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  1. VMooreSR

    Genturi exhaust extension to clear double bedroom slide

    I did it by adding a piece of straight pipe to extend generator exhaust just past the slide then added the genturi kit to it, used suction cups to hold it up past the roof, I've only needed to use it one time, but it worked fine. Vince
  2. VMooreSR

    Switching Winegard Rooftop Antenna to Dish

    If you are talking about a travler antenna, Winegard has the kit you need, I did the conversion a couple of years ago with no problems. Vince
  3. VMooreSR

    Views From Your Campsite

    Is it Alabama Hills?
  4. VMooreSR

    Pairing Dish remote to Summit TV

    Maybe this will help. Summit TV Remote Control Codes - My Universal Remote Tips and Codes (
  5. VMooreSR

    Need help finding Anode Rod/Drain Plug and Pressure Relief Valve

  6. VMooreSR

    Roof mounted dish system

    Ours is 2013 San Antonio and we went by this coax layout in the tool section, was a little nervous drilling that hole in the roof but all the cables were there.
  7. VMooreSR

    Death of Direct TV

    Hey Duane, I used the stock LNB (Triple Horns) that came with the Winegard kit, my understanding is if your Trav'ler was made before 2018 the hybrid LNB won't work, so i went the DPH42 switch route and my Hopper 3 now works in my trailer which makes DW happy, she has a ton of shows recorded...
  8. VMooreSR

    Death of Direct TV

    Here is another story on DIRECTV
  9. VMooreSR

    Death of Direct TV

    Just converted our Winegard Travler from Direct tv (customer for 12 years) to Dish because of the poor customer service and reception issues like Keith said.
  10. VMooreSR

    Michelin tires

    Discount tire just found me one in Denver and I had it in 3 days, Simple tire shows them on their website. Vince
  11. VMooreSR

    Made an external storage compartment for our sewer hose

    I used a 5.5" 1/4" bolt with a wing nut
  12. VMooreSR

    Made an external storage compartment for our sewer hose

    Great idea, We made one also.
  13. VMooreSR

    Mopeka Propane Tank Sensors

    Love ours too, and excellent customer service to work with.
  14. VMooreSR

    '13 Landmark Grey Tank 1 sagging

    Since you got the coroplast down maybe you can fill that tank with water and recreate the leak.
  15. VMooreSR

    A running List of Corrections / Mods

    Jerrod, here’s one that you don’t have to fumble around the screen door. Vince
  16. VMooreSR

    Dining Table. Where to find

    Cliff, did you find what you were looking for? Not exactly like yours but similar Vince
  17. VMooreSR

    Shower in Jayco Pinnacle

    This video shows the door...
  18. VMooreSR

    Andersen 5th wheel adapter - thoughts?

    I'm using the rail mount also and couldn't be happier, customer service is outstanding too!!
  19. VMooreSR

    Black streaks

    Awesome cleaner from Dollar General and its only a dollar.
  20. VMooreSR

    Reese Airborne Premium Air Ride Coupler

    I use a Fifth airborne with no issues, ours is rated at 21000lbs
  21. VMooreSR

    Our new Landmark Lafayette

    Wow!! Congratulations, very nice!!!
  22. VMooreSR

    CH751 Lock Broken

    I went with these.
  23. VMooreSR

    Rear Window Vinyl Wrap

    What Hoefler said....
  24. VMooreSR

    Needed: Coax wiring diagram for 2016 Landmark Newport (built Aug '15)

    We had the 771 code, turned out it was the sat. in on the box, switched the box out problem went away. You also might try unplugging your SWN unit and plugging it back in, this might fix the 775 code. Hope this helps.
  25. VMooreSR

    Direct TV Info needed

    I think its called Distant network Services (DNS), and I think you have to submit some paper work if it hasn't changed and they still offer it. 1-800-531-5000 and mention “DNS” to the customer service representative should get to the right department. Vince
  26. VMooreSR

    Alternative To using Chlorine Bleach to Sanitize your Fresh Water System - Purogene

    Thanks for the info on this product, just ordered a couple of quarts, and used that discount link, Thanks!!! Vince
  27. VMooreSR

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 5/3/2018 to 5/6/2018

    Going to Very windy Thursday and almost as bad Friday, good thing you're staying a few days. Be Safe, Vince
  28. VMooreSR

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 5/3/2018 to 5/6/2018

    Hey John you don't need a sticker for New Mexico state parks, just pay the daily rate, usually $18 for full hook ups and $14 for water and electric. Vince
  29. VMooreSR

    Home Security Multiple Camera Wireless Video System.

    We also have the Blink cameras, all good so far.
  30. VMooreSR

    Direct TV or Dish

    klingren, I think you can still get this kit. Vince
  31. VMooreSR

    Lunch stop on I-10 in WEST Texas ???

    Made famous by John Madden's+Restaurant/@31.0388936,-104.8465257,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x86e5e8aa6195f2f7:0x5b623a5956285d92!8m2!3d31.038889!4d-104.844337
  32. VMooreSR

    Lunch stop on I-10 in WEST Texas ???

    Chuys in Van Horn isn't bad at all.👍🏻
  33. VMooreSR

    My new 20' Flag Pole

    I use the round solar light at the top of the pole, there is a small circle of light on the ground at back of the trailer, not enough to bother neighbors. Vince
  34. VMooreSR

    My new 20' Flag Pole

    Had the flagpole buddy mounts, so just used pvc bushing 1 1/2x 2 1/2 I believe on the bottom so the pole would fit down in it because it's a little fatter on the bottom than the fiberglass pole we had.
  35. VMooreSR

    My new 20' Flag Pole

    Got ours at Harbor Freight for $50
  36. VMooreSR

    Entrance door frosted glass

    Tweety's has this only problem I see with this window is you can't adjust the shade with the door closed if you have a screen door, other then...
  37. VMooreSR

    Lippert Wet Bolt Kit

    Believe so
  38. VMooreSR

    San Antonio model

    Congratulations on your purchase! We love our San Antonio, it sure has been a great rig. Any questions don't hesitate. Vince