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    Trailer brakes disconnecting

    Lots of info here BUT here is what was wrong with my Bighorn. Two things. One of the brake wires was rubbing on the frame and there was a bare spot. This was from the factory. My tech took out about 18 inches of wire to shorten the length. Also they found a connector from the factory that...
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    Tire blowouts

    Do you have a TPMS ? If not. get one asap.
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    Lucky me with brake problem

    Resolved Had the man come out. Found a wire rubbing on the frame that was shorting out. He also took our 2 feet of unnecessary wiring for the brakes. 2017 Bighorn.
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    Lucky me with brake problem

    I developed a brake problem today putting my 2017 Bighorn in storage today. I was in the subdivision going to our storage area. The dash on our 2019 Chevrolet said check trailer wiring. I stopped and NO brakes but all lights were working. Drove just a bit and dash said trailer connected...
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    Load duel vs. single

    When looking at a tire load chart there is understandably a difference in the load for duel and single tires. I know that on a motorhome the rear wheels would be duel and you would use the duel chart. However, on a 5th wheel the tires are not side by side but still fairly close. Would you use...
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    Jacks popping AFTER adding anti-stiction fluid

    Well, I have tried everything. Added 2 quarts of Cat, use Snap Pads, have changed oil. Still popping from all 6 jacks. I have concluded it is from our AZ temperature change. The more change the louder the popping.:confused:
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    Fireplace shutting off

    For the past year our fireplace will only run on low heat. Once in a while it will run for a while and then just shut off. I have cleaned with compressor. Any ideas.
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    Propane regulator noise.

    In all my years traveling I have never had this problem. When running the furnace in the morning, we are getting a pulsating noise from the regulator. Furnace is working fine. Only turn on once in the morning to help the electric heater.and fireplace. ANy ideas? Thanks
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    computer desk

    Have a 2017 Bighorn. A screw came out of the computer desk under theTV and jammed to where I can only get the desk out about 3 inches. Can NOT figure how to release the slides on the pull out desk to get it out. Any help? Thanks
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    Bed Clearance

    We just purchased a new truck and hitch. When hooked up, our Bighorn is level. However we only have about 4 5/8 clearance with the side of the truck. What is your opinion? I hate to raise the hitch and have the 5th wheel out of level.
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    fresh water drain

    We have a 2017 Bighorn 3160. The water tank drain had been working. Now when I open the drain nothing comes out. I ran a wire up it and the wire hits something solid. Any ideas? I know I can use my pump. Repair guy says would have to take bottom covering of 5th wheel off and possibly...
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    Help a dummy remember

    So my regulator on my second tank started to malfunction a couple of weeks ago. Took all apart and bought a new one. Fast forward to today and want to make sure I am not messing up. The arrow stamped on the top and marked IN and OUT. The OUT is the for the hose coming from the tank into the...
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    TPMS- Tire Rotation

    I have mine marked 1-2-3-4- with white paint so they stay in the same place.
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    Fresh water tank filling when hooked up to city water

    Had that problem. Now when switching to the city water setting I go past it and then back. Never had a problem again.
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    Holding Tank Valves are hard to pull. Ideas?

    Re: Universal Docking System Holding Tank Valves On both my 2010 Bighorn and now my 2017 Bighorn I had to have the cable on my black tank changed from 10 foot to 6 foot in length. Now works with one finger. My repair guy wonders why Heartland doesn't learn. He has changed too many to count.
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    MCD shade stuck

    LOL It worked.
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    MCD shade stuck

    Our rear MCD shade is stuck in up position. Any suggestions to solve the problem?
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    length of black tank valve cable

    Just had the black tank cable replaced on my 2017 Bighorn. Old cable was 10 feet long with a big loop. New cable is 6 feet. Works like a charm. The thing is I had the same problem on my 2010 Bighorn. You would think the factory would learn by now plus what they would save in cost. Thor is...
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    Mcguiar's Wax

    For those of you that use Meguiar's Flagship Cleaner Wax, do use directly on the graphics? I have always used Nu Finish and put 303 on the graphics before waxing. Thanks
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    length of black tank valve cable

    I can hardly get my black tank valve open. Getting it repaired next week. Mobile guy says it is a common problem of too long a cable. Sorry I can't give you the length. Had a shorter cable put on our 2010 Bighorn.
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    Truck not charging RV batteries

    Not sure what brand truck you have. Had same problem with my 2008 Chevrolet. Come to find out there was a connection for the wire to charge the trailer battery under the truck that was never connected at the factory.
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    Heartland Bighorn Quality

    We have a 2017 Bighorn. Our 2010 Bighorn was excellent. Fit and finish was great. the only problem we had was a front jack problem after 6 years. With the 2017 the problems that showed up are unacceptable for a supposedly high line unit. Our unit was full of sawdust. One air return was...
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    Rubber roof cleaning/protection.

    I use a bucket of hot water with 1 cup of Murphy's oil soap and 1 cup of Spic & Span. Cleans great and does not affect the wax on the side b
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    Blowout on Landmark

    We had cupping on our Bighorn last year. The rear axle was bent. NO idea how it happened.
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    15 month report 2017 3160 Bighorn

    Heartland sent me to 3 different repair shops. Each were the greatest thing since sliced bread. All 3 said the shower needed to be replaced. When I took the unit to Heartland; the rep ( I do not want to tell his name ) was non committal but that was when I was sent to shop #3. That is when...
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    15 month report 2017 3160 Bighorn

    For the moderator, I do not consider this bashing Heartland. I am just stating the facts of our 5th wheel. Have had our 2017 3160 Bighorn for 15 months and approximately 11,000 miles. We had a 2010 3155 Bighorn and the quality was GREAT and Heartland customer service was outstanding. Ordered...
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    additive to level up system

    11 posts and no answer to my question. HMMMMM
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    additive to level up system

    I am getting ready to put additive in my hydraulics to stop the popping. Have read the closed threads and the instructions. I have had 2 people tell me to just go ahead and add the 2 quarts to start and save a LOT of time. Any input?
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    Direct TV Info needed

    We do this several times a year. I call 1-888-388-6683. This is the moving division. I get the best results here. You will need an address of where you are staying. Once I got someone that had NO idea what an RV is. She was going to send a tech out. I just ask for a retention specialist...
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    counter top material

    Could someone tell me the material used for the kitchen counter tops in a 2017 Bighorn?
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    Warranty Expectations...New to Heartland

    Our Bighorn was only a month old when we had some problems. I called Heartland and they sent us to a repair shop 4 1/2 hours away because one of the problems was stress cracks in the shower. Had a dealer thirty minutes from our home. Never got the shower fixed but other things were fixed but...
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    Customer Service

    Definitely service has fallen off. We have had our 2017 3160 Bighorn since February. We have been trying to get our shower which has stress cracks fixed since new. They are sending us to our 3rd dealer for repair. This will require 10 hours of driving to drop off and pick up plus fuel. MAD...
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    50 Amp cord reel

    Love the reel. However, ours went out the 2nd week after buying our 2017 Bighorn. Heartland would NOT cover full cost of replacement.
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    Well bummer

    I will get the complete story when I pick it up.
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    Well bummer

    Took my Bighorn 3160 to a shop here in Tucson to have bearings done. Have roughly 10,000 miles in it in 8 months. They just called and said all the bearings are loose. There are some other problems underneath. Will fill you in when I pick it up Saturday. Has anyone else encountered loose...
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    Landing gear foot

    I was talking to a gentleman from Lippert and he mentioned checking the bolts holding the feet on the landing gears for being tight. My Bighorn is only 8 months old and both the middle landing gear bolts holding the feet on were loose. Might want to check yours.:)
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    RV SnapPad - Fall 2017 Group Buy Promotion (HOC members only)

    Bummer 2. Just ordered 1 yesterday.
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    SOLVED: HELP Power loss

    Re: HELP Power loss Problem solved. Ashamed to tell what happened
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    SOLVED: HELP Power loss

    Just got home in rain storm. 2017 Bighorn 3160. Air was on. I shut air off , now no power to either AC, kitchen slide or bedroom plug. All breakers look good. HELP
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    Oh no

    Stopped for the night and wife found 2 screws laying in front of the TV. Both screws holding the TV at the bottom brackets were out. Good thing her hands are small. I hate to think what it will take to remove the TV