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  1. scottyb

    Mexican Bean Soup

    Do you have a recipe that every time you make it, it gets cleaned up and everyone wants the recipe? Well, to top it off, this one is so fast and so simple, you will not believe it. I made 7 gallons of them one time for a benefit BBQ, and they were just as good. We often eat them as a soup with...
  2. scottyb

    Ruisoso and Silver City, NM

    Looking for a place to stay at both places in August.
  3. scottyb

    Thank You Heartland Owners Forum

    I want to thank everybody that has provided so much valuable information and guidance. Every time I started a new project and had I a question, I knew I could login and find an owner's guide or get a direct answer in short order. I'm sorry I was never able to attend a rally and meet some of the...
  4. scottyb

    Rotating Tires on a DRW

    My two outside duals are wearing at a much faster rate (2X) than the insides. There are no signs of abnormal wear and they seem even across the tread. This is the 2nd set and I didn't pay a lot of attention to the OEM tires since I just wanted to get rid of them anyway. My truck, like many...
  5. scottyb

    Looking at Diesel Pusher. Tell Me Why Not

    First of all, I have enjoyed my 4100 immensely and this forum has made the experience even better. It has been an excellent Toy Hauler and I can not speak highly enough of my experience with it as an introduction to RV'ing. Most of my RV'ing right now consist of long travel days (400-500 mi)...
  6. scottyb

    Views From Your Campsite

    We recently completed a trip to UT and AZ. I thought it would be fun to post photos taken from the perspective of your campsite. Not necessarily photos of the RV but photos taken from somewhere on the campsite. Our 1st stop was at Gouldings in Monument Vally. We stayed a couple days there and...
  7. scottyb

    Need 12V Power Port in Bed of Truck

    I recently acquired an 80 QT ARB Fridge/Freezer for our Cyclone. On occasion I intend to carry it in the bed of my truck, like when we recently dropped the Cyclone in Phoenix and dead-headed home for a couple weeks. I built an adapter using the 7 pin RV plug and a power port. However, it is a...
  8. scottyb

    Tunnel at Zion NP

    Is the tunnel off limits, pulling a 5th wheel? I assumed you have to drive around to the north or south, which is considerably longer.
  9. scottyb

    Installed Cargo Tray and Fridge/Freezer

    I installed a 12V power port on the wall between the basement and generator. I only needed about 18" of wire from the 12V buss bar to the port. I added a 15A fuse between them and the fridge has one built in to the power plug. Installing the Mor/Ryde sliding cargo tray was the easiest part. You...
  10. scottyb

    Portable Refrigerators

    I found an old topic that was closed but there wasn't much of a discussion so I thought I would start a new one. I'm looking to make a purchase soon. Looking at Dometic, Engel, ARB, EvaKool, Edgestar. There is a wide range of prices, and the least expensive, Edgestar 80 Qt gets excellent reviews...
  11. scottyb

    Albuquerque to Gouldings at Monument Valley

    I have my route set for the end of the month. The only questionable section is the easiest route and best roads from Albuquerque to where we are staying, Gouldings. We will be staying overnight and leaving from American RV Park on the west side of ALB. One route wants to take me through Gallip...
  12. scottyb

    Replacing DC Breaker

    I have read a couple times where it was recommended by Lippert to replace the 50A breaker for the hydraulic pump, with an 80A. I have searched and have been unable to locate one of the same style, above 50A. For those that have replaced them, were you able to find an 80A of the same type or did...
  13. scottyb

    Do You Head North When the Temperature Rises

    Every body knows what a Smowbird is, but what do you call the folks that live in the south and head north or for high country when it starts heating up? At this time, I don't forsee ever selling the S&B home. I feel the the Texas Hill Country is about as good a place to winter as anywhere in the...
  14. scottyb

    Geo Method

    I read about the Geo Method in another thread a while back. I bookmarked the web site and looked for some Calgon a couple times unsuccessfully. I thought I would give it a try some day. On our last outing, we were getting a lot of odor from the bathroom so I decided to check it out again. The...
  15. scottyb

    AGM Baterries. Extravagant or Worth the Cost?

    I went the cheap route, purchasing 4 x 6V Energizer GC-2 batteries, when I upgraded my storage. Everything is contained and vented so no chance for spills or corrosion. My question is, are AGM batteries that much better? It seems like the cost is 3X that of lead acid batteries. Do they really...
  16. scottyb

    Caulking Issues

    I am convinced that I am the world's worst at caulking but I know it has to be done. I have noticed lately that it looks like some of the sealant is melting. This is along the trim where the outside wall and skirting come together. It looks very similar to the sealant that comes in rolls that is...
  17. scottyb

    Any California Chrome Fans On Here?

    Any California Chrome fans out there? Will he get it done. 36 years since Affirmed, 11 horses have had a chance. All failed. 1973, My dad was a horse trainer. I was an apprentice rider. My whole family was glued to the television, It had been 25 years since Citation. 25 years was an eternity to...
  18. scottyb

    Utah in Oct

    I have bombed two years in a row, trying to get reservations at Dead Horse Point SP near Moab. They only have a few sites large enough to accommodate us, and they only allow reservations 4 mo out. I marked it in my calendar and tried to reserve one at 8 AM MDT today, the specified date. It seems...
  19. scottyb

    Shout Out for Dexter Axle

    Last weekend when I was re-packing the bearing on my Cyclone, I discovered that one of the springs and adjuster had cam loose and was floating around inside the hub. I went to get some replacement parts and to get the hub turned. The parts guys said I should give Dexter a call, so I did. I had...
  20. scottyb

    Filling Oil on Onan 5500

    I change my oil today for the 2nd time at 170 hours. Both times I have had trouble filling it back with oil. The manual says 2 qt but I can't seem to get two full qts in it. I fill it very slowly so that it doesn't overflow. I have to pour a little, then wait, then pour a little more. Finally...
  21. scottyb

    Traded My Cyclone

    ......... for a week in the BVI's aboard the sailing schooner Cuan Law. Sorry for being misleading. :cool:
  22. scottyb

    Home Mortgage Interest

    I had to search a little for this and didn't see a recent thread so I thought I would post this up for those of us who weren't sure. It is from IRS Publication 936 (2013)
  23. scottyb

    Mr. Grip Stripped Out Screw Repair Kit

    Every now and then you stumble onto a product that is inexpensive and really works. I haven't had to use it yet on the Cyclone, but I used it to fix some stripped screws on a door hinge of a piece of furniture. After fixing 3 screws holes, I used about 1/3 of one sheet and there are 8 sheets of...
  24. scottyb

    Light Duty Diesel Pickups Are Here (Almost)

    Looks like Nissan and Ram will soon offer a diesel engine option in their LD pickups. GM owns 1/2 of VM Motori, the engine builder for the 3.0L that Ram will introduce. They are sitting back to see if the market is there. GM Ready to Jump In if Diesel Half-Tons Take Off HMMM! I have always...
  25. scottyb

    Race Fans

    Our recent 1600 mi R/T to Wheatland, MO with the 4100. I think we successfully used every on-board system over the 6 days. Thur, Fri, and Sun nights our parking spot looked like #1. After a long day of boat racing on the adjacent drag boat racing course, we returned to our rig Sat afternoon to...
  26. scottyb

    Today's Attractions

    We have owned our property for almost 20 years and have lived on it for 16. We have been blessed with a magnificent display of nature during those years. I have filmed and now have digital documentation of this since we have lived here. These are not pets, but are very wild and are only...
  27. scottyb

    Wanted; New User Friendly Wall Mount

    I have searched all the usual places for a wall mount to replace the factory mount for the 50" TV in the Cyclone. Due to access to the set screws, it involes a very complicated and painstaking procedure to remove the TV, or even access the back of the TV for some of the A/V plugs.
  28. scottyb

    Adding 3rd AC to Garage

    I am wanting to add a 3rd AC to my garage. I like to leave my dogs in the garage and sometimes it is just too hot, even with a fan, plus we may have an ocasional visitor that sleeps in there. I want to do most or all of it myself, but not sure how to get the wiring up to the roof vent. Simple...
  29. scottyb

    Chris Kyle 2013 Tribute Tour

    Marty Logan, owner and driver of the "Living the Dream" pro modified drag boat racing team, is putting everything into the fund. If you can't read the description on the side of Marty's hauler in the 1st photo, it says; The 2nd is a picture of the T-shirts he is selling for $25. The T-shirts...
  30. scottyb

    Water Pump Runs Continuously

    Last weekend my pump began running continuously, even when water was not being used. I checked visually for leaks behind the basement wall and could not see anything dripping or running out of the rig. We completed the trip by turning it off when not in use. With the pump running continously, it...
  31. scottyb

    How Do You Fill Your Fresh Water Tank?

    At what rate do you fill your tank? I've always assumed a water hose runs about 7 GPM. I have heard post on where someone damaged theirs due to over-expansion and I worry about this every time I fill it. I probably only fill around 2-3 GPM. Do you fill until it runs out the vent or do you stop...
  32. scottyb

    Wine Fridge and Inverter Question

    I bought a small thermal electric wine cooler for travel and I'm wondering if my modified sinewave inverter will run it. I know they supposedly will not run a compressor type fridge. It would be nice to be able to keep it running while traveling.
  33. scottyb

    Another PD5200 Automatic Transfer Switch Gone Bad

    I am very disappointed with this ATS. My 1st one went out the 2 days after bringing the Cyclone home. Now the 2nd one appears to be out. Today I started it to exercise it as I have done throughout the winter. The ATS clunked as usual. I started the 1st AC and after it started cooling I attempted...
  34. scottyb

    Outback Power Inverter Charger

    Does anybody have any knowledge or experience with Outback Power inverter/chargers? I have been doing a lot of research and these seem to be pretty solid. I am looking at the VFX 2812. It is a ventilated 2800 watt 12V inverter with a 4 stage 125 amp charger w/ auto transfer. The specs are pretty...
  35. scottyb

    Davis Mountain State Park - Ft Davis, TX

    I told my friends in Nor Cal that I am going to be camping in my RV at 5400' elevation and they say "In Texas?". The Chisos Basin is the only other that I know of and you can't take large RV's up there. It had been well over 40 years since I last visited the park. This was our final stop on our...
  36. scottyb

    Maverick Ranch RV Park, Lajitas, TX

    After 3 nights at Rio Grande Village in Big Bend NP, we headed out for the 90 mi trek to Lajitas, TX. We had reservations at the Maverick Ranch RV Park. This is part of the Lajitas Golf and Spa Resort. It is a couple hundred yards off the highway with easy access. The staff is very friendly and...
  37. scottyb

    Rio Grand Village, Big Bend NP, Texas

    I just returned from an 8 day trip through the Big Bend area of Texas. Photos to come. We stayed the 1st 3 nights in the campground at RGV, without hookups. The campground is very nice and the facilities are typical NP, and well maintained. I picked out a large site for my 43' toy hauler. I was...
  38. scottyb

    Replacing The 921 Bulbs With LEDs

    I think I counted 36 of the 921 bulbs in my rig. Since I am working toward more battery power and less shore power capabilities, I think changing all those bulbs is prudent. Has anybody done so successfully, and if so, what bulbs did you use. I have been on several of the recommended websites...
  39. scottyb

    Removing Your Drawers

    Hoping this might catch someone's attention, but not quiet as revealing as it might seem. I am trying to determine how to remove the drawers from the dresser in the bedroom. I'm pretty sure there are drain pipes and wiring running along the baseboard and I would like to access that area to run...
  40. scottyb

    ATF: Cyclone - Axle Spacing

    1st let me say that I love my 4100. I only have one pet peave and that is the spacing of the axles. 1st of all, they are too close together. They don't even match the scallops on the fenders. 2nd, they are not symetrical. The rear axle is significantly closer to the center axle, than the front...