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  1. 307Tailgater

    No water kitchen faucet

    New used trailer to wife and I. Went to sanitize the fresh water tank. I have water coming out of every source excluding the kitchen faucet. It just drips out of this faucet. I checked connections under sink, no leaks or kinks. Pump seems to work fine. Anyone have ideas why I am not having...
  2. 307Tailgater

    New Member

    Hello All! Proud new owners of a 2015 Heartland Prowler Lynx 26LX. Came from the snowmobiling world, 25 years of riding back country in WY, MT, UT, ID, CO, BC and decided it was time to let that part of my life go and get a camper for mom and I so we can enjoy the Spring & Summer plus make WYO...