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  1. VMooreSR

    Landmark Sighting I-10 near El Paso

    Nice Landmark heading east around 10:30am, we were going west, Thought I saw an owners plaque on ladder, but not sure. Anyway safe travels!!
  2. VMooreSR

    614 Blowout

    Didn't get 50 miles from home in 59* weather and bang, inspected them, checked air pressure all was good. Took out the fender skirt,does heartland have these in stock?
  3. VMooreSR

    AT&T Stadium

    Anybody go to Dallas Cowboy stadium ( AT&T Stadium) and park in the RV lot? Is there plenty of room? Looks like you can park in there at 8:00am the day before the game and leave by 5pm the day after.
  4. VMooreSR

    The best of both worlds? Hmmm
  5. VMooreSR

    RV Prayer

    Saw this on another site, Thought I'd share it here.
  6. VMooreSR

    SOLVED: E7 error code on Front AC (loose neutral)

    Got an E7 code on Bedroom AC, Living room AC is fine I checked circut breakers and fuses they all check out ok, what to check next? Thanks, Vince
  7. VMooreSR

    Winegard Travler Install

    Started the install of the Winegard Travler . Found the prewired coax and power control cable no problem, also found another wire that's like a speaker wire, one side white the other purple. I was wondering if anyone new what this might be for? The wire coiled up in first picture. Thanks, Vince
  8. VMooreSR

    Dark Gray or Black Roof Sealant

    Where can I get the sealant around the vent stacks and skylight? It looks like its black or dark gray, can't seem to find either color. Checked with Dicor and they don't offer these colors. Thank You, Vince
  9. VMooreSR

    Another New Landmark Owner

    Hi everyone!! Just Bought a 2013 San Antonio, and we just love it, and this floor plan. Will try and get a better picture posted.