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    Help With Heartland Support - Cracked Fresh Water Tank

    Get the last 6 numbers of your VIN and call Heartland. See what Heartland says they require for the warranty work.
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    Soft start device installed on Mallard M260?

    We have 3 on our Road Warrior. These work great. allows us to run 2 AC on solar for a little bit to cool down.
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    Need to replace LED string lights

    Mine on the bottom did the same, I had to pull the lights out and it was there.
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    Surge Protector

    Looks nice Mark. Now let's talk about the MorRyde IS system and disc brakes!!
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    Interior man door o replacement o. 2020 Cyclone 4005

    Try Bontrager's in White Pigeon, Mi., it is just across the Indiana state line: There are also a couple of other RV Surplus places up there:
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    Any upgrades on your Heartland Cyclone 4005?

    We have a 2018 Road Warrior 427, here is a list of our upgrades, so far: disc brake conversions MorRyde IS suspension RF Mogul satellite antenna switched out the 5-person couch for a 2-person installed a desk between the couch and fridge removed carpet in bedroom, installed peel-n-stick tiles...
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    Suburban Oven

    Our Furrion oven did something similar. It would light and burn for 10 minutes then go out, if I kept the door closed while heating up. What I found out was if I left the door cracked a little and let it heat up to around 140-150 degrees then shut the door, no issues. Why this works, don't know...
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    On Valentine's Day weekend we sold our golf cart in about 1 hour in Goodyear, Az. Then we purchased our 2013 Spyder RT Limited. The Spyder had 11,262 miles on it when we picked it up. Now after these last 9 months we are at almost 20,000 miles. We bought it in Surprise, Az. at Ride Now...
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    It is hard to estimate, since the last time I weighed was at a CAT scaled about 1-year ago. Looking at that number and what I weighed after this upgraded, around 400lbs. But since the CAT scale a year ago, we sold a gas power golf cart, and replaced it with a Can AM Spyder, weight was less with...
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    Slide out water damage

    Under the "TOOLS" tab is this:
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    It was the week of September 11th, 2022. During this week, we had a whole rig solar system installed when we were in Nappanee, Ind. 8 - 200-watt panels 2 - Victron Multiplus II 3K Inverters (one to each leg) 4 - OBB-175-125VDC-PNL 175 AMP Stud terminal 2 - Breaker box holding 175/250 Amp DC...
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    Cargo door components

    Less than 1". I replaced all of mine last year during their sell. Speaking of that, RVLock is currently having their Black Friday sell. Their website says the sale ends in 4days, 16hours...
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    Slide out water damage

    Sorry to hear about the issues. To repair, you probably will need to remove the slides, so you can get to the bottoms to do the repairs.
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    Where's my water heater bypass valve on my 2021 Mallard M260?

    Should be one on the water pump. If not, you can get a kit from a dealer, like Camping World to add it on. Here is their version: If you like you can get this at a different place
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    Delamination 2012 Road Warrior 305RW

    Water intrusion was the cause, you need the location where the water got in. The water intrusion needs to be fixed. To repair the delamination issue, you will need to cut out that section and replace with new.
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    Where's my water heater bypass valve on my 2021 Mallard M260?

    These should be at the backside of the water heater, 3 total. Inlet bypass to close, outlet bypass to close and one on the line in between to open.
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    Power Cord Reel Motor Died

    ksucats, I think this is the tech support number to Southwire: 727-812-0578 But I think Southwire was bought out by another company, but they helped me out. When our rig was only 15 months old, the gears in the cord reel broke. Southwire sent me replacement gears made from steel.
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    Hurricane Repair ...but wait there's more!!

    For your skylight look at these for a replacement:
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    2012 Road warrior 305rw fuel station and pump

    On our 2018 Road Warrior 427, you need to have the internal timer on, and the switch on the outside pump needs to be on as well. Mine has a fuse in the 12VDC box and an inline fuse near the pump.
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    Cannot Find a Signal from outside Coax Connection

    On our Road Warrior the main splitter is behind the cabinet wall above our living room TV. Then it splits from there to other TVs. I use a tool such as this to trace the lines:
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    Rain water leaking from door tops

    You may need to re-chalk around the doors at the top and down the sides.
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    Water running out when city water is connected

    As mentioned, it could be one of the two possibilities, check valve failure or the Anderson Valve went bad. In June we had our Anderson Valve go bad in Nephi, Utah. I had been carrying a spare since the National Rally in June 2019 since the company said, "these are going bad." Problem is if it...
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    Introductions from FLA

    For the manual it would be best to get all of your appliance make/model numbers and look these up online. The inverter should not be needed to be on all the time for the fridge to work. The fridge should work off the 110VAC shore power without the inverter.
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    Fuse box location all outlets out

    On our Road Warrior there is only 1 GFCI outlet, it is daisy chained to include the other outlets near a water source. Our fuse panel & breaker box is in our kitchen near the stove. Is everything else working on 120VAC?
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    2019 M312 Fresh water pump/system

    If the one is a short hose without an end on it, it is for winterize the rig. What is leaking on the slide out? Could be a seal needs replaced/repaired.
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    2019 M312 Fresh water pump/system

    Winds allot calmer, light rain for now here at TT Orlando Park. Bigjeffjax where you located?
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    2019 M312 Fresh water pump/system

    We are at Thousand Trails Park Orlando, and we are getting heavy rain, winds.
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    2019 M312 Fresh water pump/system

    How long did it take to fill the tank? Is there a possibility that there could be a kink in the fill line or a kink in the line to the water pump from the tank. Check the kitchen sink and see if you can remove the floor in the cabinet. You may be able to take the bottom out and access the water...
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    2019 M312 Fresh water pump/system

    First question is the simple one, are you sure/how do you know the freshwater tank has water in it? There is no rule to the location of the water pump. Some have it behind the basement wall near the water inlet, some under cabinets, some under beds. Only thing I can say for right now is to...
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    Landmark Louisville Modifications

    The basement is the pass thru storage area. The duct work runs off the furnace to the vents. These are behind the rear basement walls. The walls need to be removed using a #2 square drive bit. Once you get the walls down you will see the furnace and duct work, water lines, water heater, etc....
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    is there a freshwater overflow hose or valve on 2016 big horn 3160el?

    The overflow hose should be around the axels and not have a valve on it. But since you have a pre-owned rig, the prior owner may have added a cutoff valve, but probably not.
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    120 V and 12 V issue -Not sure where to post

    Take the batteries and have these load tested. Probably bad batteries, and need replaced. The leveling system needs allot 12 VDC power.
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    2022 M26 Water pump location?

    The winterizing hose should be on the end of the water pump. There should be a valve there to select from the fresh tank or the short hose. If your rig does not have one, these are easy to install. You can buy one similiar to this one...
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    No Power to Fridge (Haier) when not on Shore Power

    When our transfer switch went out it was $75 on e-Bay for a new one in August 2019.
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    AC causes water to pool near base of fridge

    As far as the AC freezing, check the filters and make sure these are clean. Poor air flow will result in this issue. Check to see if you have a water leak at the inlet cold water supply to the water heater. We had the inlet crack once and resulted in a leak. The leak was bad enough that it...
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    No Power to Fridge (Haier) when not on Shore Power

    On the bottom of the inverter is an outlet with the GFCI. The plug should be for the transfer switch, it was on our Road Warrior. So, the transfer switch should be close to the inverter/batteries.
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    No Power to Fridge (Haier) when not on Shore Power

    Real good chance the transfer switch went bad on you. If you feel comfortable working on 110VAC system you need to check the power into the transfer switch from the 110 VAC side. Then check the power at the outlet for 110VAC from the breaker box. So, you will need to turn the inverter back off...
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    Wet and rotted floor on 2018 model

    I pretty sure the walls sit on the floor, if so, looking at the pics, you will have some rotten flooring under the walls. Have you considered how to get this out to replace with new flooring. Looks like you have a challenge on your hands.
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    2016 big horn furnace and fans

    The furnace is controlled by one thermostat. It seems your unit is controlled by the first thermostat you described. To find the manual online you will need the make/model number of the furnace. If I was you, I would go ahead and search for all of the manuals for all of your appliances and...
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    I am looking for winter cover to fit my HEARTLAND North Trail 21 RBSS

    We used to live north of Columbus, Ohio and used a cover for a couple of years. Trying to get the cover good and tight was a challenge and we even used bungee cords to help. But for the 3 years we used the cover, every spring I had to take it to the Amish canvass shop and have repairs made.