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    Lucky me with brake problem

    I developed a brake problem today putting my 2017 Bighorn in storage today. I was in the subdivision going to our storage area. The dash on our 2019 Chevrolet said check trailer wiring. I stopped and NO brakes but all lights were working. Drove just a bit and dash said trailer connected...
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    Load duel vs. single

    When looking at a tire load chart there is understandably a difference in the load for duel and single tires. I know that on a motorhome the rear wheels would be duel and you would use the duel chart. However, on a 5th wheel the tires are not side by side but still fairly close. Would you use...
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    Fireplace shutting off

    For the past year our fireplace will only run on low heat. Once in a while it will run for a while and then just shut off. I have cleaned with compressor. Any ideas.
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    Propane regulator noise.

    In all my years traveling I have never had this problem. When running the furnace in the morning, we are getting a pulsating noise from the regulator. Furnace is working fine. Only turn on once in the morning to help the electric heater.and fireplace. ANy ideas? Thanks
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    computer desk

    Have a 2017 Bighorn. A screw came out of the computer desk under theTV and jammed to where I can only get the desk out about 3 inches. Can NOT figure how to release the slides on the pull out desk to get it out. Any help? Thanks
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    Bed Clearance

    We just purchased a new truck and hitch. When hooked up, our Bighorn is level. However we only have about 4 5/8 clearance with the side of the truck. What is your opinion? I hate to raise the hitch and have the 5th wheel out of level.
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    fresh water drain

    We have a 2017 Bighorn 3160. The water tank drain had been working. Now when I open the drain nothing comes out. I ran a wire up it and the wire hits something solid. Any ideas? I know I can use my pump. Repair guy says would have to take bottom covering of 5th wheel off and possibly...
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    Help a dummy remember

    So my regulator on my second tank started to malfunction a couple of weeks ago. Took all apart and bought a new one. Fast forward to today and want to make sure I am not messing up. The arrow stamped on the top and marked IN and OUT. The OUT is the for the hose coming from the tank into the...
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    MCD shade stuck

    Our rear MCD shade is stuck in up position. Any suggestions to solve the problem?
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    Mcguiar's Wax

    For those of you that use Meguiar's Flagship Cleaner Wax, do use directly on the graphics? I have always used Nu Finish and put 303 on the graphics before waxing. Thanks
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    15 month report 2017 3160 Bighorn

    For the moderator, I do not consider this bashing Heartland. I am just stating the facts of our 5th wheel. Have had our 2017 3160 Bighorn for 15 months and approximately 11,000 miles. We had a 2010 3155 Bighorn and the quality was GREAT and Heartland customer service was outstanding. Ordered...
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    additive to level up system

    I am getting ready to put additive in my hydraulics to stop the popping. Have read the closed threads and the instructions. I have had 2 people tell me to just go ahead and add the 2 quarts to start and save a LOT of time. Any input?
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    counter top material

    Could someone tell me the material used for the kitchen counter tops in a 2017 Bighorn?
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    Well bummer

    Took my Bighorn 3160 to a shop here in Tucson to have bearings done. Have roughly 10,000 miles in it in 8 months. They just called and said all the bearings are loose. There are some other problems underneath. Will fill you in when I pick it up Saturday. Has anyone else encountered loose...
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    Landing gear foot

    I was talking to a gentleman from Lippert and he mentioned checking the bolts holding the feet on the landing gears for being tight. My Bighorn is only 8 months old and both the middle landing gear bolts holding the feet on were loose. Might want to check yours.:)
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    SOLVED: HELP Power loss

    Just got home in rain storm. 2017 Bighorn 3160. Air was on. I shut air off , now no power to either AC, kitchen slide or bedroom plug. All breakers look good. HELP
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    Oh no

    Stopped for the night and wife found 2 screws laying in front of the TV. Both screws holding the TV at the bottom brackets were out. Good thing her hands are small. I hate to think what it will take to remove the TV
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    Water line clamps

    What is the secret to removing the water line clamp? I have one leaking and want to put a draw clamp on. Thanks.
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    Wife' question about MCD shades

    My wife was wondering today about leaving the MCD shades up when traveling to take the weight and shaking off the rollers then going down the smooth roads in the US. We had always kept the shades down on our 2010 BH but with the MCDs on our 2017 she thinks it might be too much on the rollers.
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    Sewer hose container

    When we picked up our new BH, the sewer hose holder cover was broken. The lower pin on the hinge was gone. Heartland sent me a new end but, the end on the 5th wheel is glued on so that will not work. I don't think this set up will work anyway for long in the AZ heat. Has anyone made their...
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    AC returns full of saw dust

    After spend 3 weeks in our new BH 3160 we decided to clean all the saw dust out of the unit. The worst was in the return ducts of both ACs. The one over the TV was 1/3 blocked with wood chips and dust. Under the bed was another bad area. Our 2010 BH was the same. I would think Heartland...
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    Pull test

    We have a new 3160 Bighorn. Has anyone come up with an easy way to do a pull test with the Lippert jacks?
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    Leveling system

    Is the switch outside in the front for retracting and extending the front jacks tied in with the LCI leveling system?
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    2017 Bighorn 3160 shower stress cracks

    We just picked up our 2017 BH 3160 last week. Today I was waxing the shower and found 3 areas with stress cracks. BUMMER New unit and need a new shower. :(
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    zero setting the controls

    Just picked up our 2017 BH last week. Question is about the leveling system. When do I do the zero setting the controls all the videos and print talk about. When, why and how often. Did not have leveling system on our 2010 BH. Thanks in advance.
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    New Bighorn

    4th day in our new BH 3160. All moved over from our 2010 3055 BH. All good so far. Getting satellite installed tomorrow.
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    New Bighorn

    Leaving tomorrow to go to Las Vegas to pick up our new 3160 Bighorn we ordered at the national rally. It has been a looooooong wait.
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    dash cam

    Does anyone use a dash cam ? If so, what brand. With all the crazy drivers, thinking of getting one.
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    Help with Direct TV

    We just ordered a Bighorn 3160 at the National Rally in Las Vegas. We have Direct TV and have always had a roof mounted satellite. With the new model we want to have HD reception. We are electronically challenged. From what I can find we can only get HD with a roof mounted satellite. We...
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    2017 exterior color

    We are getting ready to order a 2017 Bighorn 3160 to replace our 2010 3055. Question on the exterior color. We LOVE the 3160, however I am not a fan of the ivory colored side walls. On the build sheet the ivory and painted chocolate front and back cap are an option. The painted front cap is...
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    Opening frig in BH 3160

    We are getting ready to order a 3160 Bighorn. No dealer within 900 miles has one. When we were on a recent trip, we were able to spend some time in one. One thing we did not check was, can the refrigerator be opened with the slide closed ?
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    ST vs LT RV Tires

    First off I have read almost all the tire posts. I have run nothing but LT tires because of all the negative things with ST i.e. susceptible to heat , no built in extra carrying capacity as in LT tires, lose of carrying capacity over a short time etc. I am looking at a 2015 Bighorn with G...
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    Cabinet around fireplace 2010 Bighorn 3055

    I want to change a bulb in my fireplace. The cabinet has a trim piece across the upper part of the glass. Using a glass suction cup, I can move the glass but it hits against the metal at the top which cannot be moved back. The only way I can see to remove the glass is to cut the trim off...
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    Bighorn tire size

    I am trying to get as much info I can before going to a dealer. What is the size of the tires on a 2015 Bighorn 3160?
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    Residential frig amp draw

    Our favorite campground is 30 amp. Thinking of buying a new Bighorn with double door residential frig. What is the amp draw on these?
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    Deadbolt lock recall

    Have a 2010 Bighorn. Were Fastec Industrial Corp. locks used on the 2010s? I read where they are being recalled and the picture of the locks looked like the same as on our unit.
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    Changing tail light

    Before I screw something up, how do you get to the tail lights to change a bulb? :confused:
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    ATF: Bighorn - 12 volt

    There are 5 12 volt hook-ups on my 2010 Bighorn 3055. The bottom one is where the battery is attached. I know the 3rd one down is for the slides. What are the other 3 for? Would be nice if they were labeled from the factory. Thank you
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    Electric Awning Slow

    I have a 2010 Bighorn 3055. Recently the electric awning became real slow to the point I had to push it up with a broom. I understand the motor either works or not with no inbetween. I changed the automotive fuse and it worked fine. Now it is getting slow again. Any suggestions?
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    Slide--12 volt

    I know I have read about this but cannot find in search. Every once in a while when running the slides the 12 volt breaker will trip. There does not seem to be any binding. Someone suggested putting in a larger fuse. Any ideas? THANKS