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    adding shock absorbers

    Hi all, I am getting ready to add shock absorbers to the suspension on my 2011 Road Warrior. Has anyone done this? I have searched and the search engine doesn't come up with anything. I am interested in any experiences/advise with this process.
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    testing picture

    Testing to see if I can upload pictures now. 1
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    Bushing confusion

    Hi all. I am going to replace my bolts and bushings as I suspect they are still the dry originals. The last 2 rigs I have owned, I replaced them with a wet kit that had bronze bushings and they have serviced me well. I have been reading about the newer never fail bushings and other options such...
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    Awning parts

    Hi all, I am a new owner of a 2011 Road Warrior 30C unit. There is some damage to the awning. The rear cover is broken and I would like to know the model of the unit so that I can get a replacement. There were no manuals with the trailer so, I contacted the heartland customer service. They do...
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    tv mounting

    OK guys, this is for anyone that has removed their tv from the mounting system on a 2011 Road Warrior or similar unit with the tv mounted above the entry door. It appears that they used some sort of theft deterrent screws to secure the tv to the mounting frame. I would like to know what size...
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    switches (Solved)

    I have just purchased a 2011 Road Warrior 30C. I have figured out most of the electrical but cannot figure out a few switches. on the end of the kitchen seat cabinet are 5 switches. One is for raising/lowering the bunk bed in the garage but I cannot figure out the rest. One is by itself and then...
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    2011 Road Warrior 30C

    Hi all, I am possibly purchasing a 2011 Road Warrior 30C. I will be going to look at it in a couple of days. I would be interested in any advice as to what I should pay particular attention to and any issues with the Titanium styled toy haulers. I owned a Titanium for 5 years so, I am aware of...