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    Screen Door Replacement

    Good day all, I am wanting to replace our existing screen door mostly because of age. In the process I would like to upgrade it to include storm glass (Plexi of course). I know that a complete replacement of the door would correct this but I think that is going too far time and money wise...
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    Furnace Removal

    I would like to pull out my furnace from it's compartment and need to know if I have to disconnect the duct work or is it connected to an outer box that the furnace slides into. At this point I'm trying to troubleshoot a dead furnace and to look over the entire unit for issues (dirt dobbers and...
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    Pros and Cons for the Removal of Black Tank Flush Relief Valve

    I'm in the process of moving my water filters inboard and cleaning up all the water lines behind the UDC and I would like to know the pros and cons for the removal of the black tank flush pressure relief valve. I have two reasons for it's removal: Being buried behind the shower when it fails...
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    How Many Heartlanders Worked Amazon Peak 2013?

    I finished a full peak season working for Amazon for the first time. Because you are really only able to eat, sleep and work I was not able to stop and visit with any of the Heartland rigs I saw in the various campgrounds in Campbellsville, KY. So just drop a note if you worked at any of the...
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    Jensen AWM-970 Dead

    Looks like my Jensen 970 died. Went to power it up to play a movie and no power, no lights nothing. Checked to see if a fuse in the fuse box was blown; no fuse there. Pulled unit out of the cabinet and found a 15A fuse within the cable harness; checked OK and replaced with another fuse...
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    Exterior Width

    Not having our rig available can anyone provide a general width of a BC, BH or LM with slide on both sides deployed? Found a in town RV park but the sites are small; need deployed width in order for Park to make a spot for us. Thanks, John
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    Scenic Eastern Missouri Routes

    Planning a early April trip from Minnesota to Alabama and would like to try a more scenic route other than South on I-39 out of Rockford, IL to I-57 and I-24 onto I-65. I was thinking of staying west of the Mississippi (US 61) and take that close to St. Louis, MO. I'll gathering maps of the...
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    Mpls / St. Paul RV Show

    Just returned from the 2012 Minneapolis / St.Paul RV show and was surprised that our local dealers were not really displaying many of the larger 2012 trailers (5ers) this year. Only one Big Country 2012 (non-gold edition) and a couple of Elkhorns; no Big Horns or Landmarks. From what I could...
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    Heading Back North After a Great Week in Smokeys

    Sitting in Misty River campground in Wallan, TN waiting for the snow and ice to pass through Iowa and Minnesota before returning home. Been here 10 days and enjoying the wonderful weather and family. Two older Big Countrys here but we have seen lots of other Heartlands during our travels from...
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    Slide Switch Not Working

    The slide switch in the main switch panel in our 3650 no longer works. The slides can be extended or retracted by using the remote or the switch mounted in the hydraulic compartment so I can believe its a fuse; any thoughts?
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    Options Dicussed Here vs. Options Discussed at Dealer

    After lurking here for many months researching the purchase of our first 5er; I have noticed that there are many options, choices or changes that are discussed on the forum but have never been brought up as something that could be added or deleted from an ordered coach. Sitting down with the...