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  1. linuxkidd

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NM, Alto - 5/4/2017 to 5/7/2017

    Oh, very good to know! I'll call back after lunch tomorrow if I've not heard from her by then. Edit: Just realized I forgot to mention our dates in the park.. We're looking to be there Apr 29th through Mar 13th. Thanks! LK
  2. linuxkidd

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NM, Alto - 5/4/2017 to 5/7/2017

    Hey all, Former Heartland Owner and still Technical moderator here on the forums. We had planned on being in this area during the rally and were invited by Jim Beletti to attend. We've left a voicemail with the RV park, so pending confirmation of our reservation, count us in attendance...
  3. linuxkidd

    50 Amp Hughes Autoformer or not

    I have both the Progressive Industries hard-wired 50 amp EMS, and a Hughes Autoformer. They do completely different things: * EMS -- Disconnects power from your coach in the event of many types of power anomalies. * Autoformer -- Boosts low voltage up to a better range which helps your coach's...
  4. linuxkidd

    Problem With Repling to Messages

    At this time, I've disabled quick reply all together. We are still researching the issue and may intermittently re-enable quick reply for testing, but don't want a poor experience in the interim. Please play with the functionality as it is now, and let us know your thoughts. Thanks, LK
  5. linuxkidd

    Down time - 2016 June 26 - Server Move

    Thanks for finding and reporting this issue Domi / Carleen. It turned out to be a permissions issue in *part* of the attachments folder. Since the attachment location (which part of the folder) your file was being written to depended on your username, it was only impacting part of the forum...
  6. linuxkidd

    Down time - 2016 June 26 - Server Move

    Thanks for catching my typo! It's been there a while.. ;)
  7. linuxkidd

    Down time - 2016 June 26 - Server Move

    This is from a Windows 10 box, running Firefox.
  8. linuxkidd

    Down time - 2016 June 26 - Server Move

    That one worked ( manage attachments from 'Advanced' view of the post, not the quick reply area ). I do see that the 'ok' button disappears on the quick insert image link in the toolbar above the text box. I'll see if I can figure that one out. LK
  9. linuxkidd

    Down time - 2016 June 26 - Server Move

    Hello All, We've moved Heartland Owners Forums to a new hosting provider. The new provider should be considerably more stable, and likely faster too. Please keep an eye out for any anomalies and let us know if something seems out of sorts. One known issue: During the migration, we lost 21...
  10. linuxkidd

    Performance issues with Owners Forum - but not the forum's fault

    danemayer: it's not uncommon for the default DNS servers provided by your internet service provider to be poor preforming. It's also possible that you are now bypassing your router which may have been trying to cache DNS on your behalf, but doing so poorly. In either case, glad it's working...
  11. linuxkidd

    Subscribed Threads Have Stopped Forwarding To Email Again

    Morning all.. I found the issue moments ago and corrected it. There should be email flowing now... Thanks, LK
  12. linuxkidd

    Problem posting my position on the map

    Sorry for the delay, but should be all fixed now. Thanks! LK
  13. linuxkidd

    Problem posting my position on the map

    Thanks to everyone for your troubleshooting. There is an issue with the lat/long getting swapped. I'll get this glitch corrected today. In the mean time, if you click on the map to move your pin, you should see the values correctly, and clicking update then should work. Thanks, LK
  14. linuxkidd

    Latest Option for H.O.T.E.L Directory

    Should be all better now... Thanks, LK
  15. linuxkidd

    Subscription notification Emails not flowing

    Re: Trouble posting pictures???? I believe we identified and corrected the cause of this... Please let me know if this is still an issue with future notifications. Thanks, LK
  16. linuxkidd

    Trouble posting pictures????

    Should be all fixed up now....
  17. linuxkidd

    Forum Software updated - changes?

    Hello all, The feature is called 'Double Post Check'. Common forum etiquette across the web frowns on posting multiple responses in a row, so this feature monitors for such activity within a10 minute window and automatically combines the posts. This combining helps the visual flow of the...
  18. linuxkidd

    Forum Problem - "Location" on Poster Identification

    This has been corrected. Thanks, and sorry for the delays... LK p.s. For the geeks in the room.. the problem was that the link went to an HTTPS version of HOP, but was trying to load the Google Maps over HTTP. This caused a conflict and, for security reasons, the HOP map would fail to load...
  19. linuxkidd

    HOC Retired

    The officially branded Heartland Owners Chat (HOC) has been seeing very little use in recent months. On top of this, we have the integrated chat within the forum now (The little bar at the bottom of your window on every page) which also supports group chat ( 'ChatRooms', 2nd icon from the left...
  20. linuxkidd

    FIXED: Heartland Owners Position Map Not Working

    Re: Heartland Owners Position Map Not Working Alright... NOW, go try it.. :D Please, let us know if there's any other problems... LK
  21. linuxkidd

    FIXED: Heartland Owners Position Map Not Working

    Re: Heartland Owners Position Map Not Working I see the problem.. working to fix this part now.. Thanks for identifying the issue MTPockets! I'll report back when it's all patched up. LK
  22. linuxkidd

    FIXED: Heartland Owners Position Map Not Working

    Re: Heartland Owners Position Map Not Working Sorry for the delay on this... I think I got it all fixed up now.. Please let us know if there's any lingering issues.. LK
  23. linuxkidd

    Heartbleed and the Heartland Owners Forum

    Just found this from XKCD (a popular geek comic site): Heartbleed Explained <- Very good for understanding the issue.. and pretty darn accurate. Doesn't change the recommendations above, but gives a bit of clarity. LK
  24. linuxkidd

    Heartbleed and the Heartland Owners Forum

    Just found out that if you use LastPass, it can help you know when and where to change your credentials! Very cool! See THIS LINK for more details! btw.. If you're online and don't use LastPass to generate random passwords, and manage said passwords.. You're REALLY missing out! It's a great...
  25. linuxkidd

    Heartbleed and the Heartland Owners Forum

    If you'd like to test a site that's not listed anywhere, or hasn't posted their own status update.. Please use this tool: It does a lot more than this one test, but as soon as the test concludes, there will be a section of banners just below the main...
  26. linuxkidd

    Heartbleed and the Heartland Owners Forum

    The video in your link does a fairly good job of explaining the situation.. there are however a few technical inaccuracies (as there usually are with mass media).. 1: The hacker using this exploit doesn't get to pick what data the server reveals.. it's a crap shoot... They get 64kb of data, and...
  27. linuxkidd

    Heartbleed and the Heartland Owners Forum

    This post relates to a vulnerability in an open-source software package used to provide secure web-site serving (https) among other server communication products, commonly referred to as 'heartbleed'. We are pleased to announce that while we do use Apache and OpenSSL for encrypting all payment...
  28. linuxkidd

    Unable to open Newsletter

    I would absolutely LOVE it if Microsoft and/or Adobe fixed their stuff. Unfortunately, online sites (our community included) which are doing nothing but following established guidelines and policies for properly providing web-pages and other content are caught in the middle when Microsoft...
  29. linuxkidd

    What the h...?

    I can personally guarantee that no one has setup any pop-up ads on the site. I can also guarantee that HeartlandOwners has no affiliation with '' mentioned above. The usual way this occurs is if you have malware in your computer and/or browser that is...
  30. linuxkidd

    Crockpot Recipes

    ignore this post.. It's only here to fix the 2nd page link issue..
  31. linuxkidd

    Forum Busy Message...again

    Sorry for the inconvenience everyone... We're aware there's an issue and are working to find the source... LK
  32. linuxkidd

    2013 Goshen Rally - Mobile Site

    You're Welcome Mr Comer... :D
  33. linuxkidd

    Why can't I view pictures on this forum?

    Hello bowser66, The issue you describe is typical of browser cookie issues. If you can, please try visiting the forum with a different web browser. The best ones are free downloads: Mozilla Firefox: Google Chrome: Please let us know your...
  34. linuxkidd

    Downtime explanation - 2013-Apr-04

    Hello all... Tonight, I was performing some additional cleanup from our recent 'Server too busy' issues. Part of this cleanup involved rebooting the server. Unfortunately, a typo in a critical configuration file lead to the server not booting back up correctly. I was able to guide our...
  35. linuxkidd

    HOC Chat issues

    Gents, Are we talking about the same thing? // Seems to work for me. If it works for you now, maybe there was a transient issue that cleared. Let me know if it's still not working, or if it's the lower bar chat system that you're talking about. Thanks, LK
  36. linuxkidd

    Forum Too Busy

    Hello All, We're trying to isolate the source of the problems. This seems to have really cranked up with a recent change by our hosting provider, but it's too early to tell for sure. Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience this poses. I know it really takes the fun out of...
  37. linuxkidd

    Forum use and question, re: profile photo and signature

    Hello all, Glad to see everything is working as expected now. A quick note though, every time you post... there's an option below the post area (even in the Quick Reply feature) for 'Show your signature'. So, no matter what your profile settings are, this option will override it on a...
  38. linuxkidd

    ATF: Greystone - Thermostat

    Typically, this is experienced when the Thermostat is set to 'Electric Heat' instead of 'Gas Heat' mode. Usually, there's a jumper in the back of the Thermostat labeled 'HE' / 'HG'. You should be set to the 'HG' mode. Hope this helps, LK
  39. linuxkidd

    Forum Issues - June to August 2012

    Re: Forum Issue? JB is correct, the posts I've fixed so far have had issues due to improper handling of extended characters. Some examples: - Using forward and reverse slanted single quotes or double quotes ( Word does this automatically ) instead of the ' or " which are completely fine -...
  40. linuxkidd

    Any Forum Problems in the last Week or So?

    I've done some optimizations on the forum, disabled some features we don't use, enabled a maximum server load option which should protect us from runaway code, etc.... Let's hope things stay as quick as they appear to be right this second. Please share your experiences. Thanks, LK