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    2023 National Heartland Owners Club Rally

    Heartland is in the planning process for the 2023 National Heartland Owners Club Rally! This rally is open to any and all Heartland Owners Club members; in the U.S. and Canada. Bring your travel trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler and be apart of this exciting week of events! The rally will be...
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    Heartland Owner's Club Satisfaction Survey

    WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! As we continue to grow the Heartland Owners Club, we’d appreciate feedback on your current experiences. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey and be entered to win a $50 gift card. Survey ends 10.1.21 Link to survey:
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana - 9/30/2021 to 10/3/2021

    Hi! My name is Amber Alber and I am the Marketing Coordinator for Heartland RV. I wanted to share an event graphic with you to use if you so choose for your rally. Please let me know if you'd like us to send you a few items for your raffle. You can email me at
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    Hi, Paul and Sue! My name is Amber Alber and I am the Marketing Coordinator at Heartland RV and...

    Hi, Paul and Sue! My name is Amber Alber and I am the Marketing Coordinator at Heartland RV and one of the Admins for the HOC. I wanted to introduce myself and provide an event graphic for your upcoming rally for you to use if you so choose. Please let me know if you need a raffle item or items...
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    Heartland Owner's Club to Continue in 2022 and Beyond

    Dear Heartland Owners, We know there has been a lot of changes in the last few weeks as well as a lot of chatter regarding the Heartland Owner’s Club and we need to set something straight. The HOC is NOT going away and Heartland is here to support the club and will continue its National Rally...
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    Cyclone Toy Hauler 'YETI Switch'

    Did You Know? If you have new or new to you Cyclone Toy Hauler, it may come with the YETI upgraded option that you can find in the Control Center. The YETI Switch controls a heat pad that is located on the rig's holding tanks. It's important to note, you never want to run the heating pad if your...
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    Cyclone Toy Hauler Water Line Heater Switch

    If you own a Heartland RV Cyclone Toy Hauler, you may have noticed a residential switch in your Control Center.The sole purpose of this switch is to prevent the water line from freezing.
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    Thermostat Setting - MAINTENANCE MONDAY with Heartland RV

    Thermostat Setting Have you ever wondered why your A/C kicks on instead of the heat when you turn your thermostat on inside your Heartland RV? The thermostat inside your RV is not programmed to 'Auto', but is set to either 'Low' or 'High.' Watch as we explain to you why this is and show you how...
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    Manual Slide Out Operation

    Have you lost power while camping and need to pull your slide out(s) in or out? Watch as Service Rep, John, provides the do's and don'ts of how to manually operate the slide system in your Heartland RV.
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    Manual Operation of Hydraulic Landing Gear

    Learn how to manually operate your hydraulic landing gear while traveling in your Heartland RV. *NOTE* You should only operate your hydraulic landing gear manually in the case of an emergency or loss of power.