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  1. pmmjarrett

    1955 Ford COE Harley Davidson Edition crew cab Powerstroke Diesel powered truck build.

    That's right, a 1955 Ford COE crew cab. I'm going to take a 1955 Ford C series cabover, a 1956 Ford F100, a nice 2000 Ford E-450 ambulance cut cab & chassis with a 7.3 Powerstroke diesel and a Ford crew cab pickup Harley Davidson interior and mash them together into one cool truck that can be...
  2. pmmjarrett

    A new direction with a Rod and Custom Shop

    It’s official, I’m retired, again, and my Freightliner haul and tow truck is sold. I’m looking for a new direction to make a couple bucks or at least break even so it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and keep me busy doing something I love. Some of you may know I’m having some medical...
  3. pmmjarrett

    Adapting a home for handicap living

    As many of you know, my FIL was involved in a near fatal auto accident on Jan 1 2011. He was ressusetated on scene after being cut out of his flipped mini van. He has 2 broken ribs, a small cut on his head and is having trouble with his pacemaker and blood pressure. He was also diagnosed with...
  4. pmmjarrett

    SNOW --- Over 9 inches and still falling in south east NC

    Over 9" so far in less than 24 hours and it's still coming down at my place in Autryville, NC. Power has been out for a couple hrs now but we are warm by the wood stove. Have some ham and beans cooking on the stove right now. Yummy. Stay safe. Here's my dually which is sitting in an open...
  5. pmmjarrett

    N Scale Model Railroad Build

    I'm getting back into N scale model railroading after selling off everything when I was medically retired from the Army over 6 years ago. Although I have a 16' x 32' attic I could use, I'm going small. Either a 36" x 72", 36" x 80" (hollow core door) or a 36" x 108" layout. I just ordered a...
  6. pmmjarrett

    New Haul and Tow RV transporter truck build..... Season II

    Welcome to season II ....... It's time to build another truck. For those of you who joined me on the last build I welcome you back. Y'all seemed to enjoy the last build so much here that you are getting an exclusive. I am not posting this on 3 forums like I did last time. I simply don't have...
  7. pmmjarrett

    Medium Duty Truck Air Ride Installation

    For those of you looking to step up to a medium duty truck, there are tons of trucks on the market at great prices right now but for medium duty class 4 - 6 trucks it is difficult to find one with air ride, especially if it has hydraulic brakes. There are several options out there to...
  8. pmmjarrett

    When installing the best security system money can buy...

    Respect your neighbors opinions.
  9. pmmjarrett

    Motorhome Racing

    Extreme Motorhome Racing
  10. pmmjarrett

    New Transporter Truck

    As many of you know I'm a professional RV transporter. Speaking with Jim the other day I mentioned I was doing this and he asked if I'd share the build here. A little about my background... Besides serving in the military and driving truck I have been a shipfitter, bodyman, welder and...
  11. pmmjarrett

    Heartland siting, I found the motherlode LOL

    What a day. Taking Jim Beletti up on his invite to meet up while we were both in town on the same day for a quick tour of the factory.... he was working and I was goofing off until he put me to work LOL....... all I can say is, Today was a fantastic day!!!! Schedule for today; 7:15 am -...
  12. pmmjarrett

    Stay out of areas made for cars

    I just caught this video. This is not the best way to see how a competitors product is constructed. The driver and his 10 year old son walked away without a scratch. Very lucky as this could have easily killed them. Video News story (scroll down a little bit) More pictures Best to stay...