoker and accessories in there. It might require some extra support for a pair of generators. One thing I dod do was put a power inlet on the front and feed the transfer switch from this. I store my generator in my truck bed...
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    Sailun Truck Tires????

    Hello I didn't have life concerns on Michielins on my F350. 82,000 km. I needed traction in mud in parks in summer and snow in winter. Just bought BFG TA All Terrain KO2. They are aggressive but do run quiet on the highway. I towed a couple long trips late last year, did the job.
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    Reese Slide Hitch 15K in 2008 F250 SB Diesel for 2008 BH 3370RL

    Hello Aussie, Ford towing guide I owned a 2014 F 250 and with my Rockwood fifth wheel loaded 1900 lbs pin weight and with gear and people in truck I used up my 2400 lb CCC. I have a F 350...
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    Furnace air flow

    Hello, I had issues with airflow in my Landmark. I sealed up all the the edge of the furnace outlet box, lots of air is lost there. Our bath/ bedroom was fed from a 4 inch duct but the hole that was cut was 2 inches and the 4 inch flange just screwed over, enlarged the hole and flow is...
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    Forum logo - a work in progress

    Safari 14.0.2 on OS Big Sur is fine
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    Bed Tilt Not Working

    Hello, I have the moreryde bed on our Landmark Lousiville. The wiring that is used to supply DC power to bed is way too small, our bed needs to be helped at times to fold up. One thing I am doing on my modification list for Spring is to replace the wiring with 12 gauge and short to stop voltage...
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    2021 - Goshen Rally - Entertainment

    Amish or Mennonite is my diet, not far from the horse and buggy in my family. Entertainment with the Band was pretty good last Rally.
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    Is this normal?

    I changed the batteries so I could test the TV while doing the install, I installed wireless HDMI systems. FTR This was March of 2019 and was snowing outside.
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    Is this normal?

    I was able to gain a lot of room in my basement. I have over 4,000 lb of cargo carrying. Might as well add extra space. Close to 40 sq feet of extra floor space added. After then Before
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    New (Maybe) Heating Problem

    Is the tank that is not working on the high pressure regulator? Opposite side from the switch over regulator?